#Reign - Season 4 Ep 11 - "Dead of Night" Recap & Review

In "Dead of Night" Mary's plans for England begin to unfold and will result in the fall of Mary, Queen of Scots. Let's recap...

In last week's episode, Mary was forced to banish James from Scotland and Greer put the blame on Mary for sacrificing another person for the good of the crown.  After having some time to think, Greer apologizes to Mary.  As the two friends chat, Mary confides in Greer that although Darnley has been behaving since his coronation, she will never have feelings for him. And speak of the devil - I mean Darnley, he interrupts the conversation with news from England.  

Darnley informs Mary that Elizabeth will wed marry Archduke Ferdinand, who is Catholic. Elizabeth believes that by marrying a Catholic it will take away Mary's advantage in the war for her throne and she's right. If Elizabeth marries a Catholic,  the Vatican could pull their support for her claim to the English throne. Mary realizes that if she wants England, she has to make her move now. So, Darnley offers Mary the use of his English pals including his best friend, Lord Barrett. Darnley's plan is to take Elizabeth hostage in England and in return, Mary promises the full force of the Scottish army, wealth and her royal seal. Sending her seal with the men is risky because if the soldiers are found with her seal, it is confirmation that Mary supports the plan. But if the plan fails and Elizabeth finds Mary's seal, Mary will face Elizabeth's wrath.  The decision is made, however, and Mary and Darnley stand together as they watch the men head out. It looks like the two of them have found a way to work together. 

Have I said how much I love the Bothwell/Mary relationship?  He's not my Francis but he clearly cares for Mary.  Bothwell has returned to court at Mary's request and when Darnley finds out, he is furious. He orders Bothwell to bow to him as King. But, Darnley's English and Bothwell will never bow to an Englishman. An irate Darnley banishes Bothwell and Mary pleads with Bothwell to leave court as a show of support for her husband. 

After giving Mary the use of his men to go to England, Darnley now feels that Mary owes him something and he demands that she agree to the crown matrimonial! If she refuses, Darnley threatens Mary's demise. If the current England plan fails and Elizabeth finds Mary's seal, Darnley will make sure that Elizabeth knows that Mary was behind the attack.  

Mary believes Darnley's threat and knows that somehow she must abort the mission and get her seal back. She turns to Bothwell who agrees to help even when Mary says that if he is caught, she will have to deny any knowledge of the attack.  So off to England goes Bothwell and Rizzio. Mary tells the men to find Gideon; he will help. Of course, Mary has no way of knowing of the relationship between he and Elizabeth. Once in England, the men see Gideon and he helps them find Barrett's whereabouts. Bothwell and Rizzio are able to stop Barrett in time and reclaim Mary' seal but Gideon follows them. When the men discover Gideon, Bothwell wants to kill him but Rizzio stops him and the men bring Gideon back to Scotland and Mary. She and Gideon meet again and she easily gets Gideon to agree not to tell Elizabeth that she was behind the mission.  Gideon agrees and when he returns to Elizabeth he tells her about the failed coup but leaves out the part about Mary's involvement.  Gideon tells Elizabeth that her marriage to the Archduke is more important than ever. Though she loves Gideon, Elizabeth knows that her life is in danger if she does not marry. 

Back at Scottish court, Darnley is still attempting to threaten Mary into granting him the crown matrimonial.  He even has the document prepared and presents it to Mary as if our Mary would ever back down.  Not only does she refuse, she tears up the document in front of Darnley and throws it into the fire!  More threats from Darnley but Mary knows that thanks to Bothwell and Rizzio, the plan was stopped and Mary has her seal. Darnley's threats mean nothing. 

Now that Mary has stopped her military mission and thanks to Gideon, Elizabeth remains unaware, it's time to deal with Darnley.  Having earned her trust and gratitude, Mary appoints Bothwell and Rizzio as her most trusted advisors. Darnley is summoned and arrives in the throne room to see Mary surrounded by both men.  Darnley is informed that Mary has her seal back and that his threats will not be tolerated.  But Darnley has one last, bold threat. He will tell everyone that the baby Mary is carrying is not his - a threat that an accusation of adultry could ruin Mary and would mean that her child would never inherit the throne.  Mary believes him. Darnley is now a threat to her life and her rule. Darnley must go. 

Not all of the drama has been in Scotland and England.  In France, Catherine and Narcisse have a real problem on their hands.  Henri is determined to replace Charles and oust him from the throne.  He intends to show the people that Charles is weak and that Henri will be the better king.  So he challenges Charles to a game of tennis and breaks Charles' nose with the tennis ball.  Narcisse discovers that the ball Henri used is filled with rocks and informs Catherine. 

Catherine confronts Henri and demands that he apologize to his brother.  If he doesn't she will tell Leesa about the book of witchcraft that Henri brought back from his war with the Turks. Henri agrees to apologize at family dinner but instead Henri picks a fight with Charles and Charles attacks Henri. A frustrated Catherine turns to Narcisse but it seems that Narcisse actually believes that Henri may actually be the better king. Catherine is furious and seeing no other way, she turns to witchcraft and open the spell book and begins a spell to make Charles stronger.  Oh dear - this is going to end badly. 

That's it for "Dead of Night."  Regniacs! Only 6 episodes remain until the series finale and I am not ready!  I wish the network had given them a season 5 so that they could wrap up Mary's story without having to rush through history!  

Check back for my recap of Friday's episode - "The Shakedown."