#Quantico S2 Episode 2 “Lipstick” Recap and Review

Episode two is on the way, and we start with Alex outside a door where the hostages are in uproar after watching the first lady beheaded (we did not actually see the head.) Alex tries to find a signal on her phone but there is a city wide block out, and she checks her gun for bullets in a state of shock. Then we see Maranda on her cell asking for intel until further notice with a man beside her holding her hands. The hostages are brought to a new row and line up with a chord around their neck and the terrorist tell them that if they try to run the cord will be tightened around are their neck’s remotely. Nimah comes up with a plan to make the people that go out as she suspects that some of the individuals who are going out are coming back dressed as the terrorist. Ryan notices that some of the hostages are also a member of the CIA training farm, but he has no idea why they are there in the building. Alex helps a wounded police officer she meets in the tunnel, and he told her of an NYPD emergency bunker under Federal Hall. Alex and the Officer make their way to the bunker but is met by some of the captures, but she was able to hide until the way was clear enough. Meanwhile Miranda debate with the defense committee on why they can just enter the building.

Shelby leaves a message for Alex, while Miranda asks for an update on Secretary Hass. Paul Burke yes I think he was the one holding Miranda’s hand in the back of the car at the beginning of the episode (let me know if I am right in the comments.) However, they don’t seem to be on the same page on how to handle what’s happening in Federal Hall. Miranda has left out a big meeting, and she tells them that she should be in the meeting. Miranda asks Shelby to keep trying to contact Alex and report to her only. In Federal Hall, Ryan and Nimah come up with a plan to mark the terrorist when they get circled out, but after she was marked one of the terrorists, the terrorist mark everyone in the same spot so they couldn’t tell them apart. Nimah apologizes to the group for letting them get a scratch and now she wondering why they haven’t killed her by the way where is Raina. After finding the bunker, the Officer sacrifices himself to save Alex. Alex successfully calls Miranda and give away her location, Miranda ask Alex to get all the data she can get such as how much gun, hostage, etc. One of the terrorists notices the break in the window. Miranda seem to have text someone Alex’s location, and the terrorist seem to have gotten the same message. Now I know that they would have us think that Miranda send the terrorist the message but for now I am not buying that Miranda is a traitor.

In the one-year earlier flashback, we see Alex and Ryan spending some quality time, but is interrupted by a call from Miranda who needs update on who they think would be a good recruit for Owen Hall if he is in charge of the recruiting for the Rouge fraction in the CIA. Alex suggests Harry Doyle aka “The Master of Disguise” who is alongside Ryan he was on top of the murder board, Ryan suggested Sebastian Chen aka “The Park Ranger.” León Velez aka “Ryan’s roommate” a former guest of the prison system (I am not sure what that means.) Dayana Mampasi, Alex roommate but Alex thinks she is too tightly wine to go rouge; I believe she is so wrong they are the one that surprised you in the end. Miranda told them that they need to build a profile on each of the candidates without getting caught or killed and they will be assigned a handler, and it was the last time she would be meeting with them. 

The first day of spy training is on the way, and Alex and Ryan arrived late, and they are seen doing yoga. Alex bickering with Lydia Bates and Owen tell Ryan that he is most curious about him. Alex tries to make friend with her roommate Dayana but seems uninteresting and rebuffs Alex. The trainee gathers and Lydia show them a video of them being followed and them if they knew that they were being followed, but the funny thing is that she was being watched and she wasn’t aware (how embarrassing.) Owen tells them that surveillance is the foundation of intelligence gathering, it requires patient’s focus and awareness. 

The trainee practices for a been watch and later they were all tested, Alex was asked out by Harry to have a drink after she was told that she needed to open up a new bank account. Lydia and Alex are still not getting along; I sense a little jealousy there are maybe it just that they know that she was easy broken. After leaving the bar, Alex picks up that she is being surveilled and tell Harry and they split up. Alex was able to ditch all her watcher but what see didn’t know was that Harry was her main watcher, and she failed the test feeling stupid to have not realized that Harry was just using her to pass. Ryan gives Dayana pep talks about her head not being in the game and tells her that she has a great opportunity so she should not waste it thinking that she would be better off somewhere else. Ryan also realized that he was also being watched after a civilian told him that he was being followed and when he turned around he saw that he was being surveilled by Owen. Ryan to follow Owen by lost him and them receive a picture of him in the ally he was standing. 

Alex handler is Shelby, and Ryan’s is Nimah. Alex got to have a good with Shelby by her side, and Nimah meets Ryan in the liquor store. Ryan and Alex cancel their date and Alex told Ryan they were warned and it seems like they are on their own and that she loves him. Lydia and Owen (father-daughter time) has dinner and discuss her mother. Leon place a camera in a photo in their room to keep an eye on Ryan (In the comments tell me how long you think it will take Ryan to find the camera.) Harry, finds a picture of Shelby and Alex and now he knows something is up because he saw Shelby while following Alex and she pretended not to know who she was (what do you think he will do so with that information?) 

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