#Empire S4 Ep 6 "Fortune Be Not Crost" Recap & Review

Episode Rating Scale: (10) Exceptional


So, was this episode sad or not sad. Hakeem almost had his daughter. His stupidity cost him his daughter. Take this as a lesson learned... NEVER GO AGAINST THE GRAIN. Let's recap!!  

This episode started with Warren in the booth. Jamaal loves the vibe of Warren. He tries to convince Warren to be on track versus him using another artist. Warren shots him down. Too bad Warren just isn't the real deal. He is a Dubois.

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Andre is talking to his shrink. He admits that he likes the detective. He knows they can't be together because she is a cop. I think Andre has fallen for her. Fatal mistake. 

Lucious is back and getting his house back in order. The family still trying to figure out if he is back. The custody battle has started. The Lyons walk in court with all the media in their face. Cookie sees Angelo and tries to talk to him. She thinks Ms. Dubois call a truce. Cookie should know better than that. As the judge gets on the podium, she sets her rules and makes it clear she only has Bella's best interest in mind. She puts all reporters out of the courtroom. Let the hearing start.

 Angelo starts his opening statement. He called Lucious and Cookie, Hip Hop Bonnie and Clyde. He made Hakeem out to be nothing but the image of his family, a thug. Cookie know Angelo is coming for blood and yes he truly going to play all his cards. Shockingly, Ms. Dubois suppose to be out of time. We know she isn't.

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Anika takes the stand. Angelo tries to plant a good picture of Anika. Skip airs her dirty laundry. Andre takes the stand and says how his brother has changed because of Bella. Anika's old friends take the stand. Jamaal takes the stand. Then Tiana takes the stand. Angelo broke Tiana down. He grilled her about threesomes and drugs. He did a number on Tiana. Angelo has become a monster. Hakeem didn't understand. He so stressed out. He didn't comfort Tiana instead he told her she was weak and he should have dropped her when she snitched to Cookie. He was about to run with Bella. But Tiana understands he is stressed, but she also understands her worth. Hakeem just lost one of his girls. Will he lose Bella too?

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Court adjourned. Back at Empire, Andre and Shine took a meeting with Jay Poppa. With Becky being A & R Head, she had to be at the meeting. She was uncomfortable. Andre told them to be professional. I always wanted to know what happened to between. Seems like he didn't believe in her. As he in the studio recording his song, incomes Becky. She didn't like the song he wasn't working on. I thought it was a good song. Jay Poppa called Becky on her power trip. She tried to deny it, but you can see she is hurt. Becky told Shine to excuse them for a minute. So Jay Poppa wanted Becky to travel the world with him, and she turned him down. Their argument ended in sex. I know that's right Becky. Got it on for awhile in the studio.


Cookie took the stand and COkkie didn't lie. She was honest about her time in jail. She expressed how Hakeem loves Bella. She expressed how he gives her love that she couldn't give to him. Angelo questioned Cookie. He portrayed her to be a violent person. He implied that Cookie would harm Bella. But Cookie had a few secrets of her own. Anika didn't tell Angelo about her suicide attempt while pregnant or asking Cookie to care for Bella if something happens to her. Angelo had to say something after that. So he brought up Cookie having him her thugs beat him and she pistol whip him. Angelo still hurting. Could he always be in live with Cookie? I mean this is a lot of turmoil just for a damaged career. He couldn't regroup and rebuild. The judge ends his charade. Hakeem lost his cool. He blamed Anika for this madness. So much drama. Unbelievable a precious baby in caught in between pain. Lucious tells Skip to put him on the stand. No one thought this was a good idea. He asked Hakeem do he trust him and Hakeem said yes. 


Lucious takes the stand. He plays the game so well. He used his loss of memory very brilliant. Angelo tried to destroy Lucious but he couldn't. Lucious played him, and Cookie knew what he was doing. Hakeem asked Skip how he is doing. Skip gave the wrong answer. He implied Hakeem could make more babies. Hakeem fired his lawyer. He decides to be his lawyer. The judge was against it, but it's his right.

Hakeem called Anika to the stand. He asked Anika all these questions about Bella. She couldn't give one correct answer. Hakeem never tried to keep Anika out of Bella's life. He simply said give her time to know you. It makes sense to me. Boy, Hakeem has grown up tremendously. Having a daughter truly changed him. The Lyons celebrate their victory, but it is soon destroyed. Ms. Dubois shows up to court. Hakeem didn't take that time to tell his family about his secret meetings with Ms. Dubois. What does she have to say? This woman is a deadly weapon I swear.   


Ms. Dubois takes the stand. The Dubois played this game so well. Thirsty asked Hakeem is there anything they need to know. Hakeem repeatedly said no. Ms. Dubois tells it all. She told the court about her meetings with Hakeem. Unfortunately, Hakeem told her a little too much, and she recorded it. On the recording, Hakeem talked badly about his family. He went against the grain, his family. Ms. Dubois played him against his family. Because of that, Hakeem lost his daughter. The judge awarded Bella to Anika. Wow, Hakeem


Ms. Dubois and Cookie come face to face in the bathroom. You can tell Cookie wanted to ring her neck. Ms. Dubois is a force to be reckoned with. She told Cookie don't hurt her son. Cookie hurt her and his career so she did double damage. That would have been a good cat fight tho. Lo

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Jay Poppa wanted Becky back, but she makes it clear their beef is over, and they will keep it professional. Anika sits with the Dubois family. They welcome her to the family. Andre doctor is friends with the Dubois, and he upped his meds. Lawd have mercy, Ms. Dubois is good. Anika thinks she left one crazy. She doesn't realize she just joined forces with a deeper devil. She has to go down. They upper Andre's meds and he just might finally kill Anika.

Anika picks up Bella. Poor Hakeem but he can only blame his self. I don't understand why it wasn't brought up that Ms. Dubois took her. Lucious and Cookie about to start a riot. Lucious wants blood to spill. The Dubois better watch out. They may be classy with their takedown but them Lyons want blood. They will get blood.


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Editor: Lattice Johnson