#Power S4 Ep1: When I Get Out #FreeGhost

Season four of Power is here.  Ghost is being processed into jail. Just can't believe Angela arrested him.  She knows he didn't kill Greg. She going hard over man who hidden intentions was to take her and Ghost down.  As Ghost is being processed, he is thinking about all the warnings he was given about Angela. Tommy and Tarsha tried telling him Angela was a snake.  Tarsha is blowing up Ghost phone. Tariek has been kidnapped and she need Ghost. Ghost can't even answer her call and Angela denies him a call too.

 Good to see Keisha is alive. Tommy hid her from Mulan verses killing her. I wonder if Keisha going to be Tommy new love interest. Tarsha calls Tommy while he is with Keisha. He makes it clear to Keisha to do not tell Tarsha he hid her from Mulan. Tarsha tells Tommy about Tariq.  Tommy heads straight to Truth to question Andre. Meanwhile, Andre calls Karen to smooth over the fact Ghost was just arrested in his club. Before he can work things out with Karen, Tommy shows up. Now we all know Andre is playing both sides. I don't understand why he doesn't pick a side. But then again, maybe he did Kanan side. Tommy asked Andre about  Slim aka Kanan. Andre reminds Tommy, "you told me it was family business, so I fell back". Tommy did say that however Andre know Tariek being around Kanan is dangerous.  Looks like Kanan taking a son for son. Tariek is missing Shawn. Shawn was loyal to Ghost verses his father, Kanan. Looks like Kanan will have Tariek loyal to him verses Ghost. Andre tells Ghost he knows how to find Tariek. Tommy tried to go with Andre but once he tells Tommy that Ghost was just arrested by Angela, Tommy has to tell Tarsha.


Angela is home and looking all sad. Girl bye, you did what you wanted. So don't feel sad. Ghost called Proctor to informed him he is locked up for killing Greg. Ghost is in jail for killing a fed; the cops are going to treat him so bad. Proctor tells Ghost don't say anything to anyone. Charlie Murphy is playing a CO. This was his last role before his death.  Proctor calls Tarsha to tell her Ghost is in jail. She learns that Angela arrested him. Tarsha tells Proctor about Tariek. Proctor says Tarsha do not tell Ghost that. Tarsha gets in her feelings, but after Proctor breaks it down, she gets the point. I agree with Proctor tho; Ghost needs a clear head in jail.

Andre pays Kanan a visit. He can't believe the moves, Kanan, making with Tariq but he knows not to ask or say too much to Kanan. He tells Kanan he won't be getting any ransom money because Ghost just got arrested. Kanan gives off this big smile. He loves that news. Jukebox feels that's a good thing now they can put pressure on Tarsha. Andre tells Kanan he can get him money if that's what he wants. I can't figure Andre out. Who side is he on or is he just about his self. Hmmmmmm. Andre has to give up $50,000 a week just to get Tariek home. He agrees to it. Before he takes Tariek, Kanan yells Tariek his father was arrested, and he can't tell his mother where he was. Tariek shows loyal to Kanan by agreeing not to tell Tarsha. It looks like Tariek is headed down a path his parents didn't want for him.  


Tarsha and Tommy tried to figure out who took Tariek. Tarsha asked Tommy are you sure it's not Kanan. Tommy assures Tarsha Kanan is dead. However he isn't. Andre takes Tariek home. Tariek lie about who he was with and what he was doing. Tommy question Andre about Slim and where he find Tariek.  Andre told Tommy he text Tariek and he called back. Tommy doesn't believe Andre. He shouldn't either.  Tommy knows Andre is lying but he let it go for now.   Andre appears to have it all together but once he get on that elevator and the door close. He lets out a sign of relief he made it out of there alive.


Kanan is happy about Ghost being in jail. He tells Jukebox the story of how Ghost first night of imprisonment will be. Jukebox tells him to make sure Andre keep them payments on time. Jukebox is headed back to DC. 

Proctor tells Ghost the evidence Angela has on him. He also tells Ghost about the fingerprint. Ghost tells Proctor he was there, but he didn't kill Greg. He isn't lying about that. Proctor tells Ghost he will get him on bail. He calls Tarsha and tells her to have $2 million dollars of clean money available for bail. Tarsha goes to the bank to discover, Ghost has taken all the money and stock. Tommy takes Keisha out of hiding, but with the news of Ghost killing a cop, she doesn't feel safe. 

The cops and Angela arrive with a search warrant to search Tarsha's house. Tarsha tells Angela you know he didn't kill a cop. Angela has truly convinced herself that Ghost killed Greg. She really doesn't know Ghost. Raina arrives homes while the cops are there. She asked Angela why is she doing this. Angela has no words for Ghost daughter. Her and Ghost really don't have a Chance after this. If he retakes her, he is crazy. Tommy makes his move for his business. He has a business meeting to assure everyone Mulan is out and Ghost being arrested doesn't affect their business. It's business as usual. 


Tarsha tries to temporary dissolve the kids trust fund. Whatever she hear wasn't good news. Tarsha world is falling apart. Ghost love for Angela has caused so much damage for his family. Ghost has clean out all money for the deal with Karen. Where is Tarsha going to get his bail money from now?


Proctor talks to Angela. She feels very proud of herself. She also seems very confident that her secrets can't be exposed. I hope she goes down as well. I mean all the way down. Proctor introduced Angela to a lawyer named John. Oh yeah, we know him as Juan from the Fast and the Furious. What will he bring to Power?  

Tarsha went to see Ghost. She told him there is nothing she can put up for collateral. She mentioned the necklace she found that he brought Angela. He told Tarsha that wouldn't be enough. If I were Tarsha, I would still pawn it.  Ghost tells Tarsha to see Dean to get his money. Now Dean is Mulan and Mulan is dead. How is that going to happen? John, the lawyer, has been appointed to prosecute Ghost case. He wants Angela to help on the case but not as second or third chair. He just wants her for information. She feels John in on Ghost and Greg relationship.

Andre got more problems on his plate. Julio brings in his girlfriend to work at the nightclub. Don't know how Andre is going to explain all this to Ghost or Karen. His problem is building on all levels between Tommy not trusting him, helping Kanan and running Truths. Tarsha meets with Tommy. She learns that Ghost is trying to get the money he paid to the security fund to Mulan. Tarsha told Tommy to talk to Todd and make sure he understands this is his problem. Tommy convinces Todd to help Ghost. That saved them from explaining Mulan disappearance. Tommy gets the check from Andre. He asks him is this money clean. Andre tells him yes. Andre has become a good business man under Ghost wing. Will he run Truth by his self? Andre informs Tommy about Julio's girlfriend working at the club. Tommy tells him to do what Julio said. Andre doesn't understand why Tommy is not using him especially after helping him with Luiz. Tommy doesn't trust Andre. He proved that by asking Andre, "who is slim?" Andre lied again. 


Proctor tries to get Ghost out on bail. Tarsha is at the court hearing for support. Ghost plea "Not Guilty". Sadly the real killer is in the courthouse and his name isn't James St. Patrick aka Ghost. Proctor gives a good fight for Ghost. Ghost almost got house arrest but John argument won in the end. Regardless of no proof of anything Ghost has done, the judge use Ghost as away to prove a point about killing a federal agent isn't acceptable.  Ghost has to remain in jail. Wth?? As Angela walk pass Ghost, he tell her " you know I didn't do this." And she says, " You right Jamie. I know you didn't. " She one snake in the grass and I hope her day truly come. Her heart is broken that's what all this is about. She knows he didn't kill Greg. Why would he when it was too risky? He had plenty of times to kill Greg if he wanted to but he didn't. Angela needs a good ass whipping and I pray we get to see her and Tarsha have a cat fight this season. 


Dre meets up Kanan and makes his payment. He asks him again to stay away from Tyriek. He doesn't know if Tarsa has Tyriek watch. Dre keeps trying to reason with Kanan, but it's no reasoning with Kanan. He told Dre he would stay away from Tyriek, but he lied. Soon as Dre walked away, he texted Tyriek. Tyriek responded with "when can we link up?"

Tommy trying to conduct his business but with Ghost being in jail that may be hard. Ghost and Tommy may have parted ways, but the streets don't know that or perhaps not believe that. Tarsha arrives home, and her house is still destroyed from the police searching it. The episode ended with Ghost taking a beating from two correctional officers because they think he is a cop killer. Damn, Ghost. How is he going to stay out of trouble locked up and officers coming for him?

This season is about to be powerful and probably one of the best seasons of Power. Ghost locked up, and everything is truly falling apart in his world. How will Ghost get out jail? How will Ghost survive in jail? Questions we have to stay tuned in to get. 


Catch Power on Starz, Sunday night at 9 pm. If you missed this episode, you could watch it on Comcast On Demand.

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Editor: Lattice Johnson