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#Empire S3 Ep13: My Naked Villainy Recap & Review

Man oh man, this episode was off the chain. I give this episode a (10) rating. Let's get into the review. 


The episode open with Lucious being sick. Lucious wants to be home dealing with his illness. Thirsty convince the doctor to agree with Lucious being treated at home. Lucious demand that Thirsty look after his family. I don't doubt that Thirsty will let him down. He will protect the Lyon's family. Cookie pulls a shady move since Lucious is sick. Jamaal is still working on his Cookie and Lucious Love Story album. Jamaal and his team is discussing his video when Cookie walks in moving his video shoot up. Lucious wasted no time with Inferno while Jamaal was in rehab so Cookie want Jamaal to waste no time releasing his video. She called it a teaser for the fans. Cookie taking advantage of Lucious being sick. He can't dismiss the video. Kennedy does an interview on TV with her lawyer announcing she is suing Empire. Hakeem is upset about that. Too much happening while Lucious is down. Can Thirsty handle it all? Hmmmm!


Nessa and Andre was discussing his business with Giuliana. Andre tells Nessa it's all business but I truly think he want that woman. Giuliana arrives and asked Andre to get her a drink. Once Andre is at the bar, Giuliana takes this moment to discuss Nessa and Andre agreement. Nessa is confuse about what she is talking about but quickly catch on  that Giuliana is talking about sex with Andre or a threesome. At least it sounds to me she talking about a threesome. Lol. Jamaal starts shooting his video. The video has some takes of Cookie speaking on her and Lucious relationship. Cookie feel in love with Lucious through the music. As Cookie watch the video, she has a flashback of a moment with Lucious in the past. The moment when music became their way out the hood and streets. You can't replace a love like Lucious and Cookie. It's dysfunctional but it works for them. I think Cookie is realizing Lucious is her soul mate. She can't stop loving that man. Point, blank, period.  

Lucious called all his family to the house. Thirsty speaks on  Lucious behalf since Lucious can't talk. They try to brainstorm ways to solve Kennedy's lawsuit. Dig up dirt on Kennedy, Angelo help they can't get, settlement he won't do, and an apology will make Empire liable. The meeting end with no real solution. Cookie looks hurt over Lucious being sick. She asked why he isn't in a hospital. Anika enters saying we tried to get him to go but he refuse. Cookie leaves and Thirsty use this time to question Anika. He wants to know about her progress with Tariq while wearing a wire. Anika states she has to win his trust and it's going to take time. She points out she doesn't want Tariq to kill her. But Thirsty points out either way she can still get killed. Lmao, Thirsty is something else. Giuliana and Andre have a meeting with Gino. Gino wants Lucious not Andre. However, he hears Andre out. Gino wants 25% of the Vegas earnings from Empire. Just as Gino nicely threatens Andre, enters Shine and his entourage just in time. Andre negotiated a 5% deal.  Andre is a business shark and Giuliana about to be his woman. She enjoyed that moment. Sorry Nessa for your soon to be broken heart. 


Anika visits Cookie  I must say this was a touching moment. I don't know if Anika was sincere but  I she appeared to be sincere. Anika asked Cookie to raise Bella if anything happens to her. Cookie couldn't believe it. She asked, "you want someone you don't like to take care of your daughter?"  Anika is playing a dangerous game between Tariq and Lucious. She knows jail or death could be her lifeline. I guess Anika does appreciate something about Cookie. Cookie will protect and take care of her children by any means necessary. Anika tried to explain something to Cookie but once she said "the man we both love", Cookie interrupt her. Cookie tells Anika she loves one man and it isn't Lucious. Anika tells her if that's what you tell yourself but we both know that isn't true. I agree with Anika. 

It's voting time. The day of the primary is here. Will Angelo win? As Angelo and Cookie are leaving the voting booth, Cookie is approached by some fans who is excited about Jamaal's video. Cookie tries to get rid of the fans but not before the fans showed the video with Angelo watching as well. Angelo asked Cookie what was that about. Cookie explains it was a teaser to Jamaal's new album about her and Lucious. Of course, again, Angelo gets jealous again. I am getting tired of his jealousy. He throws a temper tantrum in my eyes when he tells Cookie, "Lucious, always been a terrible influence on her." Really Angelo? How did a video Jamaal did about his parents turns into something bigger? Maybe it's was them clips Cookie did talking about her and Lucious love. His statement sends Cookie into a flashback. She picked the bad guy over the good guy. Could this be why Cookie is with Angelo? Is she trying to convince herself she doesn't love Lucious?  


Jamaal and Derrick arrived at Lavictus. Jamaal tries to explain to Derrick why they can't be together. Derrick thinks Phillip is putting stuff in Jamaal's head. Do to the messiness of Jamaal's life, Phillip broke up with Jamaal. That really sucks. I was looking forward to this new relationship for Jamaal. Why can't Jamaal keep a man? SMH! Thirsty has a  meeting with Kennedy, her lawyer, and Hakeem. Thirsty do what he do and dug up all the dirt on Kennedy. He laid it on her pretty thick. As he spilling all of Kennedy's tea, Kennedy is looking at Hakeem in disbelief. She can't believe he is allowing Thirsty to say all that. Hakeem wasn't happy with  Thirsty tactics.  

Cookie was explaining to Jamaal about her argument with Angelo. Cookie wants to put out another teaser showing the snake side of Lucious. The fans are loving the story too much for her. Then again, too much for Angelo. She hates Angelo jealousy over Lucious. I agree with Jamaal, he will get over it. Angelo knew what he was getting into with Cookie, so he needs to get over it. Angelo knew what he was getting into with Cookie, so he needs to deal or no deal. She is trying to move on. Hakeem comes in an upset. He tells Jamaal and Cookie about his meeting with Thirsty. Hakeem finally takes responsibility for his actions. Hakeem doesn't  know how powerful music can be. Jamal tells him about his death threats after Hakeem bashed him. Since Andre shut down Hakeem's Xtreme channel. Jamaal allows Hakeem to do his song dedicated to women on his channel. He apologized to Kennedy in the song. Andre comes in the studio upset. Hakeem finally takes responsibility for actions or role in a situation but Andre is only worried about Empire. Andre called a board meeting to decide how to pursue the liability for Hakeem admitting his guilt. Empire should just take the lost and Hakeem growth should be more important. Besides, domestic violence shouldn't be covered up like everything else shady and criminal at Empire. What is Andre really up to? Lucious is sick at the wrong time.


Andre arrives at Lucious house. Lucious is still in charge even though he is sick. Lucious saw through Andre. He knew Andre was up to something calling a board meeting. Andre held his meeting right in his father bedroom. Andre informed the board and his family about the business deal his made for Vegas. The board and his family was impressed with his proposal. Lucious wasn't to happy about this not along the fact of Empire conducting business in Vegas. Lucious fired Andre. However, Andre knew his stuff. Lucious couldn't fire him without a second vote. Sorry Lucious, you lost this one. No one voted with Lucious. He tried to get Cookie and Shine to vote with him but that didn't happen. Lmao, Lucious put everyone out. Board members and family. Andre arrived at Angelo's campaign party. He thank Cookie for having his back at the meeting. They shared a laugh over both of them taking advantage of Lucious illness. Lucious arrives at Angelo's party. Lawd have mercy, what is he up to? Nessa confronts Andre about his talk with Giuliana. She makes it clear, she isn't Rhonda and she doesn't share her man. She doesn't do arrangements. How long will this couple last? Angelo won the election. He the new Mayor of NY. As Angelo is giving his victory speech, Lucious interrupts him. He makes a speechbout how he back Angelo's opponent. He now says he supports Angelo and end his speech by playing a song he played for Cookie back in the day. Cookie had a flashback of her and Lucious. She was remembering love once again. In walks Giuliana who appears to have a past with Lucious. What is going on? Why did Lucious say he should kill her? What she mean she about to make all their dreams come true? I'm confuse, what about y'all? Omggggg!!!!!!


We have to wait two weeks to set answers. I am in my feelings but I will be impatiently waiting.  Stay tune!!! 


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