#Quantico S2 Episode 3 "Stescalade" Recap & Review

This episode starts with Citizen Liberation front group tunneling the hostages into another building, and Nimah asking Ryan why they didn’t kill her, and he explains that she was their translator, but she believes that she is being kept alive for another purpose. Alex is still on the phone with Miranda going over what intel she need to get and Miranda ask her to be care, but then when she hangs up the phone she pulls out a phone resembling the one’s the terrorist group have, what does this mean? 

Shelby meets with Miranda to tell her she thinks the farm is behind the attack and that she had written a detailed analysis of her report from her time as Alex Handler. While she was told to delete it, she has a copy saved to her personal computer (I am super scared right now because I am not sure what Miranda is up and if she can be trusted). Shelby head out to get the copy, while Alex tries to make her way into the building without being detected. Alex got in and stole one of the terrorist uniforms and get inside to gather intel. 

Shelby bring back the flash drive and hand it to Miranda and as see and she puts it in her computer crashes, and someone came into her room and told her to step away from the computer. Miranda asks Shelby “what have you done?” Ryan plans to create a diversion to remove one of the terrorist masks; Raina tells Ryan that it was too bad that Alex was not there, but he said that he doesn’t need Alex because he had him, looking toward Harry. Ryan uses Harry to create a distraction and got to one of the terrorists and will squeeze her throat he heard Alex calling his name, now you know I am mad that of all the terrorist he had to give and almost blow his power is Alex.  

Alex is caught by the terrorist and is being escorted out by a female, Alex gets into a fight with her and pulls off her mask revealing one of the instructors from the farm. Alex overpowered her and killed her and throw her dead body into the building, leaving a message to the terrorists. And finally, Miranda think that all the information that Shelby had was destroyed, but she had a hard copy that will be distributed.

Meanwhile, in the flashback, we see Ryan and Alex meeting with their individual handler Shelby and Nimah to give them updates on the other recruits. Shelby and Nimah give Ryan and Alex a mission to plan the bugs in one of the recruit’s room. Leon tries to get close to Dayana, and Ryan thinks he would be an excellent candidate if he were not so noticeable. The recruits go out for a drink sponsored by Ryan and Alex, but they did not seem to gather much information as they mostly talk about the latest recruit. The morning in training Owen ask One of the Recruits “Where was the last place you had sex?” but he did not response and Harry responded saying it was in a car. The next questions came “where was the car parked, how many cars was around you, how many people was in those cars, was there any security camera and did anyone see you leave?” Lydia explains that as operative they must learn that god is in the details (I love that saying) Owen continue to explain that it called assessment and that an operative should be able to walk into space and see everything. 

Miranda meets with Shelby and Nimah at a restaurant; she explains why she selected the restaurant and told them that she chose them for this assignment not because they are most qualified because there weren’t, she explains that she chooses them because they were friends and they need to make it personal. Owen has the recruits visit a bar they often frequencies to see how much intel they can gather in 30 seconds. The next test was cover their eye in their dorm and walking with them to see if they could figure out where there was based on the number of steps and turns they made (this was used in Taken 2 when the father was first taken). The next step being put in a small dark closet to see how long they could last and if they could assess their environment. We the see Lydia outside in her call making a call to a guy named Lucas who we saw her call earlier after seeing an explosion on the TV screen. Lydia conversation makes her a mystery to me right because I am not sure whose side she on just that she asked to leave the Farm and when she was told no she asked if she was being punished. Lucas told her “don’t lose sight of the forest because you think you are in the weeds.”

The mission this week is to enter an office building and retrieve a red envelope, and they are paired in groups of two. Alex is with Leon and Ryan with Harry when the team when outside to be head for a mission they saw two vans heading toward them the next thing you know their heads was being covered.  The recruits are left in the forest in a different location, Ryan leaves Harry after seeing Dayana, and he tries to get info from her, but she was not bugging and although she told Ryan she was afraid of heights she found herself walking on a log across a mountain. Alex is with Leon and tries to get information out of Leon but him too not bugging. 

Lydia is a little down that she is being kept off a mission and she doesn’t know why Owen encourages her to assess the situation and tells her that she was a better Operative that he every was leading her to ask him if he still misses going out on missions. Meanwhile, Harry is in the woods following the new girl and taking down her post-its. Leon finally opens a little to Alex telling her that he got himself arrested to get the story but he doesn’t talk much about it because he barely survived (Are you buying Leon’s story he is telling? Tell me in the comment). 

They all made it back to the farm and feeling proud only to here that they have failed the mission and what took them 4 hours should have only taken them 20 minutes. They were told that they forgot their train and that they were being watched by 23 cameras and two drones. Owen told them never to forget their training a used a familiar saying that hit Lydia’s eyes “Never lose the forest when you think you’re in the weeds.”  After Alex and Ryan meet us to discuss the intel they gather so far and she suggested leaving Leon out of the loop because of the story he told her but Ryan disagree and because he still had unanswered questions.

The person they decided to plan the bug after a long deliberation is Leon. Shelby tells Alex that she is a sucker for a handsome guy that shed a tear “Liam and his daughter, Drew and his radiation at the hospital” I think Shelby is so right Alex is a sucker for sad stories). Lydia confronted her father and asked if he requested her to be taken off her detail and send to the farm. Lydia told her father what they say about his name being leaked on purpose and left the house and made a call to someone say she was in (what do you think she in on?).  Alex and Ryan get ready t plant the bug is Leon’s room, while Shelby, Nimah, and Miranda listen on only to find out there is already another bug at the farm. Harry mean up with Alex and Ryan former trainee Will Olsen.

Owen is behind this group attacking; he wants revenge for what Lydia told him, so he switched sides, let me know what you think in the comment.

Do you think Miranda is working with the terrorist group and why?

Which member of the team do you think has gone rouge?

Do you trust Harry?

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