#Reign S4 E3 - "Leap of Faith" Recap

I loved this episode because we got to spend more time in France!  But, what is wrong with King Charles? He slips closer to madness every time we see him.  It's my guess that Charles is the character that will go mad as Adelaide hinted in an interview recently. But, what is the cause of his madness?  

So let's talk about France.  Thrilled that Narcisse and Jean are back in France.  However, it appears that Narcisse has no intention of raising Jean as he promised Lola he would. Catherine will step in which is NOT what Lola wanted.  Have I mentioned how much is despise Leeza?  Unfortunately for Catherine, Leeza is powerful and she continues to assert her power over Catherine by naming Cardinal Rosales as Lord Chancellor replacing Narcisse. King Charles has retreated into his own world and no longer cares who runs France.  Catherine and Narcisse still make a great team and Narcisse comes up with the idea to remind Charles of the pleasures of being King and throws young, willing women his way.  Unfortunately, the young woman sent to Charles never returns. Catherine goes in another direction to get rid of the Cardinal. She has one of her ladies poison Cardinal Rosales. The poison is supposed to worsen his gout so he will return home for treatment. Too much poison is administered and the Cardinal goes blind. Oops!  Things are not going Catherine's way. Wait, it seems that as Claude and the Cardinal are in the chapel praying, Claude for Leith and the Cardinal for his eyesight, Claude approaches the Cardinal and her tears literally cure his blindness!  So, thanks to Claude, Catherine has dodged a bullet and the Cardinal returns to Spain. 

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In England, Since Darnley seems to be successfully evading Mary and Elizabeth, Gideon has a proposal for Elizabeth.  Gideon proposes that he marry Mary!  Mary would abdicate the thrown, marry Gideon, and Mary would name James as Regent. Gideon and Mary's first born son would be heir to both thrones, united England and Scotland. Elizabeth agrees with the plan and offers land and a manor house for them to live out their days peacefully in England.  Gideon is thrilled that and heads for Scotland and Mary. 

Mary is thrilled to see Gideon! Gideon and Mary discuss the plan and Mary is interested but she fears for the safety of her people. They profess their love for each other but this is too important a decision to be made based solely on love. First she must talk with James.  Gideon and Mary go to James with the plan and he has concerns. The Scottish don't trust the English and would they believe that their Queen gave up her throne for the love of a commoner, let alone an Englishman.  They decide to throw a ball so that the people can see that their love is real.  Mary accepts Gideon's proposal.  

Lord Darnley and his mother, Lady Lennox arrive in Scotland just in time to learn of Mary's plan to abdicate the thrown. Darnley immediately leaves Scotland for England and his lover, Lady Kira.  Lady Lennox stays behind to speak to Mary.  At the ball, Mary and Lady Lennox speak and Lady Lennox tells Mary that she knows of the land and castle that Elizabeth is "fixing up" for Mary and Gideon.  She informs Mary that this castle is made to be a prison and that Elizabeth means for Mary to live in England as her prisoner, not an honored guest.  Learning this, a heartbroken Mary tells Gideon she cannot marry him. They have no future together. 

Lady Lennox knows that with the knowledge that Mary and Gideon will not wed, this is her chance to make Darnley a king. Lady Lennox forges a letter from her son to Lady Kira telling her to marry the man she was promised to because he is marrying Queen Mary.

The episode ends with Gideon returning to England to confront Elizabeth.  Elizabeth says that only one queen can some out of this rivalry alive and she fully intends it to be her. 

I rate this episode as a 9 - perfect! What do you think?

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