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 Yasss! I finally got super excited watching Empire. The turn up got real this episode. The thing I love most about this episode; every character had their shining moment. But, of course, Lucious memory returning was the OMG moment. The way Lucious memory returned was beautiful to watch, let's Recap time!

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This 20/20 project has to be successful. Empire has no room for errors. Unfortunately, Anika has a Lyon in a roar at the wrong time. Hakeem has stepped up to the plate and matured for his daughter. Anika seeking sole custody is a bold move. She judges the Lyons Clan as if her hands aren't dirty. Lucious gave her $25 million for her troubles. Why is she bringing fire for no reason? Mama Leah did an awesome job setting her up for murder; however, no one knew she did that. Anika blackmailed Cookie to get her out of jail.  You come home, get jealous of Tiana being mommy to your daughter and file for custody. The dumbest thing she can do. Hakeem, Thirsty, Tiana and Cookie is discussing the family history with Anika to Hakeem's lawyer. I guess conflict of interest prohibits Thirsty from being his lawyer. So here comes Skip, a new lawyer. Porsha calls Cookie and tells her to turn on TMZ. The Dubois strike again. The story of Lucious condition has hit the news.  How will Cookie clean this up? 

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Andre is playing with fire sleeping with this detective. Her motives are not clear. Is she undercover or is she feeling Andre? Andre better watch out. She wants a confession from pillow talk. Why else is she sleeping with a suspect?

Claudia has fallen for Lucious. Lucious still saying he doesn't want to remember. Lucious tells Claudia the only thing about Lucious he wants; is his music. In walks Cookie. She tells Lucious they can't hide it or put it off anymore. The board is up to her ass about the recent news media. Cookie drags Lucious to Empire. At Empire, Lucious and Cookie have a meeting with the board. Lucious seemed like his self. However, the press is all over the Empire building wanting answers. Cookie comes up with a plan to have them follow Lucious for 48 hours. That idea is extremely risky, but Lucious can pull it off. At least he gave that impression. Claudia is no help in this matter because she refuses to lie about his condition. How will this end for Empire? 


Jamaal is sleeping with the enemy. He truly trusts Warren, but Warren is a Dubois. As Jamaal cancel breakfast plans, he explains he has to be there for his family. Little does he know; Warren created this problem. Warren sits there like he so innocent. Warren and Jamaal were about to part ways; then they run into Angelo. Angelo gives Jamaal a subpoena to appear at Bella's custody hearing. Warren jumps in to defend Jamaal. Angelo throw shades Warren way. He asked Jamaal has he thought about who leaked Lucious condition to the press. The sign of guilty read all over Warren's face. Angelo walked away but not before taking another shot at Warren. He tells Jamaal, " this one looks thirsty." Preferring to Warren. Lmao. Angelo is something else. His love for his career must have been deeper than his love for Cookie. Why else would he be okay trying to destroy her family and bring an innocent baby in this drama? Jamaal paid Angelo no attention and suggested to Warren to do the same.

Back at Empire, Claudia tells Cookie this 48 hours following Lucious is risky. Claudia calls Lucious, Dwight, which is shocking to Becky. Becky has to walk around with Lucious and help him get through the press. Becky doesn't have faith she can help him pull this off. But, Lucious, Cookie, and Andre believe she can. Claudia tells Cookie she will stay by his side this time. Cookie doesn't care about anything at the moment but pulling off her plan. Will this blow up in her face? Or will Cookie's plan be successful? Thirsty drops more info to Skip about the family history with Anika and the Dubois. He informs Skip that Angelo, Anika's lawyer once dated Cookie. Skip asked Hakeem is there anything else he needs to know about the family history between the two families. Hakeem lies and says that's it. He left out a lot if you ask me. We still don't know what Diana had Hakeem doing against his family. I guess the court hearing will reveal all that.

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The press has arrived. The press, Porsha and Cookie walks into Veronica's studio session. As Veronica's sings, Lucious sees a ray of yellow around her. He sees it as a door opener and give Veronica some musical advice. For a minute there, he seemed like his old self.

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Andre meets with the detective. Andre thinks it's for sex, but she mentioned Shine. She tells Andre they met with Shine and he threw shade his way. She also tells him, they know Shine was at the garage by Lucious car. Now she wants to talk about Lucious case when she didn't know at first. She just can't be trusted. Andre needs to walk away and stay away from her. She seems to know Andre blew his father up and Shine helped. How can Andre continue to keep this secret? The Lyons secret always comes out and always at the wrong time. When will Andre's secret be exposed? Please don't say the custody hearing. Enough secrets will be revealed that day. Too bad, one side is just as dirty as the other. The press arrives at Jamaal's studio session, but he isn't ready. A female reporter asked Lucious does he stand behind the lyrics of the song Jamaal will be singing.  Lucious makes it clear; he stands behind all his music. Jamaal asked them to come back. Becky suggests they visit Shine. Claudia doesn't seem to know her place. She suggested they put off seeing Shine. Which makes the press think they are hiding something because of the tension. However, Shine's music triggers bad memories for Lucious. May not be a good idea after all.  Cookie tells Shine not to play her as he did in the boardroom. Becky reminds Lucious that he calls him by Shine not Moonshine. Lucious tells Shine to play what he has for him. Since Shine knows Lucious isn't himself, he plays the grimiest beat he got. Lucious begin to see Shine circled in crimson red. Claudia sees his discomfort and talks him through it. Without having a flashback and severe outbreak, Lucious say, "Turn the music off." Shine didn't succeed in shaking Lucious up in front of the press.


Lucious take off after the session with Shine. I guess it was too much for him. He tells Cookie, he knows what he is doing and has to get his people. He takes off with Claudia following him. Cookie tells the press this is all off the record. The press is giving a break. Who is Lucious going to get? What help is he reaching out to be that he has no memory? Interesting!! 


The press is still waiting. Lucious hasn't returned yet. Cookie is trusting Claudia to bring him back. Andre and Thirsty inform Cookie of the board's latest message. If the album doesn't drop as scheduled and Empire takes another hit in the press, Cookie will be asked to step down. Amazing how someone else money detects your actions of a company you started. Feels like Empire belongs to the board, not Cookie and Lucious. Cookie needs Lucious to be Lucious right now, but unfortunately, she doesn't have him. At least not who he used to be. She finally gives the okay to Andre and Thirsty to send the press home.  But before that happens, Lucious walks in with Eddie played by Forrest Whitaker. Cookie's acts like she knew Lucious plan by telling the press, "I told you Lucious was pulling together some incredible producers to finish the album." Cookie is always on top of her toes even when she is in the blind. Lol. The next studio session is with Tiana and Hakeem. Hakeem is MIA. So the session starts without him. Eddie and Lucious clown Cookie about loving this song. Hate the Game is a song Cookie produce.  Lucious starts to see colors again. Eddie notices his discomfort and pats his shoulder. He guides him back into the music. Lucious say out loud, y'all don't understand what happens when I hear the music. Seeing what he see is very beautiful. I admit to that.

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Warren pays Angelo a visit. Funny how Angelo calls Warren a prostitute. He trying to help revenge the family for him. But they seem to hate each other. Angelo tells Warren he suppose to be pretending to fall in love but looks like he is in love. Like a punk, Angelo threatens to tell his mother. Warren doesn't seem too bothered by his threat. He tells Angelo," ain't nobody scared of your mama but your bitch ass." Oooooooouuuuuuu, feisty. Could there be some truth in Angelo's words? Has Warren falling for a Lyon's roar? Lol.  Warren calls Angelo a mama's boy. Looks like Warren has some hidden anger build up towards Diana. Seems like he feels she has the family messed up. What's the story there? Their conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door. Hakeem shows up to see Diana. Angelo provokes him enough to make Hakeem angry. In that anger, he hits Angelo. Hakeem just gave Angelo more leverage against him in court. Neither one of them has lived a suitable, healthy life to raise a child. I mean Anika is a double murderer. She killed an unborn child then later killed the mother. She isn't innocent.  Sadly, I pray this blows up in Anika's face. Never go against a Lyon. She hasn't learned that yet. Bring Mama Leah home to deal with Anika. Lol. I hope they air her dirty laundry like she about to air theirs. But I have a feeling, Anika or Hakeem will end up with custody of Bella. Diana will end up getting Bella. Interesting!!


The detective got Andre on fire. He approached Shine about talking to the police. Now, in Andre defense; he did try to call the bombing off. Shine acted on his own if you asked me. However, if Shine goes down so does Andre. I guess enough was enough for Andre. He told Shine to go ahead and tell his family what they did. Has the guilt eaten at Andre enough? Or, has Andre decided to embrace his family? He seemed to be envious of his brothers, but without Andre, business savvy Empire would be lost. I wish he would see just how much he is apart of his family and Empire. 

Hakeem refuse to lose his daughter or let Diana retake her. With the help of his friends, he has passports, money and a jet. He is about to run with Bella, but he wants Tiana to come along too. She said she is going to meet him at the airport. But the look on her face said differently.  


Eddie and Lucious is back listening to Veronica. Eddie reminds Lucious of when he wrote the song and building this Empire to show Cookie how much he loved her. As Veronica sings, rays of color reflect in Lucious eyesight. 


Lucious takes a break. He meets with Claudia. He asked her why does he see colors when he hears the music. She said it's called Sinestesia. She has paint and a canvas waiting for Lucious. She plays one of his songs and tells him to tell her what color he sees. As the music play, Lucious begins to paint. He paints all the colors he sees. He so in a zone. Cookie walked in and asked, "what's going on." Lucious is no longer painting on a canvas. He is painting on the glass of Empire's boardroom. Claudia explains to Cookie, Lucious has Sinestesia. He sees colors when listening to music. She tells Cookie he's listening to music in his head. There is no music playing. Cookie calls his name, but Lucious doesn't respond. Cookie has seen this side of him, plenty of times before. She has seen him completely zoned out. Claudia says he is listening to music. Cookie flashback to every time Lucious has zoned out. She tells Claudia, he isn't listening to music; he is making music. She then smiles. The artwork Lucious is making is adorable to me but what is it. Lol.


Jamaal completes his version of his father's song. Eddie wasn't feeling the remake of the song. Eddie tries to get Jamaal to understand the lyrics of the song. Jamaal doesn't want to sing Lucious song as is but he agreed to redo his version more geared around Freedom of Speech.  Can't remake everything, Jamaal. 

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The 20/20 project is live streaming, and Cookie shares the album cover with the board. Shine brings the negativity to the meeting. He quotes a negative comment from a blogger about Lucious. Andre tells Shine, " It's getting tired!" Cookie comes clean with the board about Lucious having a traumatic brain injury. Even though she assures them that Lucious will be recovering soon, the board still want to bring someone in from the outside to run Empire. Cookie is not having that. She gets up and brings Eddie into the board meeting. She announces that Eddie will be working beside her. Eddie will be the Special Advisor to the CEO.  The board was very pleased with that decision.


Back at Lucious mansion, he is painting and remembering his life. He is looking at Claudia and seeing Cookie. He say your my muse thinking he is talking to Cookie. He say I love you, thinking he is talking to Cookie. The music connected him back to his memories. He then has sex with Claudia thinking it's Cookie. 

Tiana dropped the bomb on Hakeem. She told Cookie about Hakeem about to run with Bella. Cookie reassured Hakeem they are Lyons and they fight together. Hakeem mentions again, he did some things. What did Diana have Hakeem to do? I swear I am curious. But I am glad Cookie stopped him from running. Somehow, I feel this is going to come back and bite them in the butt.

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And reality comes full circle with Claudia. She confesses she loves Dwight. However, she doesn't see a difference in him. She soon learns Dwight is gone. She tells him she is happy to be his muse. She is talking about writing a book about his journey. Poor Claudia. He breaks her heart. He tells Claudia Cookie is his muse, and he loves Cookie. Claudia tries to say to him he is confused. She continues to call him Dwight. He tells her, his name is Lucious. Claudia said Lucious is gone. No, Claudia, you are looking at Lucious honey. Then, you hear the door open. Boom, Cookie walks in. She wants to know what's going on. Of course, Claudia tries to get rid of Cookie before she learns the truth. Lucious is back!!!!! She tells Cookie, he is confused right now. Lucious set the record straight. He tells Claudia, she is the only one jumble right now. Lucious thanks her for her services, said he will send her a check and tells Claudia to leave. Which is music to Cookie's ears I guess? Cookie is too distracted to hear the change of tone in Lucious voice. Claudia stood there in disbelief and hurt. Cookie is snapping her fingers at Claudia and yelling for Ms. Juanita.  Claudia is gone, and Lucious is back. He tries to tell Cookie, but she has no time to hear it. The court hearing for custody of Bella is about to happen, and they have to get to the court. She tells Lucious to get ready and tell her the news in the car. Lucious shares a smile and says, I'm back. Yassssssssss!!!!

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Will Lucious let people know he has his memories back or will he use this to his advantage? Empire has turned up and got lit. I can't wait to see what's about to happen. Judging from the previews, Tiana turned on Hakeem? Did that cost him, Bella? Why Tiana switch sides? Stay tuned because Empire just brought the heat to the Lyon's den!!  


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Author: Lattice Johnso