The Haves and the Have Nots S4 Ep17: Elevator Seven * Recap & Review* #HAHN #TheHaveAndTheHaveNots

Episode Rating Scale: (8) Enjoyable

I don't know if Erica can hold a candle to Veronica, but she acted as she could. I would have loved to see that cat fight go down. May the best woman win. Lol. Let's talk about the rich and the poor. 

David seats across from his new woman and his wife. Veronica ain't feeling Erica. She calls Erica a child. She Erica goes back under her mother breast. Lmao. Veronica something else. Erica fired back Veronica. David doesn't want a scene because it's clear one was about to go down. He tells Erica to let's go. David and Erica head to the elevator, but Veronica is right behind them. David knows he just can't walk away from Veronica. This divorce is truly going to get ugly.  


Veronica stops the elevator. David tells her to move and Veronica said she not moving. Erica tell David to stay calm. Erica tells Veronica to move. The ladies go back and forth. David tells Erica just let him to talk to her. Veronica admits she want to make his life hell. She tells David he is embarrassing her. David reminds her she had the affair with Benjamin Young. Veronica said she still is but in the same breathe say she not ready to let him go. Since Veronica didn't want to move, Erica pushed her buttons. She started caressing on David. Before you know it, Veronica was snatching her hair. David caught in the of these two women. He trying to keep them apart; they trying to kill each other. It would have been great to see them have their cat fight. Let's see what Erica working with. I mean War is her man, did he teach her a little something something. David finally separate them enough hit the button. As he telling the security they stuck in the elevator, Veronica decides to act like she is being assault. Once the door open, Erica and David get away from. Security asked Veronica should he call the police. The Veronica said little too late for that. 


Landon is giving Charles a hard way to go. He is correcting his speech and being a little bossy. Charles picks up on it and ask him what's his problem. Landon said he rather talk about it in private. Charles ask everyone to leave the room. Landon tries to tell Charles all about Candace skeletons. Charles tells Landon to clean Candace image. Landon should have been telling him why he doesn't like Candace. Now he has the duty of cleaning her image and being around her. Charles doesn't seem to like Landon. Every bit of advice Landon gave, Charles discredited it. Charles no Candace is no good but he likes her. Can Charles be the one to change Candace? He orders Landon to go clean up Candace image. Landon can't believe he is serious. He leaves out of Charles room to go do as he was told, but he doesn't listen. He calls the police and give them a tip on Candace's where about. Landon just messed up with that move. I wonder how Charles going to handle him when he find that out.


Wyatt is home recovering. Anna is there by his side. She admits to being an addict herself for 10 years. She explained why she was on drugs and why she got off. Seems like her and Wyatt story is similar. Anna shares her story with Wyatt. Hopefully her story will inspire him to stay clean and get his life together.

Mama Rose calls Jim. She is still looking for War. She not happy about him not being found yet. Jim asked Mama Rose for a favor. She is tired of Jim and his favors. They have had each other back but War made a mistake shooting at her grandson. Jim made a mistake by trying to protect War from Mama Rose. Even though Jim is really trying to find War, but it's not to turn him over to  Mama Rose. Since Jim can't give her what she want, Mama Rose decides Jim need to know how pissed off she really is. Jim has dropped the ball and pissed the wrong person off? What does Mama Rose plan to do?

Hanna arrive at the police station. She trying to get information on Benny. The front desk clerk tells her she can't tell her nothing. Hanna ask for Officer Justin. Justin comes out. Hanna finds out that Benny is going to be charged for murder. She asked Officer Justin can she see him. He tells her no and that Benny is being questioned by the secret service. Hanna calls Katheryn. Hanna share her bad news with Katheryn. Katheryn tells Hanna to he calm, she is on her way. This friendship has truly blossomed. Benny still don't know what's going on. Why he being held? He asked the agent can he call his mom. The agent told Benny about Hanna being at the station. Benny asked to use the agent phone but he said no at first. But then he allowed him to call his mom. Hanna didn't answer so he called Mitch. He told Mitch to come get Hanna. Mitch agreed but first he has to see what Mama Rose about to do. He know something about to happen. However he told Benny he will be there. 


Candace calls Erica. Erica sneaks in the bathroom to talk to her. David is in the bed sleep plus he doesn't know Erica and Candace are friends. Candace wants a Erica to get a burner phone. She tries to find out where Candace is at but Candace is keep close lip. Candace ask where is David. Erica said I put him to sleep. Nastyyyyyy. I mean the last time they was having sex, it was interrupted. After getting off the phone with Candace; Erica checks on David and text someone. It's probably War. I still don't understand that connection.  Wyatt flirts with Anna. He getting cabin fever and craving for drugs. Anna tells him they will never be more or nothing. She tells him to find a substitute for when he feel the urge to get high. She asked Wyatt why he want to get clean now. He tells her about him ODing. She can relate to that to. Anna has alot in common when Wyatt seems like. We also don't know what happened with that conversation with Anna and Oscar either. Landon is at the bar drinking. He is feeling some kind of way about his talk with Charles earlier. Jeffrey shows up and Landon is happy to see him. Landon immediately start making sexual advances at Jeffrey. Even though Jeffrey isn't into Landon, it doesn't stop him from talking sexual towards Jeffrey. Landon starts opening about up about how Jeffrey was the best he ever had. Jeffrey isn't trying to go there with Landon so he decides to leave the bar. Landon follow Jeffrey. He basically all over Jeffrey. On the elevator, in the hallway and as Jeffrey open his hotel door, Landon is making his sexual moves. When Jeffrey open his door,  Officer Justin is in the bed naked. 

 We see the white van pull up and Jim life just got turned upside down. You see a body thrown out the van to the ground. There was an not that's read, Jennifer Sallison, Cryer victim. Mama Rose just showed how pissed she is. She done set it off. How will Jim, David, Veronica and Katheryn clear this one up. Stay tuned. The Have and the Have Not just raised the bar. 

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