#Empire S3 Ep17 Part 1 "Toil & Trouble" Recap & Review

As we lead up to the finale, tonight episode had Cookie banned from Leviticus Vegas. Cookie seeking revenge on Giuliana and Jamal trying not to compete with Lucious' Inferno album. All you can do is rate this episode a (10).  Recap and review below. Let's talk Empire. 


Giuliana and Lucious bus having dinner with Charlotte, the Gaming Commissioner. Lucious receive a message from Cookie. Guiliana tells Lucious to handle it. Cookie makes a scene in Leviticus Las Vegas. Giuliana is watching and Cookie tells her you are cancelled. Rewind to two days earlier.... 

The family shows Hakeem support. Bella is still missing. Hakeem sees a last walking through Empire with a baby and he thinks it's Bella. He approach the lady.  Jamaal assures Hakeem the baby is a boy and not Bella. 

Giuliana must have gold between her Lucious. Lucious is turning his back on everyone. I can't believe he fired Thirsty. Thirsty has the right to asked  her about her bookkeeping.  He always have Lucious back. Who cares if Giuliana didn't like or trust him? We love Thirsty. Bad move on this one Lucious!!!  

Jamaal rehearsed a new song from his album When Cookie Met Lucious. Cookie appears to love the song and the stage performance besides the lighting.  Lucious brings in a new PR. He introduced Mr. Moore to Cookie and Jamaal. The new PR suggested  Jamaal wait to release his album When Cookie Met Lucious. Jamaal approach Lucious about really pulling his album. Lucious claimed, Jamaal needs his own spotlight instead of sharing. Lucious stated Jamaal album is great and need to be heard. Now we all know Lucious don't want to risk going up against Jamaal in album sales.  The PR is basically saying two Empire artist releasing albums on the same day is bad for Empire sales. It makes sense but who know with Lucious. His intentions is always about self. Giuliana suggested Mr. Moore.


Cookie told Lucious  to keep Giuliana out of her family company. Lucious black book Cookie from  Leveticus Las Vegas. When Cookie's asked, "you telling me I can't come to our club in Las Vegas"; Lucious replied with it's me and Guiliana's club. Are you serious Lucious? Wow! This was happening when you love a man to the depths of your soul no matter what. Cookie look meant war. 


Thirsty tells Cookie Lucious fired him. She knew it was Guiliana. Thirsty likes Cookie.  I was surprised by that one. They don't have one on one scenes to know if Thirsty was team Cookie. She invited Thristy to her house for a surprise he would like. No, she not giving him no sex. Lol.  I am glad Cookie made Thirsty apart of her  "Resistance" team.  Cookie tries to come up with a plan to take down Giuliana when they all go to Vegas. Shine was about to reveal Giuliana killed her husband Andre grabbed him and didn't want Shine to say anything. Once again, Shine and Andre share push and shoves. Porsha called them some bitches. Lmao. Cookie makes it known Giuliana is cancer. Wow! Cancer though. Cookie makes it clear if they don't get rid of Giuliana; they all die. Shine backs out. He is tired of Andre. Chicken and Marcel, Hakeem's friends, is a part of the team but Hakeem backs out. He is more worried about his daughter. Jamaal backs out; he is focused on his album. Andre walks but not making it known to Cookie her plan failed. Seems like she only has three team players.  Thirsty makes it he can get what Cookie needs. He asked, "who else do you trust." Always Thirsty to get dirty for the Lyon's nest.


At Empire, Becky tells Nessa her recording budget hasbeen cut.  Tiana walks in about her hair and makeup being cut. Nessa tells Tiana a number her budget got as well. Tiana through shade at Nessa.  She feels so to Andre and Nessa break up, that's why Nessa budget was cut. Hmmmmmm, good point. Nessa was ready to fight. Seeing them to fight again, bring the girl cat fight on. Becky made it clear, everyone and everything been cut for Inferno. Doesn't matter who neither is or isn't dating. The meeting was interrupted by Thirsty needing Becky. Grasshopper, what a term of endearment. Are these two a secret couple?  Thirsty adds Becky onto the Resistance team.

Lucious told Cookie he knows who can find Bella. Lucious unbelievable source is no other then his brother. Lucious lunch is prepared for his meeting. Mama Leah switched both plates on the table. Lucious became suspicious. Mama Leah went hard. She put glass in the sandwich that was meant for Tariq. I thought Mama Leah liked Tariq. Then again Mama Leah is crazy. Lol.   Tariqshows up. Can't believe Lucious askEd for his help to find Bella. I mean he does have FBI connection so he is a great person to have in this search however, Tariq hates Lucious. Will he use this moment to get close to Lucious just to stab him in the back? They do have the same bloodline. Could their souls be the same. Lucious offered to give Tariq whatever he wants for his help.

Empire 317 1.gif

Team Resistance is now Thristy, Cookie, Chicken, Marcel, Carol, Porsha, Becky, Candace and Kevin (Candace husband).  Carol is the bait to distract the security guard. Candace and Kevin will be a high roller couple. Becky will crack the safe. Porsha, Chicken and Marcel will be eyes on floor. Thirsty covered all areas. He brought in a safe for Becky to practice.


Tariq decided to help Lucious. I mean they are family and Bella is innocent in all this just as Tariq said. He brings a guy to Lucious who helped the Dubois take Bella. The guy refused to talk so Lucious and Tariq started beating the guy. In the process, Lucious realize he waited too long to have a brother by his side. Tariq admits it felt good. These brothers are wel on their way to building a relationship.

After much practice Becky finally cracked the safe. The Resistance Team is headed to Vegas. Cookie's sister get hyped up off music to help Cookie execute her planned. The plan is in full effect leading to the beginning of the episode when Cookie make a big scene.  Guiliana standing there like she really running things.  I would love a good cat fight between Giuliana and Cookie. Who would win? Charlotte don't want no bad crowd in Vegas because of Inferno or Lucious. Andre meets Charlotte and appears a little flirty. 


The plan seems to be falling together. Cookie ready to smack Giuliana for looking down on her. Kevin gets Giuliana to show him around. Carol tried to distract the guard but she failed. Cookie and Thirsty had to come up with a new plan. The guard seem to be into Becky. Becky didn't feel she could do that. Carol became the new person to crack the safe. Cookie didn't like Thirsty suggest but they have no other choice. 


After a pep talk from Candace and Cookie; Carol get Guiliana's business book out the safe. Cookie was so happy to be able to take Giuliana down. However, Cookie through shade at Carol. She was very shade. Carol, " I am the safe cracker." Cookie replied, "we know you like crack but we not getting into all that." Wow, shady shots so fired. 


Cookie took the book to Charlotte but it was a waste of time. Charlotte, the Gaming Commissioner is corrupt too. Smdh. Lucious bhad to give her a half million dollars do to Cookie. Charlotte starts talking to someone, in walks Andre. After they shake on doing business together, they share a kiss.


 Cookie thought Charlotte was her key to getting rid Giuliana. She is going to focus on Jamaal's album. Jamaal decide to postpone his album release. He going to join Inferno with Lucious. Cookie isn't feeling better that at all. Looks like everyone is turning their back on Cookie. Lucious tries to tell Cookie he is on Jamaal side. Unbelievable, Lucious defends Cookie while Jamaal and Hakeem comes at her.  


Andre tells Cookie about his meeting with Charlotte.  Charlotte wants no thugs in Vegas. Cookie likes that. She has an idea to make Vegas pop. I really think Andre is just using Cookie. Andre is more dangerous than Lucious then folks realize.

Tariq finds Bella. Before he can tell Lucious where Bella was, Mama Leah stabs Tariq in the neck with a knife. Omggggg! Now how will they know where Bella is at. Unbelievable!!!! Mama Leah crazy but she messed up big this time.  She killed Tariq. 


The finale is going to be off the chain. How will Cookie get rid of Giuliana? What is the pop she talking about? Will Andre be the OMG moment? I just can't wait until next week. Hold onto your seats. The finale is going to be a jaw dropper.  Stay tune. 



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Editors: Lattice Johnson-Hall