The Haves and the Have Nots S4 Ep14: Mad Day * Recap & Review* #HAHN

This episode open with the police falsely arresting Benny. Benny is trying to protect his sister and to some degree his self. Sadly, Justin is there too and he know the truth but he trying to protect Jeffrey. Mitch promise to look after Hanna and tells Benny he will hit Veronica up. Benny tells Mitch not to call Veronica but then Veronica walk past. Mitch calls her over. Veronica tries to find out what is going on but the detective doesn't allow it. Benny is taken to precinct. Before Mitch and Veronica can discuss what happened, Veronica see David walk past. She agrees to meet Mitch at the station. Veronica is the best attorney but this case is conflict of interest. She doesn't like Candace. Jeffrey her son but she blackmailing him. Benny is her ex lover but Candace's brother.  She is connected to all three some way and some how. All three played apart in Quincy murder. Who will she really protect?

Veronica catches up with David. She is too funny. She tells David, "you see they just arrest my man." When did Benny become her man. Lol. She is crazy. David asking where is his son and all Veronica want to know about is Erica. David ignores Veronica. Since Veronica won't tell him where Jeffrey a is at; he asked the nurse for Melissa room number. David isn't family and he doesn't know Melissa last name; so he got no information from the nurse. Veronica repeatedly question David about Erica. He gives her no answers. David tells Veronica how she pushed Melissa to try to kill herself. He also tells Veronica he glad he left her . Yes, David!!! Veronica doesn't take the statement to well, she reminds David she knows all his dirty secrets. David makes it clear he not scared of her. But she makes it clear he should be. Funny part is they know each other dirt. The question is who is the better lair to get out of the scandals and sticky situation; if both of their dirt ever comes out. 


Jim arrive at the hospital howling at David and Veronica. He over hear David telling her, " he knows her like a wolf". Veronica can't stand Jim. Jim question Veronica about if they are still on good terms. Before she answers she makes it clear what Jim is talking about. It in the public where anyone can hear. She asked Jim are you talking about Katheryn killing the DA Jennifer Sallison. Wow, anyone could have heard her.  With more to throw in Jim's face. She let him know Wyatt was in the hospital. Veronica is so untrustworthy, Jim doesn't believe her. He asked the nurse was Wyatt Cryer admitted in the house. Jim is upset so he yelling at the nurse. I guess he doesn't like Veronica knowing anything about his son. I don't blame him. She did set Wyatt up to be raped in prison.  That why I don't understand why she mad at Katheryn. How can you do that to your friend? But who is Veronica truly a friend to. Everything is about her.


Jeffrey visit with Melissa. He tries to be nice and be there for Melissa. But Melissa is mourning her father and healing from a suicide attitude. We learn a little more about Melissa. She was close to her, and he did. It seems like Melissa, and her mother isn't clothes. Even though Jeffrey is sincere with trying to help Melissa, she yells at him to leave. After awhile, Melissa tried being nice Jeffrey. She has apologized to him so many times. She told him so many times, and she does what she has to do for her father. Jeffrey still wasn't nice to her until now. Now, she has lost the one person who lived her. 

Katheryn is taking care of Hanna. She tried to get Hanna to take a shower, but Hanna doesn't want to. For the first time, Hanna isn't in shock so much. Katheryn tells her to look at her hands. She sees all the blood on her hands. She starts crying again. Katheryn do her best to help hurt friend through her lost. She gives Hanna a pill that will help her sleep and relax her. Hanna finally washes her hands. As the blood leaves her hands, Hanna looks like her faith is entirely shattered right now. But when will Candace find out her son is dead. How many more episodes we have watched before she gets that news? Jeffrey visits Wyatt. Wyatt is going cold turkey. He is really in pain going cold turkey.  He doesn't want to be alone going through this. He is cold, so Jeffrey goes to get him some blankets. When he left out of Wyatt's room, he sees Justin. Justin is still at the hospital trying to gather witnesses. Once he sees Jeffrey, he goes stake out at Wyatt's room door.  Justin is very jealous and has a mean streak. Can he actually handle Jeffrey and Wyatt being friends? Jeffery may be in love with Wyatt, but he knows they will never be more than friends. Justin wants to talk to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey blows him off. Wyatt doesn't care too much for Justin. He thinks he is crazy. Wyatt thanks Jeffrey for being there for him. He acknowledges that Jeffrey is the only friend he has. He begs for Jeffrey not to leave him. Jeffrey promises to be there for Wyatt.  Wyatt admits he was scared when he OD, which explains why he doesn't want to be alone. 


Oscar pays Candace a visit in the room he paying for. He needs an answer from Candace to help him with Charles. He bait her in with a bag full of money. Candace doesn't want to be first lady and he she doesn't want to hurt Charles campaign. Oscar trying to get Candace to see the bigger picture if she help him. Candace not trying to help him. Oscar double crossed Candace and took her money. All she want from him , is her money. Oscsr tries to take the money but Candace refuse to give it him.  She starts screaming for help. However she got smacked in the face. The bag was  full of only a few hundred dollars not $250,000. Oscar played her well. 


Jeffrey and Anna talk about how Wyatt treatment is going. Anna tells Jeffrey Wyatt really loves him. Jeffrey makes it clear Wyatt isn't gay.  Anna say he doesn't have to be gay to love you, however feel down Jeffrey wish he was gay. Jeffrey leaves even though he promised to stay. He wants Wyatt to be able to recover and stand on his own two feet. He doesn't want to become Wyatt new drug. Once, Jeffrey leaves out the room Justin is standing there waiting. Jeffrey is still mad at Justin about the jealous fight at Wyatt's apartment. He has the right to be mad because that rookie could have killed him and Wyatt. Justin apologize but Jeffrey is still acting hard. I wonder is that because Justin is in the closet gay and Jeffrey is out the closet gay.  They have falling in love but the circumstances is very difficult. Justin is gay.  Justin and Jeffrey went into the stairwell to talk. Justin makes sure there was no cameras in the stairwell. Justin and Jeffrey discuss what happened with Justin jealousy. Jeffrey makes it clear he can see who he want because they are not together. Justin tells Jeffrey don't say that. Jeffrey points out that Justin has a temper. Justin repeatedly say he is trying. Justin explains how all this is new for him. He explains how he has a wife but he likes being with him. Jeffrey drops the bomb about marrying Melissa. I thought Justin already knew about Melissa. I guess Jeffrey and Justin do more sexing then talking. Justin wants to know about Melissa but Jeffrey really just want to get away from Justin.  Jeffrey gets Justin to let him leave but not before they share a kiss. Once Jeffrey is gone, Justin sits on the stairs. Looks like their conversation wasn't bad private as they thought. Veronica comes up the steps and say so you married to Justin. Boom, more ammunition for Veronica. 


If you missed this episode, catch it on Comcast On Demand. Stay tuned as the build up destruction unfolds for everyone. 


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Editor: Lattice Johnson