#TheGifted Season 1 Episode 4 "eXit strategy" Recap & Review

I was feeling a little Syfy lost this year with losing so many shows Orphan Black, Grimm and Dark Matter but The Gifted might help fill the void. The fourth episode eXit strategy is still kicking up the octane for a network show. 

This is a one story episode with a side note but mainly a TV and movie classic jailbreak. The Strucker sibs are going to join forces with the X underground and attempting to rescue Lorna and their dad. The plan turns out to be Kate's idea as she makes an impassioned plea to join the cause.

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They are going old school movie style take down the caravan" wagon train" and rescue the hostages. This time though it is mutant versus what are becoming some really hated government agents.

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The plot then focuses on obtaining the info on the caravan and setting a plan to stop it. Meanwhile, Reed attempts to connect with Lorna under the hope that they are all each other has and need to work together. Marcos goes to his old drug cartel to obtain info on the caravan. The Strucker kids work to combine their powers to aid in the Hijack.

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We see flashbacks to the last Mutant attack at a base as well as Johnny/Thunderbird losing his best friend Pulse. Blink also continues to suffer from the flashback memories Dreamer placed in her head about an affair with Johnny.We also see Marcos as deeply entrenched with a Mexican drug cartel and ex-girlfriend drug kingpin Carmen. All of these stories close in on the wagon train. In true western spirit, most people will not back to plan so ironically it falls on a magnificent seven.  

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The end game has only five mutants from the underground plus the Strucker kids willing to attack the caravan. These are scenes fans will need to see. Needless to say the action for a TV show is eXcellent and the character development through 4 episode has been great. Amy Aker continues to start drawing the different groups together. I really like the continuing development of the mutant people and variance of their powers.

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I order to obtain the route for the caravan Eclipse must contact his former employer a drug cartel which is now run by his ex-girlfriend, Carmen. She is willing to provide the information at a price Eclipse must use his powers to torture a captive to obtain information. Eclipse reluctantly agrees and is also indebted to Carmen in the future, but she does give him the route. 

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Johnny's plan calls for the Strucker kids to take out a tire on the bus and then retreat. Eclipse Dreamer and Shatter will provide decoy and cover while Johnny will use a Blink portal to enter the bus and free Reed and Polaris. Of course, the plan does not go as planned first when the teens are unable to blow the bus tire at the right stop. Then the real problems arise.

Pulse Johnny's best friend from his Marine days who we saw killed in a flashback during the past raid is among the SS forces. He has the power to disrupt mutant powers for a two block radius. This leads to the plan's complete breakdown and to Shatter being shot by the agents. Luckily Johnny knocks out Pulse at stop the blackout of mutant abilities. This gives Polaris the opportunity she needed, and she uses her ability to free Reed and herself from the bus. Polaris disarms the Agents, and they retreat from the scene. Kate arrives with an SUV to drive the remaining mutants from the scene. Shatter, and Dreamer had already made their escape through a portal with Blink.

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This episode had a great action for any TV show if not a movie.The characters and story continue to develop, and I find the show a much watch at this time. I would give the episode an 8.5