#Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 "Kudove" Recap & Review In 5 Minutes

Season 2 is on the way, and Alex is now freely walking the streets of New York City, she is seemingly there to meet up with her friend Nimah and she also saw Ryan, but they don’t seem to be on good terms. Ryan asks Alex to return what something to him; it was later revealed to be a ring. But as usual, Quantico is not just based on current time, this season we follow Ryan and Alex undercover for the FBI and CIA at a CIA 'farm' training camp I thought that all worked together, but apparently I was wrong they all do their own thing. 

In the current day after Alex brief encounter with Ryan and her leaving a ring behind she is walking and sense something fishy after seeing someone, she thought she killed was alive.  Alex called Shelby to get help verifying the identity, but Shelby said that he was not who Alex think and that she as was overreacting. Alex notices a few white trucks driving by, and she had a bad feeling, but before she could say anything to Shelby the phone got disconnected and then there was an explosion around the city in the form of a box. Knowing that there was a big gathering at the UN Alex circle back to the building and she realizes that the build has been taking with a lot of high up officials and her friends. Alex sneaked into the building to access the situation and her that there was more explosion and got into a fight with one of the kidnapper. While Ales was fighting with the kidnapper his mask came off, and Alex wad able to identify him as one of the men she trained with the CIA, and he told Alex that she can’t stop the and then threw himself through the window. 

Meanwhile, the other hostage taken are inside negotiating to feel some bad men from prison, and he started with the US President by threating to kill his wife after he told them that America does negotiate with terrorist. Nimah is use and the translator; Ryan comes up with a plan to lie to them so he can get taken to the room where the president and the first lady was being held. After a lengthy discussion and the first lady begging the president not to negotiate with terrorist but he said he couldn't just let her die. The president gave in to the terrorist and released the prisoner, but in the end, it seems like they don’t plan to hold up their end of the deal, and the first lady is murdered.

In flashback, Alex is on desk duty and living a somewhat normal life; she is seen having dinner with Ryan and Shelby, and Ryan was about to propose to her before he goes on a secret mission, but before he could propose Alex receive a call and she left before he got the chance. Alex arrives at CIA 'farm' training camp and finds out that Ryan has also been recruited by the FBI and the CIA to spy on the farm.  Alex is CIA but is working for the FBI to see if someone on the inside is becoming a homegrown terrorist cell. The recruits are tested, and Alex and Ryan have to keep up the charade about the present and past relationship which his already putting a strain on their relationship. Ryan told Alex he was going to show her how much she means to him but when he took out the block she stopped him and told him to wait until the mission is over. The recruits are being put to the test to see who stay and who will go home. During the last training exercise Alex sets herself up as the hero, but she hasn't perceived one as and is told that she failed the mission and that the person she tried to save was her senior/teacher. It is also revealed that she is also the daughter of the director of the program. 

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