#Reign Series Finale - S4 EP 16 - "All it Cost Her"

This is it. My final Reign recap. Reigniacs, I am so sad to see my show end. I've said it before...I have never been as attached to a show and its characters as Reign. There is a chemistry between the actors that made this show very, very special to a lot of us. Just not enough of us to save it from cancellation.  

Let's recap one last time.

Scotland. Mary's son is still missing and Bothwell and the palace guard are conducting a massive search, Mary is helpless as she waits for news with Greer.  Darnley, poor sick Darnley, has taken to the woods with his son and Kiera.  He is clearly disoriented and confused. The baby won't stop crying. Kiera tells Darnley that the baby needs rest and tells him to set the baby down. Darnley leaves his son lying in the woods and stumbles off with Kiera

But help is one the way!  James has returned and wastes no time joining the search.  He has his own ideas on where the baby might be.and heads tot he village James asks the villagers if anyone has seen Darnley and the baby. One man says that he hasn't seen them but knows that there was an infant boy left by a farmer at the church. James triumphantly returns to court with Mary's missing son!  Mary is overjoyed and announces that the baby will be named James. 

The baby is safe at home and Mary will not leave his side. Bothwell tells Mary that Darnley is still going after stewardship of their son and it is very possible that he will get it even after what has just happened. Bothwell believes Darnley must die.  It's the only way to save Mary from losing her son.  Reluctantly, Mary agrees and she and Bothwell make a plan.  Mary must have a very stong and public alibi so that she is not implicated and plans a gathering to welcome all the new privy council members. 

Darnley is in hiding at his family home when his mother arrives. You would think she'd be worried about her son who is obviously very sick but she's just interested in keeping her son in power.  She leaves Darnley to get him some provisions promising to return the next day. 

Bothwell and his men wait outside until dark and prepare to blow up the mansion with Darnley inside.  The fuse doesn't seem to be working so Bothwell goes to check it. Just then the house blows up with Bothwell inside!  Bothwell is fine and so is Darnley. Darnley stumbles outside and sees one of the guards standing outside the home and recognizes him.  Because the bomb didn't kill Darnley, Bothwell kills Darnley. 

Bothwell returns to Mary with the news that her husband is dead and that he killed him.  Just then John Knox and the privy council storm in and the guard that Darnley recognized has turned Bothwell in. Knox calls for his arrest. But Knox isn't done.  Mary has been implicated as well!  She hands the baby to James and asks him to raise her son as his own. James promises to do so and Mary is taken away. 

In England, Elizabeth learns that Narcisse was behind Gideon's death and that Jane worked with him. Elizabeth confronts Jane and it turns out that she hates all royals because her grandfather died at the hands of Henry VIII.  Elizabeth is enraged and swings a club at Jane's head. Jane falls to the floor. Dead. 

Later, the Archduke, comes to Elizabeth with an amended marriage contract. Spain is on its way to war with England and if Elizabeth signs the contract, he will take care of Spain. Elizabeth does not agree but will consider his offer. Mary's letter to Elizabeth arrives. Empowered by Mary's promise that she will never to go after England, Elizabeth tells the Archduke that they will not marry and that he needs to leave. 

Elizabeth suits up in full armor and heads off to fight Spain alongside her army

In France, Narcisse has returned. It doesn't look like he is going to tell Catherine what he did in Scotland.  Catherine fills Narcisse in on what's been happening in his absence. Henri is holed up with Nicole and Charles is furious. Henri thinks the Spanish armada is still coming to make him king and Catherine is unable to get word to him that it's over. Spain's not coming. Unfortunately for Nicole, Catherine (with help from the witch) takes matters into her own hands and poisons Nicole aboard the ship. Nicole dies in Henri's arms.  Looks like he truly did love her.  Henri returns to court carrying Nicole's body! Catherine watches as her sons go after each other.  Catherine steps in and convinces the brothers that Spain is the enemy and that they must work together to stop them and avenge Nicole's death.  The boys forgive each other. 

Catherine, Narcisse and the witch? I think this was a bizarre side story that was to have been told if there were a season 5.  Catherine and Narcisse meet with the witch to see what she wants from them in return for getting rid of Nicole.  She drugs them and all of a sudden there's a threesome! In bed, Catherine realizes that the witch is trying to get pregnant with the Devil's baby and puts a stop to the ritual and repeatedly stabs the witch.  Witch just laughs. Creepy. 

A very groggy Catherine stumbles in to the throne room as Henri and Charles are plotting their revenge on Spain.  They think mom's just had a few too many. Something or someone catches Catherine's eye and she sees the witch definitely not dead, waiting for her.  She tells Catherine that her sons are in danger and that Charles will not rule for long unless she has her daughter, Princess Margot at her side.  We meet Margot but this is a cliffhanger that we will never get the chance to explore. Spinoff???

Fast forward 21 years.  Mary is 40 and she is about to lose her head after being held captive in England for many years.  Mary waits to hear from her son, James, whom she has not seen since she handed him to her brother all those years ago. She has written to her son with the hope that he will stop her execution. 

A grown upJames stands before Elizabeth, trying to convince her to let his mother live. Elizabeth asks James if he wants to be named her heir. Elizabeth leaves the decision about his mother to him. The execution will happen. Mary will lose her head. She prays as she kneels and the ax comes down. Thankfully they did not show it like they did Lola. 

Mary opens her eyes and is in bed with FRANCIS!  I am one of many, many Reign fans who dreamed that somehow she would be reunited with Francis and we were not disappointed. Francis tells her that he's been waiting for her. Heavy sign. Ugly cry face! It was a beautiful scene and wonderfully done by the amazing Reign writers. Reign, my favorite show of all time, ends with a montage of Mary's life. More ugly crying! 

I love, love, loved the finale episode! That being said, it would have been even better if it hadn't been so rushed. But, The CW only gave them 16 episodes to finish the story instead of the 24 - 26 episodes which is the norm. An extended 2-hour finale would have helped too.  What I really wanted was a season 5. 

It's been so much fun sharing my #Reign obsession with all of you!  Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs, Megan Follows, Dan Jeannotte, Craig Parker...the entire cast of Reign...you have made me a lifelong fan and I am so excited to see where you go from here! 

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