#Empire S4 Ep3 Evil Manners * Recap & Review*

Episode Rating Scale: (8 ) Enjoyable


This season hasn't given me the excitement of previous seasons. But that okay, I am done watching feeling. It's that enjoyable feeling. Like, it's nice to see Lucious caring about his family. Especially the moments he has been having with Jamaal. Now isn't the time for his memory to be gone. The biggest enemy the Lyons Family has just got information that will impact them heavy. Let's recap this episode.


Lucious is still trying to get his self together. Cookie, Jamaal, Dre, Hakeem, and Bella came to visit. It looks like Mama Leah words affected him. He wants to know why he was called a monster. Lucious asked his family to tell him the horrible things he has done to each of them. Cookie refuses to do that. But I don't understand why. She wants him to get his memory back, and maybe something will trigger it. In previous episodes hearing about himself triggered something. Hakeem told him he punched him in the face. He then tried to get Jamaal say to him about the trash can story. Cookie put an end to all that. Can't help but I wonder if Cookie wants the old Lucious back or is Dwight growing on her. Funny how no one knew Dwight was his real name. Now he prefers to be called Dwight vs. Lucious. Again, Lucious asked Cookie where she been for 17 years. Cookie refuse to answer, but she has a flashback moment of her first night there. That guard had mad jokes, and at first, I thought he was helpful. As usual, Cookie walks out without giving Lucious answers. 


Ms. Dubois have a meeting with her entourage. Revenge is the only thing she is eating since Angelo's career has been destroyed. Funny, to me he destroyed his career. He is the one who aired out his dirty scandals. Now, Warren is winning Jamaal over but what Miss Thang think she is going to do with Dre. She is not even Dre type. Angelo has turned to drinking. The powerful, confident man we saw last season is not there. As they reference the Lyons as The Wizard of Oz characters, Angelo sit drunk and making jokes. His mother reminds him why they have to do this in the first place. She pissed at him too for falling for Cookie. As Ms. Dubois stated, "You let this trash in our lives." Ms. Dubois did warn Cookie what would happen if she hurt her son. But she is genuinely sleeping on Cookie. Cookie has so much on her plate; she doesn't realize her storm is brewing. She wants Dre brains broken, but she doesn't realize he is crazy on his own. She wants Jamaal's heart destroyed. It's no telling what she wants from Hakeem. She just wants the Lyon clan buried in the grave. 

Cookie has her photo shoot for Empire. But she really can't focus. She has another flashback of her prison days. Andre interrupts the photo shoot. Empire needs funding for the 20/20 project. As always, Dre finds the money. Jamaal spends time with Lucious. He plays Chasing the Sky melody for Lucious. Lucious is intrigued and asked Jamaal to take him to the studio. Thirsty lets Jamaal and Lucious in a secret entry. Thirsty seems to be hoping Lucious was faking memory lost. He asked Lucious, "you really don't remember boss." Funny how Lucious doesn't like Thirsty way of dressing but who does. Lol. 

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Cookie is having her meeting about the  20/20 project. Now, Empire does not have that many artists so I want to see how she pulls this off. Shine interrupts the meeting. Shine is apart of the board, but somehow Cookie didn't invite him to the meeting. I mean Shine, Cookie and Lucious are frienemies. I would love to see them back at being friends. Them three together would be dangerous venom. Shine not happy about his (1) album expectations. Cookie walks out of the meeting. Again, her mind is polluted about being in jail. While in her office, Shine comes in. He wants (10) albums. Shine and Cookie negotiate his album deals. He settles for (5) albums. Shine said he like working with Cookie vs. Lucious. I wonder did he mean that. Hmmmmmm.


Dre isn't off the hook yet. Vegas still hasn't cleared him as a suspect. Dre is pinning this murder attempt on Guiliana, but it wasn't. Thirsty tell him he is on it, but Thirsty doesn't know the full story. He doesn't know that it was Shine and Dre trying to kill Lucious. Using Guiliana is a good move tho. She does have motives.  Dre visits the detective working on his case. Seems like she is turned on by Dre. But is she? Is she trying to solve a case or is she a Dubois too? She is really into Dre. She was even turned on by his sudden appearance outside her job.  But where is Nessa? Why is Dre different to me this year? Could it be all the losses he has to face lately? Could it be guilt about Lucious condition? Could it be, he had it all but destroyed it? Dre just doesn't seem like Dre to me; or is it the meds?


Cookie and Dre arrive at the bank. Instead of the banker they were scheduled to see, they get another banker. Is this a good or bad thing for the Lyons? Turns out to be a bad thing. Empire was denied the line of credit. Dre was shocked. The reason was they are using caution in the entertainment business. However, Cookie saw through the bull crap. She also called him on it, but she handled it classy but with a taste of ratchetness. 

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Back at Empire, Jamaal shows Lucious around. Lucious can't believe all this is his empire.  You see a tender moment between  Lucious and Jamaal. You even see a little smiling. That's  a good moment. They end up in the studio and Jamaal gets a call that Warren is here to see him. The family is keeping Lucious condition within the family, so Warren surprise visit he doesn't need right now. Jamaal brushes Warren off before he could meet Lucious. Back in the studio Jamaal plays Chasing the Sky melody again. Lucious doesn't feel connected to the music or the studio. Instead, Lucious and Jamaal sit and talk. But the talk was interrupted by Shine. Lucious calls Shine by his full name, Moonshine. Lmao. Really? Moonshine? Lmao. Lucious seems to think him, and Shine is friends. Shine shares a little of their history, but Lucious is confused. Shine plays a remix beat of a beat Lucious stole from him. While listening, Lucious begin to see some images of who he was and runs out. Shine tries to find out what is wrong with him but Jamaal snatches his arms out of Shine grips. He runs after his father. Why is Lucious so afraid of these images of his life?  Does he really not want to remember the kind of man he was before the bombing?


Dre walks into his office and finds Ms. Detective in his office. He wasn't happy to see her. She questions him about being a scary guy being that he stated: " Lucious was a scary guy." Again, she was flirting with Dre. What is she up to this time? What does she want from Dre honestly? 

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Back at the mansion, Lucious explains the look he saw in Shine eyes to Jamaal. He knows Shine is a violent man and he felt that Shine was looking for that part of him. Lucious doesn't remember how violent, manipulative and devious his was. However, I think he knows he was. He seeks answers, but everyone is trying to protect him from the truth of his life and the person he was. He asked Jamaal was he a violent man like Shine. What he wanted to know was his music dark. I feel if he asking then tell him. They can deliver the truth gently but honestly. Only answer what he asks. He can't get his memory back with unanswered questions. Lucious wasn't gentle when Jamaal was going through his stage fright after being shot. Am I just saying? Btw, where is Freda anyway? 

Lucious knows his family is trying to protect him, but he feels they trying to protect him from him. Honestly, they are. Dwight and Lucious are two different people. Dwight has a soul. He is caring, loving, considerate and thoughtful. Lucious is cold-hearted, heartless, devilish and a monster. Could Dwight handle that truth? Well, Jamaal caved. He told Lucious about him putting him in a trash can for dressing like a woman. Jamaal tried to make it easy to hear and justify Lucious actions, but Dwight was remorseful for Lucious. He apologized to Jamaal for not accepting him for who he was. I like that Jamaal was honest with him. This was a good moment. A tender moment. I kind of like Lucious is making amends for all he has done, but then it doesn't mean anything if he gets his memory back. If he becomes the man he was again, then his amends doesn't mean nothing.   

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Cookie attends to the Ladies in a Business shooting. Hakeem is working on his music while Tiana plays with Bella. Anika shows up to see Bella. Anika is talking about taking Bella with her, but Hakeem said she is not taking her. Bella isn't used to Anika. She runs back to Tiana. Anika makes it clear to Hakeem, she is still Bella's mother. Bella can't remember, but he better not forgets. I know that's right Anika. She won't be letting Hakeem and Tiana play house with her daughter. Lol. 


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Back at this Ladies in Business shooting. Ms. Dubois is there. She is talking about Cookie to the other ladies. Cookie approaches her and tells her to say what she has to say to her.  Ms. Dubois reminder of who she is brings on another flashback of Cookie in jail. This flashback shows the ladies in jail supporting one another, being there for each other and helping each other out. It doesn't portray the image of jail as we normally see. I really liked that. But that moment, that memory gave Cookie the heart to face the bougie women with class. She opens up about the day she just had. She explains her being denied a line of credit even though everything was legit. She was a bigger person with Ms. Dubois. She asked to put the bad blood behind them. However, Cookie doesn't realize Ms. Dubois has her family heads waiting for platters. She isn't letting anything go. After Cookie speech, she walks off. One of the ladies step up and say she understands. She also gave Cookie 10 million dollars. Doors open wider for Cookie as the other ladies offered money as well. Girl power works sometimes, but Ms. Dubois is the fakest. She gives Cookie a complaint. She then says it's time to put the hostility behind them. She grabs Cookie's hand as the photographer takes pictures. We all know she is lying and faking. Cookie better not believe her because she isn't sincere at all.  


And we learn the truth. Cookie was right. Ms. Dubois gets in her car and who is inside. The banker who denied Empire line of credit. Wow!! Ms. Dubois ties run deep. Hakeem is in the studio recording his new track Shut Up. Andre gives Ms. Detective a strip show. Like is she stalking Andre? Warren turns up his game with Jamaal. He plays on Jamaal's daddy issues. I don't know if his story was true about his daddy issues, but he is playing it out. And OMG, Jamaal trust him with the most prominent family secret. Jamaal just gave the enemy the ammunition Ms. Dubois needs to take the Lyon family down. 


Cookie comes home to find Lucious painting. She takes this moment to tell Lucious the truth. She tells Lucious she was in jail for 17 years and it was because of him. Lucious tells her he wants to know everything. He wants to know the why and the how it's because of him. Will that be the moment Lucious get his memory back? Will Cookie finally get her overdue apology from Lucious? Will Lucious and Cookie rekindle their love and friendship on such a deeper level than how it was before? Could this be their second chance under better circumstances? Stay tuned in to see if we get the answers to these questions. 


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