#Reign S3 Ep.14 “To the Death” Aka "To New Beginnings"

Mary is making preparation to go back to Scotland and received funding from the Vatican to hire army that she needs. Catherine offers Mary a coat which she was hesitant to accept because of it beauty and worth when Mary puts it on Catherine told her she looks like "a Queen that men would die for." Mary seeks Bash help to find her a small army, telling him that she needs to lead where her people can see her, Mary also asks Bash about Greer after sending her a few letter with no response. Mary visited Greer and discovered that she is very pregnant. Mary asks Greer why she didn’t tell her, and Greer told Mary about her plan to give it to her sister without letting anyone knowing. Greer expresses her concern about raising the baby on her own without a husband and Mary told her that she will make a great mother and that she would get her new identities as well as get her husband Lord Castleroy out of prison. Mary decided to use the funds she received to pay for an army to free Lord Castleroy and provide him and Greer with a new life. Greer and Castleroy union did not go as excepted as he was unable to get past the fact that she was pregnant with another man’s child, as rebuff Greer’s proposal leaving her feeling sad. After Greer walks away, Mary persuades Castleroy to open up his heart and dig deep my feeling he had for Greer “because when you love someone, the feeling doesn’t just go away.” Castleroy took Mary’s advice and went to his wife, where they decide to make it work and leaves for a new life elsewhere. Mary speech also struck a nerve in Bash leading to him confessing his feelings for her and offered to accompany her back to Scotland and be by her side as someone she is sure she could trust. 

Meanwhile, Catherine, King Charles and Narcisse try to figure out a way to pay the royal soldiers that she need to help her fight the red knight’s and their army. With the Vatican funding Mary and Scotland's army they refuse to help Frances with their fight. Charles and Narcisse secretly go to a high-stakes casino to win money, Charles won all the money they need but got greedy and took a risk losing all his winning. However the adventure was not over as Narcisse volunteers to fight in an underground match to win their money back and more, Charles was against it, but Narcisse told him that he will do for France #NarcisseLoyality. Narcisse won the fight and the money they need although sustaining some semi-harmful injuries. Catherine was impressed by Narcisse loyalty and willingness to save his country and offer him the position as her Lord Chancellor once again, and I must say he deserves the offer. Catherine and Charles host a dinner in celebration of raising the money to pay the royal soldiers, as the celebration is about to begin Catherine is got called away while Charles is left behind with the royal generals. When Catherine looks in the box, she saw the mask of the Red Knights and immediately run to Charles, who is seeing cry over all the guest around the table death. Catherine told Charles that it was the Red Knights who had poison all the royal generals just before they're paid, to frame Catherine and Charles for the massacre. 

Back in England, Elizabeth is having a nightmare about the way her mother died and hosted an event with the intention of taking revenge against the woman Beatrice Somerset, who she thought caused her mother to be beheaded by her father King Henry VIII. Elizabeth conspires with Lola to punish Beatrice Somerset, for testified against Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn. Lola agrees hesitantly agrees to Elizabeth by planting A stolen pearls necklace in Beatrice’s purse while she waits on line to great Elizabeth. Lola failed epically and was thrown into jail with Beatrice as Elizabeth had no choice because of the public nature of the event. Lola stayed loyal to Elizabeth by not naming her as her accomplice. While there Lola tried to figure out why she had done what she did and she explain that King Henry had given her no choice. Elizabeth learns that the accusation of incest against her mother Anne was true to some extent because she could have gone through with her plan. She explained that Anne only resorted to sleeping with her uncle out of fear her husband King Henry VIII would kill her if she didn't give him a son, and even thought King Henry Knew that she didn’t go through with it killing her. Elizabeth pardons Beatrice after learning the truth and rewards Lola's loyalty by bringing her son Jean-Philippe to her.Elizabeth continues to push Dudley away out of fear of getting hurt or hurting him.

Overall this was a great episode; I am euphoric about Greer and Mary rekindling their friend, even though I am not sure what Mary will do not that she had used the funds she has being given to help her loyal friend and lady. The highlight of the episode for me was Mary and Bash spending time together and Bash expressing his feeling for her. I had forgotten that they had a feeling for each other because I was wrapped up in #Frary, but I like them together they make a cute couple and as Bash said she know that she can trust him to be loyal to her. As for the Catherine and Charles this mess, I am not sure what to expect, and all I can say is there is someone in that castle is a part of the Red Knights and Catharine, and Charles need to weed them out. I was impressed by Narcisse Loyalty and dedication to his country, but the question remains can her be trusted? I have mixed feeling about how close Elizabeth and Lola has gotten and worries about her loyalty to Mary. 

Let Us Know:
•    Do you think Lola will stay loyal to Mary?
•    Do you want to see Mary and Bash together?
•    Do you trust Narcisse?
•    Did Mary do the right thing with Greer?
•    Will Mary make to Scotland safely?