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Episode Rating Scale: 10 Exceptional

This episode had one jaw dropping OMG moment. I just couldn't believe it. he writers really brought the power of the pen to light this season. Enjoy this recap and review and let's discuss Power. 


Tariq is trying to escape the troubles he created for his self. He had an interview to get into the school Raina wanted to attend. While in the interview, Brains is texting Tariq. After the interview, Tariq and Ghost talk with  Kanan. Tariq asked his father is Kanan going to come after them. Ghost tells him, "I go down, he down. Guilty by association." Make sense to me however that won't stop Kanan from resurfacing. Ghost doesn't know Jukebox's death was the last thing on his mind. Angela is trying to get her life back in order. She seems to have no guilt about setting Mike up to get killed. Teresi wants to see Tommy. Tommy tells him, " the only way you are going to see me is in handcuffs." Teresi tells Tommy, " he isn't the kind of man who denies his child." Kate has proof. Apparently, if Tommy can prove he is Teresi's son, then he can visit him. That will be an interesting visit.

Dre is still on his mission to destroy Tommy' s business. The distributors dropped off their money. They joke about the troubles Tommy tried to get them into all the time. After they all leave, Cristabol and Dre discuss their plan to have all the distributors walk away from Tommy as their connection. Dre is working my last nerve. How long before all his dirty, shady moves come to light? He isn't loyal!

Angela has a meeting with US Attorney for the Eastern District. She made a good impression on her. She wants Angela help in PR work to rebuild the Agency reputation. Her first task is to attend a gala for the wrongfully accused. They are honoring James St. Patrick. Will Angela and Ghost come face to face?  On the low, she asked Angela who would be a better fit for Mike's job. The options are Mak and Saks. Angela took that opportunity to be getting promoted. She didn't say either one. She nominated herself. Unfortunately, her discovery of Mike being the mole doesn't change she was tainted at some point.... 


Tate and Ghost are doing a tv while walking the neighborhood. James tells a story about a female who got out the neighborhood and became successful. I wonder was he talking about Angela While doing the interview Ghost notice Tate interacting with a corner boy. What's that all about? He was very friendly. 

Terry drops off some of the belongings that were taken from Tarsha. Terry question Tarsha about the timing of Mike getting killed. He told Ghost and Tarsha about Mike's location. An hour later Mike is dead. Tarsha plays it off, and it looks like Terry believes her reasoning. I mean he was a Fed and in jail with people he put there. Tarsha tells Terry her plans to invest her alimony into the weave shop. She plans on divorcing Ghost. I don't see that happening. Terry is just a fling. 

Brains and his sidekick ( I don't know his name) track down Tariq. Brains questions Tariq about ignoring him. The sidekick mentioned he thought he went to the cops. Tariq tells them he isn't a snitch. He use the logic his dad gave him, "guilty by associations." They seem to believe him. Tariq then asks for his cut from the robbery. I don't think they plan on giving him a cut. He can wait on that. 


Ghost soon learn that once again, Stern has played and used him. Stern suppose to be a silent partner but not anymore. He didn't like the fact that James brought Tate into their deal. James wants to be more involved in this project. Stern makes it clear; he is just the black face. He reminds Ghost of the agreement they made to pay off the loan Tarsha took.  Stern should know he can beat Ghost in his shenanigans. How will Ghost turn this around and get what he wants from Stern? 

Tommy is at his mother's house tearing it apart. He is looking through all her stuff. He looking for proof Teresi is his father. Kate arrives home. She shocks to find Tommy there. Tommy asked Kate for his birth certificate. At first, Kate tries to stale. She even gave him the wrong birth certificate at first. Tommy is out of control at this point. He grabs his mom by the throat. He is demanding his birth certificate. Kate doesn't feel Tommy would hurt her. However, Tommy makes it clear he will. He told his mom indirectly he killed Holly.  Tommy gets what he wanted. Come to find out, Tommy was named after his father. Kate changed his name to his dad's name. Teresi was trying to take Tommy from Kate. She didn't want Teresi and his wife to have her son. Tommy doesn't care about Kate's reasoning. He takes her cocaine stash and tells Kate to stay away from him forever. I can only imagine growing up thinking your father is dead and then find out him not. Tommy back on snorting cocaine. Why? I wish they didn't take him back there.


Ray the dirty cops shows up at Brains, and his side kick hides out. I am so confused about this scene. Like, why did he care about the robbery they did. He wasn't apart of so what it has to do with him? Brains throw Tariq under the bus. So since Ray killed Brains and his sidekick; that means he is going to kill Tariq as well. Tariq troubles continue to get bigger, and no one knows.  

Cristabol and Dre set fire to Tommy's warehouse. The plan is for Tommy to have no drugs, piss everyone off by declaring war again. The set up is for Tommy to think the Jimenez cartel started the fire. Dre plan is being executed so well and thought out. Tommy has a snake by his side.  Dre has been an impact this season. I must say Rotimi has played his character very excellent. Angela meets up with Proctor. They discuss her coming to work for the defense team and with his firm. Proctor think they will make a great team. Angela knows Proctor doesn't play by the book all the time. It didn't help Proctor saying he doesn't care if the client is guilty or innocent. Angela walks away from Proctor.  Angela pretense of acting innocent kills me. She has done her share of bending the law as well. Smh.

Tommy has some explaining to do. Money received with no product returned isn't good business. Dre has truly put Tommy in a bad situation. How is he going to get out of this? Why would Father asked to be their insurance? Lmao!! Insurance in the drug game, what? Tommy has the gift of gab. He requested a moment to make it right. Cristabol was the first trying to lead the pack to walk away from Tommy. But, it didn't work. They decided to give Tommy his moment. Snorting cocaine, dealing with killing Holly and his child, Ghost getting locked up, Kanan being back and his father not being dead, Tommy plate has been on overload. He tells Dre he is going to kill the Jimenez cartel with the help of Jason. Tommy has lost his mind. He is a bad ass but he not invisible.  The sad part is, Dre knows everything Tommy is planning, so he is always two steps ahead of Tommy. 


Ghost is more clever than ever. Stern is trying to burn him on this deal. Ghost always figure it all out. He discusses the contract he has with Stern with Council man Tate. Stern about to lose again. If Stern doesn't want fraud charges for this development to end before he starts, Ghost has to be the majority owner. The development program is geared for the small black business owner. We all know Stern isn't black. Council Tate tells Ghost don't worry about it; I got you. Boom, Stern lose again to James aka Ghost.


Ray Ray shows up at Tariq school. Tariq isn't there, so Raina is questioned about his whereabouts. She knew nothing. Tariq is with his girlfriend. They make plans to meet up after his dance. He wants some syrup/drugs to take with him to the school in Connecticut. He is addicted to that crap. Keisha and Tarsha talk about their plans for the weave shops they will open. Tarsha asked Keisha why she didn't tell her about her and Tommy. Keisha breaks down. She really feels for Tommy. Poor thing. I feel sorry for Keisha. She was feeling Sean, but he wanted Tarsha. She is feeling Tommy, but he messed up in the heart and head right now. Tarsha tries to uplift, and Keisha thinks she is falling for Ghost again. Nope, she not. Raina tells Tariq about Ray Ray looking for him. I guess Tarqi needed to open up to some body. He tells his twin about some of his troubles and that Ray Ray is a dirty cop. Against better judgment, they both agree not to tell their parents. 

Tommy meets with Jason to get some more drugs. Jason doesn't want to deal with Tommy anymore, and he is not giving him drugs without no money.  Tommy tells Jason, I know your operation. Jason has no choice but to give Tommy what he wants. Jason regrets not killing him now. Tommy needs some clean money. He visits Tarsha. He tried to get her help with the money. Tarsha tells Tommy she is getting out. He thinks it's about Keisha, but it's really about Terry. Tommy is really feeling alone. Ghost out an now Tarsha out. What is he going to do? Tommy answer is to make things right with Keisha. I must say, Lala's acting has gotten better. She has stepped her acting game up. Tommy tells her he needs her help. He is trying to play on her weakness, but she stood her ground. She didn't give into Tommy.  Good for her. 


Mak visits Angela before the gala. He offers Angela a job when he becomes Mike's replacement. She nicely declined. Ghost past may come back to haunt him again. A waitress by the name of Maria has a flashback of Ghost while hearing him on TV. Uh oh, Ghost!!! Ghost might have a new problem on his hand. Tariq and Raina are getting ready for the school dance. Tommy shows up needed to talk to Ghost. He needs money from Ghost. Tommy tells Ghost the Jimenez cartel blew up his warehouse. Tommy Is so wrong for doing that too Ghost. They have a heated conversation about Teresi. Ghost wants Tommy to stay away from Teresi. Teresi knows James is Ghost and him killing Marshall. Ghost doesn't trust Teresi. I am still wondering can he be trusted myself. Tommy heads butt Ghost after he says, " It's too late for daddy issues." These two act like brothers all the way. Fight and make up. Ghost gives Tommy the money then tell him to leave. Tommy arrives at the warehouse to find Father and Dre. Everyone has walked away from Tommy thanks to Dre. The Father stayed behind to tell Tommy face to face. Dre has told them Tommy plan to go to war again. You have to give it to Dre, just like a snake; sneak up on you and attack with venom. Dre walks away with Tommy permission. Dre thinks he has won with that devilish smile. Tarsha got out the gala to spend time with Terry. This romance was a surprise but nice to see Tarsha happy for a minute.


At the gala, Stern talks with Ghost. He tells him one day he will learn who to trust. Stern Informed Ghost his contract had been changed. I don't know big Stern can be trusted, but he sure makes it sound could. Ghost see Angela arrive at the gala. He approaches her. Angela brushes him off for a minute. The new head of criminal is about to be announced.  Mak goes on stage thinking it was him but boom, it was Angela. Ghost and Angela get to say goodbye. Because of each other, the both of them is kind of in a better position in life. I am just glad this chapter, love story is over. After Angela walks away, Council Tate ask Ghost to return the favor. Council Tate introduces  Alphons as the new community liaison. I am a little confused, is he telling Ghost to give him drugs? What has Ghost gotten into with this Council Tate?

At the school, Tariq and Raina are talking about spending their first birthday apart.  The conversation is interrupted by a text to meet Destiny outside. Now, Destiny is Ray Ray cousin. Forced by Ray Ray, she gets Tariq to admit he was with Brains and the sidekick. Ray Ray also took her phone. So it's clear, she isn't  texting him. Dre and Cristabol celebrate bringing Tommy down. Dre asked Cristabol did he take care that other problem. That problem was Kanan. Too bad his plan failed. Kanan is going to get you, Dre. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

Tariq didn't see it coming. He outside yelling for Destiny. Tariq Comes face to face with Ray Ray. He knew nothing good was about happening. Tariq takes off running. Ray Ray go after Tariq and runs into Raina. Raina showed no fear, and she had some heart. Knowing he was a dirty cop, Raina defended her brother. She told Ray Ray to stay away from her brother.  I swear, I didn't see this omg moment happening. Ray pulled out his gun and shot Raina. Tariq watched as his twin sister got shot. WTF??? 


Power got me on the edge of my seat. Too bad we have to wait two weeks for the finale. Stay tune because the finale going to be bananas.   Catch up on episodes of Power on Comcast On Demand. 


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