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#TooCloseToHome S2EP5: Car Trouble Recap & Review #TCTH


Regina and Elm is in the van smoking, laughing and playing music. Frankie window is open and she is irritated. She close her window but you can see the irritation on her face. She also see Octavia and Nelson pull up. She goes outside to her car. She pulls some device out her car. She approaches Octavia and Nelson for help. Octavia is shocked because Frankie doesn't talk to her. Frankie asked Nelson could he look at her car because it won't start. Octavia let's it be known to Frankie, her brother is off limits. Nelson helps Frankie with her car. Elm sees Frankie, Nelson, and Octavia walking in their direction. Regina looks up and surprised to see Nelson. Regina gets upset with Frankie. Well, you started this Regina. Regina should have been befriending her instead of threatening her. Threats doesn't always work with secrets.


Nelson can't seem to find an issue with Frankie's car. Phase two of Frankie's plan kick in. Frankie asked, "do I need a mechanic?" Octavia asked Frankie why she didn't asked Elm. She knows he work on cars. Octavia said she would go get him but Frankie said let Nelson get him. Octavia takes off to Elm's van. To her shock, she finds Elm and Regina layed up together. Elm has his finger up to his mouth suggesting to Octavia to be quite. Octavia walks back to the front as Frankie is yelling, "do you see him?" Octavia covered for the secret lovers. Nelson fixed the car. He told Frankie it was just as fuse. Nelson is anxious to get in the house to see his wife. Frankie tries to pay Nelson but he tells Frankie she owe him nothing.  He then yells for Octavia to come on. Octavia tells Frankie I owe you. Her and Frankie agree to meet up later and talk. 


Once they get in the house, Octavia has to sneak out to get Regina. Nelson is calling for his wife. Octavia tells him to sit down and relax while she goes to get Regina. She turns the shower on and sneak out the back door. I don't think I could keep that from my brother.  Octavia open the van doors and she lets Regina have it. She makes Regina get out the van. Regina starts crying but that means nothing to Octavia. Sadly, Elm and Nelson are friends. Octavia didn't tell Nelson because she didn't want to hurt him on his first day home. I know he just came home but sooner is better then later in this case. Regina wasn't moving quick enough out the van, Octavia grabbed her by her braids out the van. 

Bonnie is at the diner working. She still hasn't talked to Anna. She tried calling Anna again but she still didn't answer. JB enters the diner with his friends. Bonnie refuse to serve him and his friends. He asked Bonnie was she still mad at him.  JB told her, " I was doing that to help you."   From what I saw, I truly believe JB got into trafficking drugs to help her financially. Bonnie doesn't believe JB. JB kisses Bonnie but she doesn't respond to his kiss. JB assumes Bonnie is back with Brody when he asked her, "So you back with Brody." This must be a small town because Brody and JB are brothers. Both brothers is in love with Bonnie. Bonnie tells JB to leave but he refuse to leave. Bonnie gave in and served them coffee on the go. JB and his friends she sits at the dinner deciding how they are goin to get Dax out of the hotel room. Donnie doesn't want to be the one approaching Dax. JB tells him he doesn't have to actually sleep with him. Bonnie brings the coffee. She knows JB and his friends is up to something. They stopped talking when she was present.


Matt shows up at the diner. He sees JB and think he is bothering Bonnie. Bonnie is more concerned about Rebel. She asked Matt was Rebel in school. Rebel wasn't in school. Matt hasn't been home. Bonnie tells Matt to go home and see if Anna is there. With the news reporters being in town, Rebel missing and probably pregnant; Bonnie tells Matt to tell Anna call Shelby and they all meet her at the trailer.  She have food to Matt for her mother. She lets Matt knows the sheriff has ordered them to clean her mother's trailer. I agree with Matt, that's alot of cleaning. Matt leaves and Bonnie tries to call Anna again. She still gets no answer.

Back at the trailer park, Nelson is getting impatient waiting for Regina. Octavia goes to the bathroom. When she enters the bathroom, Regina is standing there crying. Regina feels she can't face Nelson. Octavia doesn't care about her feelings. I don't blame her. Octavia tells Regina, "You going to face him. In a few days, you tell him the love is gone and you need space. Then you tell him you want a divorce." Regina say she loves Nelson and doesn't want a divorce. Octavia folder her, once you started sleeping with his friend; you wanted ba divorce. Regina put herself in this situation. She pulled into together and went to see her husband. Nelson was so happy to see her. He hugged and kissed her. How dirty tho? Regina never took a shower.


Anna regrets living Happy. She asked Brody, "why she leave?" She also wanted to know why Brody didn't have sex with last night. Brody is so confuse. He doesn't know what sister he want or love. He tells Anna, " you Hayes sisters has done a number on me. He needs time to figure things out." Whatttt? This triangle is crazy and when you throw JB in this, it's even more crazier. Valerie was on the porch watching Anna with Brody. Valerie walks off the porch. Valerie tries to tell Brody the truth about Anna, but Brody doesn't like the negative talk about Anna. He tells Valerie after she finds Dax they have to leave his house. Valerie apologize to Brody. However, I feel she is right bout Anna.

Anna asked Brody does he believe the things Valerie said. Brody said no but Valerie laid it on pretty heavy. Just asked he agreed, Frankie pulls up. She informs Brody the sheriff wants her to talk to Jolene about her hoarding. She informs Brody that the sheriff wants her to clean up the trailer. Frankie needed information about Jolene. She wanted Brody to tell her more about Jolene. Anna is standing there listening to everything. She agrees to help introduce her to her mother. Brody assures Anna that Frankie is good people. Since Anna was headed home, Brody suggested Frankie brake her home and they can talk on the way. Before Frankie left, she lets him that Elm and Regina was having an affair. Frankie thinks all hell is about to break loose. She could be right. She tells Brody to talk to Elm.


Back at the bar, the reporters are tired of Rick. Rick hasn't given them any information about Anna. The reporters get feed up and leave. Shelby approach Rick. She tells him don't scare them off. She feels good about how much money she schemes out the reporters. She goes to the bar, and the sheriff is there. Now I thought he was supposed to be looking for Shelby. I guess not because he finished his beer and left. All he said to Shelby was stay out of trouble. OMG, Eli was in the bathroom with Shelby. He was looking at her so seductively. He tells her she is still beautiful. Somebody finally has Shelby in a lost of words. Shelby stood shocked, afraid, and speechless. He walks up on her and smells her hair. He then leaves. Once he is gone, Shelby breaks down and cry. At that moment I understand Shelby so well.


Valerie goes see Dax at the hotel. Valerie is trying to talk to Dax about Victor. Dax doesn't want to hear nothing about Victor. Valerie wants to believe that Dax still loves and care for Victor. She doesn't want to believe Dax really had Victor's parents deported. She really things he doesn't have that power. However, she is very wrong and finally puts it together. Dax is working with the First Lady. Valerie tries to talk sense into DX. She tells him the First Lady is dangerous. But Dax is so angry, hurt and betrayed he doesn't care. He accused Valerie of sleeping with the President. Truth is, she didn't but she wanted to. She admitted to DX she wanted a powerful man to want her. The President lost interest in her once Anna arrived in DC. Dax was happy to hear that Valerie drove the rental car. He was excited about getting out of happy. Valerie told him he wasn't leaving until he talk to Dax. Dax asked, "Valerie where is Anna?" Valerie wanted to know why. Valerie thinks Anna is still at Brody's house. She tells Dax he can talk to Anna and Victor back at the farm. As they walking out the hotel door, Donnie stood there about to knock on the door. He claimed he thought it was his room. Dax knew that was strange but Donnie apologized and walked off. Valerie and Dax headed to the farm.

Anna gets to the trailer. She tells Frankie after speaking with her sisters, she will talk to her. When Anna gets inside the trailer, she finds Bonnie comforting Shelby. Bonnie tells Anna that Eli approached her. Anna admits to seeing him with Rebel. Rebel ran off after her and Anna fight and then she left early before anyone woke up. No one has scene her since. Bonnie calls Matt out the room. She questions Matt about why is Rebel hanging with Eli. Come to find out, Rebel likes Eli grandson. Unfortunately, Eli is Rebel's father so she can't like his grandson. All the sisters run out the trailer and get into the car to go get Rebel. As they are pulling out, a reporter arrived at the trailer. He tries to get Jolene to give him information on Anna. After taking his $40.00, Jolene tells him nothing. 


The Hayes sisters found Rebel in a park with Eli and a few others. Rebel is refusing to go home. Shelby snatched Rebel by her arms and forced her to the car. Bonnie lets Eli know; she will not let him do to Rebel what he has done to her, Anna and Shelby. Eli just laughed and acted like he didn't know what she was talking about. Anna told Bonnie he wasn't worth it. She grabs Bonnie to leave.

JB is parked outside Brody's house watching him and Dr. Allen. He is distant so that he can see the house, but they can't see him. JB is telling his friend Tanner how he plans on getting them queers and killing Dr. Allen. When Tanner tells JB, Brody bill not let him do that. He kicks Tanner out the car. JB has a mission. Dax, Victor, Brody and Dr. Allen he wants to kill. All four of them will be at the farm. Will JB succeed? 

The sisters confront Rebel once they get to the trailer. Bonnie asked Rebel repeatedly was she pregnant. Rebel denies it even after seeing the pregnancy twat. Bonnie wants to know if Eli has touched Rebel and she asked her. Rebel tells her no everything and defends Eli. She tells all of them that Eli is a good man. And then Shelby drops the bomb. She tells Rebel that Eli is her father. 


Stay tuned as the The Hayes sisters finally take control of their life and do it together. You can catch this episode on Comcast On Demand or download the TLC Go app. 

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