#TheHave&TheHaveNots S4 Ep16: Railroad Recap & Review #HAHN

Episode Rating Scale: (8) Enjoyable

I don't know about anyone else but I am still waiting for the big bomb to drop in Candace's world. This episode got close to it but didn't blow up. However, seeing the other side of Charles was interesting. It was even great to see Candace in shock by his viciousness. Let's recap & review about the rich and the poor. 


Oscar got Candace in way above her head. Charles proved he can play the same game she plays but better. For five years, Charles and his family was being watch. Why they don't want Charles to be the President?  Candace please with Charles to not have her arrested. Apparently, another female was hired to stop his success but she got caught and now serving life in jail. Charles a bad man. Lol. Candace gets handcuffed. He tells her every move she made the night they first met. Could Candace really like Charles or is she lying. She gave a great story about liking him and it worked. Charles told them to uncuff her. Looks like maybe Charles like Candace. He tells the Secret Service to leave them alone. They agree to start over. Candace soon learn, she can't lie to Charles under any circumstances. He knew all about Candace and her life as well as lifestyle. He tries to have sex but Candace say she isn't in the mood. Charles seem to have Candace figured out. He also has shown her who has the power between them both. Just has this moment was getting good between Charles and Candace; they get interrupted by Landon. Landon is shocked to see Charles with Landon. He tried to get Charles away from her but Charles shut him down. Funny, Landon trying to get Charles to make an appearance and speak to a grandmother that lost her grandson in a shoot out. Charles said he isn't taking advantage of a grandmother's grief for vote. Candace lay enjoying the power Charles has in shutting Landon idea down. Little fo they all know, that grandmother is Hanna,Candace's mother and the grandson is Candace's son. Charles gets rid of Landon. Seems like he not done with Candace just yet. They make plans to see each other later. 


Veronica visit Melissa in the hospital. Veronica makes it clear she doesn't care nothing about her. She only care about her grandchild. She asked Melissa do she want to die. Melissa said yes. Melissa father died and she want to be with him. Veronica smacks Melissa in her face. I thought Melissa has found some courage when she told her to stop. Veronica slaps her again. She makes it clear she doesn't want to die. Lawd, Veronica is so crazy. She has no heart, I swear she doesn't. She told that girl she will throw her off a roof if she tries to kill herself again. See be careful what you get yourself into. I know Melissa is regretting all of this. Hanna is planning Baby Q's funeral with the help of Katheryn.  Katheryn has agreed to help pay for his funeral. As Katheryn walks the planner out, Hanna calls Benny. Mitch answered the phone and tried to cover for Benny. Katheryn takes the phone and Mitch tells Katheryn he is in jail. Mitch and Katheryn agree to not tell Hanna. Katheryn tells Mitch she going to make some calls. When she gets off the phone, Hanna grabs her purse to leave. She knows something is wrong and Mitch isn't telling her. Katheryn can't hold water and gave it in less then 5 secs. Lol. Hanna pushed and raised her voice just a little and boom Katheryn told it all. Now Hanna has to worry about War killing her daughter, burying her grandson and her son in jail. Wow, Hanna has alot on her plate.

Wyatt wakes up. Anna tells him he did good. Wyatt is being discharged from the hospital. As he gets dress, Anna leaves out to go get the car. Jim shows up to see Wyatt. Wyatt tells him he doesn't want to see him. Jim asked Wyatt if he is afraid of him. Jim wanted to hug Wyatt but Wyatt backed away. Wyatt reminds Jim of everything he had done to him. Wyatt tells Jim to forget about him. Jim tells him he loves him. Wyatt laugh at him. Wyatt thinks all this is to keep him from testifying. He tells him, I am still testifying. Jim tries to convince Wyatt to turn his inheritance back over to them. Wyatt tells him no. Wyatt tells Jim he doesn't want to see him or Katheryn again. He makes it clear he will testify. After Wyatt leaves out the hospital room, Jim calls Oscar. He wants to know the process he making of getting Wyatt's money back. Oscar tells Jim he is good at what he do, trust him. Looks Anna about to become a part of Oscar's plan to get Wyatt's money. Oscar hangs up on Jim just as Anna walks up. Oscar introduce himself to her. What does he have up his sleeve?

Veronica visit Benny. Benny tells Veronica all about the secret service. Veronica doesn't know what Benny is talking about. None of his paper work say anything about the secret service. Benny doesn't know why he is still at the jail. Veronica tells him he is being charged with murder. Veronica tells him he is being railroaded. She asked who could be doing this to him.  Benny think it's Veronica pulling these strings. He said I know I put it on you but this crazy. Lmao. Veronica tells him she has nothing to do with this. So Benny start thinking it's David. Little do he know, it's Candace again. Veronica agreed to get Benny out of jail. Looks like Benny and Veronica has  unfinished business. Benny needs to get out of jail. He has to help Hanna with funeral arrangements. He also has to get out before Hanna find out. We all know Hanna already knows. Amazing how everyone is caught up in Candace's web of evil deeds. Smh. Justin follows Jeffrey to his hotel room. Just as Jeffrey gets off the phone with Anna, Justin knock on the door. Jeffrey can't believe Justin followed him. He tells him he need to talk to him. He tells him his mother is threatening to tell his wife about them. He ask Jeffrey will she tell her. Jeffrey tells him yes. Justin had fallen for Jeffrey. Regardless of Veronica's threat, Justin refuse to stay away from Jeffrey. Jeffrey is still upset with Justin about the attack and being shot at by back up. Justin is trying to keep his cool but Jeffrey's rejection isn'twhat he want.  David and Erica meet up. David is happy about that because he thought he blew his chances with Erica. Erica tells him she can't deal with a crazy ex wife. Boom, Veronica shows up and have a sit at the table. She tells her you have no idea. Man, Erica you don't want to play with Veronica. Maggie Day learned the hard way and it caused her to die. 


The Have and the Have Nots is rebuilding these plots heavier an heavier. The rich and the poor is all in the mix of each other's life. Some leaning on each other and the others ready to kill each other. Don't know how many more episodes we have to watch before Candace find out her son is dead. Now, Hanna and Candace blaming one another is going to be an epic episode. The fire between them just got turned up to a new level. Stay tune and keep your seats close, the moment we all is waiting for is coming soon.  

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Editor: Lattice Johnson