#Reign - Season 4, Episode 5 "Highland Games" - Recap

Episode grade - 8



The Highland Games return to Scotland and as Mary prepares to greet her subjects and announce her engagement to Lord Darnley, James expresses his concern whether the Scottish nobles will accept Darnley as their King. Mary shares the note left for her claiming that Darnley intentionally set the 2nd fire in the village. James tells her that he did not write the letter but believes that's exactly what happened and cautions Mary about marrying Darnley.  Nothing will change Mary's mind, however, and she announces their engagement to the crowd.  Lord Taylor, one of the Scottish nobles, steps forward and challenges Darnley to a boxing match. If Darnley wins Taylor will go down on bended knee in support of the marriage but if Lord Taylor wins the engagement if off. Mary is shocked when Darnley agrees.  Later, Mary confronts Darnley about the fire and he admits that it's true that he set the fire.  His explanation is that he did it to earn the people's trust. Mary says she will overlook this deception ONCE.  

Darnley is confident that he will win the fight but James and Mary are not. Mary asks James to spar with Darnley to prepare him for the fight. Darnley knocks James down.  Just then Lord Taylor barges in accusing Lord Darnley of poisoning his flask so he is too sick to fight. He servant drank from the flask instead and is now very ill.  Darnley denies the allegations but Mary doesn't believe him and she wonders what kind of king she has agreed to marry.  

Fight day arrives and Mary is called to the infirmary because several in the castle have fallen ill, including  Lord Taylor's servant.  Mary hurries to apologize to Darnley and finds him in his chambers with this hand bandaged.  he tells Mary that while at a tavern the night before, someone smashed his hand so he couldn't fight.  Mary wants to call off the fight but Darnley refuses.  The fight begins and Darnley is taking a beating.  Mary pauses the fight to tend to his wounds and hides some coins in his hand. Darnley takes a swing and Lord Taylor is out cold!  Darnley wins!  Lord Taylor rises and promptly takes a knee. 

In France, a mother and her young son are having a picnic. When the child disappears into the woods, Catherine and Narcisse tell Charles that those in the castle believe that he killed the child because he was seen by his servants walking through the castle with blood all over his face.  Catherine believes Charles and Narcisse promises to find the bear or wolf that attacked the boy.  But Catherine also reminds Charles about the threat of his sister, Leesa, who will remove him from the throne if Charles doesn't start acting like a king.  It seems that they finally get through to Charles because he agrees to make some kingly appearances around the village.  Later, when the bear is found and it is proven that the animal is responsible for the child's death, Charles appears in public to make the announcement but the crowd turns ugly and someone throws a bucket of blood and Charles runs off.  Narcisse comes to Catherine to report that Charles has been found hiding in a cave but no one will go near him because they don't know what he it.  Charles agrees to come out of the cave but will only speak to Catherine. Finally, Charles opens up to Catherine about what he's been doing in the woods.  He says that he is reliving what he and his friend endured when they ran from the red knights. He eats raw squirrels and dirt as they did just to survive.  It is the only thing that brings him peace. Catherine says they can fix this but Charles says its too late and runs off again.  Catherine chases after him but trips and falls in the dirt. 

Also in France, Luc and Claude wake the morning after their wedding. Narcisse barges in the room to speak with Luc in private.  Narcisse tells Luc that Leith is alive and is being hidden in the dungeon.  Luc tells his father that Claude needs to know the truth and he intends to tell her because it is the right thing to do. He tells Claude and she and Leith are reunited.  When Catherine finds out that Narcisse hid Leith from Claude, she is furious.  Claude and Luc talk and Luc agrees to say the marriage was never consummated so that their marriage can be annulled.  Claude slips into bed with Leith and tells him that they can be together. Leith is hurt that Claude did not wait for him and she explains that it was either marriage or a nunnery. He and Claude kiss but Leith pull away when he sees Claude's wedding ring.  Everything seems to be working out until Luc tells his father his plan. Narcisse reminds Luc that he saw them in bed and will not let the annulment happen.  He is not about to lose the power that comes from their royal marriage.  So, Luc, Claude, and Leith meet the next day to find a solution.  Luc offers to "share" Claude with Leith as long as she gives him 2 or 3 heirs. Claude asks Leith if he can live with that and Leith says no, he will not share the woman he loves.  It looks like Leith and Claude will not have a future together.  

Back to Scotland where Lord Castleroy and Rose arrive in Scotland.  It's clear that there is a definite rift in their marriage and when she asks Castleroy tells her that he has fallen in love with someone else.  Greer releases Castleroy from their marriage.  What will happen with Greer and baby Rose remains to be seen. 

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