#Bull S1 Episode 4 "Callisto" Recap & Review

A woman in an operation is flat lining but is saved by her sister Kerry's medicine offering to give her medicine free nationwide she is sued by Errol Windermere CEO of windgen pharmaceuticals since he holds the patent for the drug. The case is in the jurisdiction of Callisto he tells cable to stay behind.

in Callisto the TAC team meets Diana lindsay the lawyer Windermere is using and Merle drivers where he takes them to his farm to set up he is also going to be their lawyer. A tornado warning sets up the rest of the jury.

cable finds out that Kyra Kerry's sister was part of Windermere's original experiment to try and cure hemophilia. In court Merle argues argues that he didn't put it the same way Kerry did because it wasn't cost efficient.

taking a walk with Diana lindsay while drinking bull wakes up with no pants and the teams research missing. At the bar Benny figures out a way to explain the science  to the jury. Bull has cable fake a tornado warning so that Kerry and Windermere can finish talking while having the jury listen. He asks Diana to drop the suit against Kerry. Bull tells his team that he got into the business for the people not the money.

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