#Power S4 Ep7: You Lied to My Face *Recap & Review*

 Episode Rating Scale: (9) Excellent

I knew it, I knew it. Teresi wasn't snooping around just because Tariq has lost trust in his family. Is Tarsha tattling or moving on. Could Ghost be getting a new love interest? Let's discuss this episode of Power.


Ghost and Tariq are sitting on the train with their mind all over the place. Tariq has some blood on his collar, so Tommy is back in New York. He comes home to find his stash house as been rob. Not just robbed, but Ghost and Kanan did it. Tommy calls Ghost for answers, but Ghost cuts him off. Once Tommy hears Tariq is in trouble, his focused get the shift to his nephew. One thing for sure Tommy loves Tariq. Tommy rolls up on Ghost. He sees Tariq isn't his self. Tariq instantly hugs Tommy. Sad to say, Tariq will never be the same. Who is the blame for the road Tariq about to go down? My advice is to parents, but now he doesn't trust either one of them. Tommy tells Ghost Tarsha was right about Kanan being alive. Ghost soon learns more than just his jail time was on heavy on Tarsha plate. He learns that Tariq was taken and held for ransom why he was jail. Tommy thought Tarsha told Ghost, but it didn't need to say anything. Remember, Tariq said it was a joke, and Dre didn't say anything either. Tommy makes it clear to Ghost if he was anybody else and for different reasons; he would be dead. Tommy not dumb but he needs confirmation. He asked Tariq did Dre know about Kanan being alive. Tariq covers for Dre. Unbelievable!!! Can't be mad over lies when you lie to, Tariq.

John is the only person who still has his job. Mike, Saks, and  Angela are all fired. I think John should have been fired to as well. It shouldn't matter if he came at the beginning, in the middle or the end.  John knew just as much as they did. He was guilty too. Now he was trying to clean his record by solving who killed Greg. Sadly, he was sitting right in your face. Mike walls will close in soon. He only needs one mistake. I truly feel planting that gun was his big mistake.

Ghost and Tariq arrive home. Tarsha quickly jumps on Tariq about where he has been. When she said don't lie to me, she awakens a little beast in Tariq. He stepped into Tarsha face, called her a liar and was yelling at her. Tariq is hurting over Sean's death. Tariq has become angrier because of all his experiences. Ghost has some nerve being mad at Tarsha. I honestly agree with her, if he wouldn't leave his family in the first place, maybe none of this would be happening. Tarsha has been his ride or dies always, but her hands get tired as well. I can't believe Ghost threw Shade at Tarsha about her leaving her. And where did that get you Ghost, behind a jail cell? Tarsha has been knee deep in Ghost and Tommy business. However, she had another point, killing Kanan was the better choice. Ghost should have known Kanan would have found out and not take being set up likely.  Raina ease was dropping t the door. She hears her parents arguing and another side to Tarsha. She knocks on the door. She is happy to see her father home. How will all this affect Raina? It seems like the storyline is gearing to show her more.


Stein arrives wanting Ghost and his family to do an interview. Tarsha is against the interview. She feels that the kids been through enough. Stein encourages Ghost to interview to help Clean up his image is how Stein won Ghost over. Against Tarsha wishes he agreed to do this interview. This may be a bad move but time will tell.

Dre and Tommy meet up. Tommy pulls his gun on Dre. He asked him how long he knew Kanan was alive. Of course, Dre lie. That's all he is doing. Lying and being a snake. Tommy for some reason believes Dre. At least it appeared that way. Dre points out Julio car and that he been unreachable. He takes Tommy into the warehouse where Julio lay dead, Removing that 718  was the worst mistake. Dre orders were crystal clear in setting this up. He didn't want Julio's murder to look like retaliation for leaving 718. Too bad for Dre. He is unprotected. Tommy thinks exactly what Dre didn't want him to. 718 killed Julio for leaving and he no longer protected by Ghost. Is there about to be a war? How will Tommy handle this? Julio is dead, and Dre wants his position. Tommy gives Dre the position. Tommy tells Dre to set up a meeting with 718 top dogs. Dre is feeling like a winning. He tracks will soon unfold. 

Tommy tells Ghost about Julio being dead. Ghost gives Tommy some advice on how to handle Julio's death. Tommy and Ghost talk about the tape. Tommy didn't know Luiz was wearing a wire the day he killed him, which is why Ghost was in Greg's place in the first place.  Then again was he in Greg's place to protect Angela. This story changes back and forth between his reason for being in Greg's place. Tommy told Ghost he handled the situation with the tape. Unfortunately, Tommy left that up to Proctor? Did Proctor destroy the tape is the question?

Angela meets up with Donavan.  She is asking for his help to solve Greg murder. By her having no access to the DA computers   any more  , she can't see the security footage. Donavan just   want   to believe Ghost got off with murdering a law enforcement agent. He really doesn't want to believe one of law enforcement plant the gun he found. Angela asked him who knew he was turning off the security cameras. Saks and Mike only new. Put two and two together Donavan. Angela isn't getting anywhere with him. He doesn't believe one of their people planted the gun. He is so wrong about that. 

Angela meets up with Donavan.  She is asking for his help to solve Greg murder. By her having no access to the DA computers any more, she can't see the security footage. Donavan just want to believe Ghost got off with murdering a law enforcement agent. He really doesn't want to believe one of law enforcement plant the gun he found. Angela asked him who knew he was turning off the security cameras. Saks and Mike only new. Put two and two together Donavan. Angela isn't getting anywhere with him. He doesn't believe one of their people planted the gun. He is so wrong about that. 

Ghost meets up with Proctor. He learns how Tommy handled the recorded tape of Luiz murder. He also learns Tommy killed a Homeland Security Agent in Proctor's home and presence. Can Proctor be trusted or will he throw Ghost and Tommy under the bus to save his self? Proctor is now an accessory to murder. If the right pressure is put on him, will he crack? I see him breaking. I am 100% sure he didn't destroy that computer either. I guess we have to see. Ghost told Proctor to continue having his place clean. It looks like  Ghost doesn't trust Proctor either.

Man, I just love me some Tommy, he is one wild boy. Tommy meets up with the leader of 718. He brought a scrub to Tommy claiming he killed Julio. Tommy doesn't believe he killed Julio, but he shot him anyway. Now he got that out the way, and he wants some territory. It only makes sense to get his the territory back that Ghost gave up for Julio. Since 718 broke the deal, they lose the territory. Make a lot of sense right. Well, since the leader of 718 doesn't have that kind of authority; Tommy tells him to set up a meeting. Tommy doesn't care about anything and has nothing to lose. He says dude, " I can shoot you in the face now. Then they will come looking for me, or you can set the meeting. Either way, we will meet. The valid point he made. Dre makes it clear to the 718 leaders if this doesn't go well we all lose. He wasn't supposed to make it look like 718 killed Julio. I guess the beef and anger was too much to resist. We soon meet the top dogs of 718. Ironic, they are the ones who leave a card after they kill someone. Remember Lobos stabbing. They are one crazy set of siblings.  


Saks meets with John. John lets Saks know he is aware of his private meeting with Bailey. Saks trying every way to get on John good side but John see him guilty and maybe a suspect. The interview with James St. Patrick was done. Tarsha reached out to Terry for help. Terry truly doesn't want to defend Ghost anymore. Since he is attracted to Tarsha, he agreed to help. The interviewer points out Tarsha isn't wearing her wedding ring. She was stuck for a minute. She didn't know how to answer that. With help from Terry, Tarsha came up with a solution. You can see Tarsha is over Ghost. Too much has happened. Too many betrayals and the trust is gone. I don't know if Terry is the better choice for Tarsha tho. They are night and day. Once again, Tarsha saves Ghost and play the happy, devoted wife. It looks like the smoke screen is working and landing Ghost in a better position with or shall I say for Stein.

Dre meets with Tariq. Tariq truly saved Dre but why? We all know how Tariq met Kanan. Dre asked Tariq why he covers for him. Tariq has learned a little something, but it also puts him in a dangerous position. He covered for Dre because he wants answers from Dre that Ghost not Tommy won't give him. Dre has no choice but to give Tariq the answers he seeks. The flipped side of that is Dre can kill Tariq. Tariq holds his life in his hands. He can tell Tommy Dre knew and Dre would be dead. So to avoid that, Dre can kill Tariq. However, I think Dre like Tariq too much to kill him. Didn't see Dre become this shady guy. Tariq question Dre about his father, Tommy, and Kanan selling drugs. He told him Kanan said to him about everything. He wanted to know who was in on setting Kanan up to go to jail. It looks like Tarsha secret is out now. Dre didn't tell Tariq Tarsha help Ghost set Kanan up, but the look said to him enough. 


Tommy meets up with the Munez Family. He thought it was brothers in charge, not a brother and sister. They get straight to business. Tommy asked for his territory back, 6 Torros corners and access to their port. He shares the news that Jason wants him to run the West Coast. Did you all peep Dre stunning look on his face? He was shocked to see how big Tommy was getting. Tommy points out how he killed Lobos. They thought they killed Lobos. Nobody knew Lobos didn't die after that stabbing. Mike make sure of that. The Munez Family need time to think about Tommy offer. I wonder will they go for it.  

Tariq is drinking more syrup. Ghost comes in to check on him. At this point, Ghost keeps lying to Tariq. It's no need to lie at this point. He knows the truth just want to hear their side of the story. Ghost doesn't want his kids to know his double life. Unfortunately, Tariq has been informed of your street life and had a taste of it. Ghost isn't saving him by covering the truth. Teresi calls Ghost. He gives him two days to get that phone to Tommy. It just seems like Ghost and Tommy life has gotten more turned up than ever this season. 


John asked Mike a few more questions about Saks and Donavan. It looks like John may be considering Mike a suspect too. He points out there is much time for Mike whereabouts the day Truth was searched. Finally, you are barking up the right tree. Tarsha was enjoying a night out with Terry and his friends. They talk her into singing for karaoke. We all know Nautri can blow. Remember 3LW and Notorious BIG movie. It was nice to hear her song on Power tho. I wish they would have let her blow a little more tho. I was enjoying that. The night ended with her and Terry Shari a kiss.... oooooooouuuuuuu. That's a relationship doomed from the start. Tarsha isn't the nice woman he thinks she is. Ghost gives Tarsha a wedding ring. He felt she deserved it for her fake performance doing the interview. Amazing how Ghost left Tarsha, threw it in her face and gave her separation papers. Now she supposes to forget it all.  Tarsha has to play the past, so she wears the ring. How will Terry feel? 

Tariq asked Tommy about his past. Tommy doesn't give him answers. Everybody was shielding him from answers he already knows. Since his life appears to be one big lie, he drinking more and more syrup. Raina tries to talk to Tariq, but he is just so mean to her. More than a typical brother and sister fight. 

At Truth, Ghost and Stein are hosting an event. Ghost meets Council man  Rashad Taylor played by sexy Larenz Tate. Stein doesn't like him. He orders Ghost to stay away from him. Terry is at the event, and he notices Tarsha ring. Terry gets in his feelings and leave. Tarsha tries to explain, but Stein interrupts them looking for Ghost. Mike goes to Donavon's home to kill him. Good thing he wasn't home. Mike was trying to cover his track. Saks arrive at Angela's apartment. Before his arrival, Angel and Donavan see Mike going up Truth stairwell on video. Finally, Mike innocence is coming down. Saks reveal Mike's suspicion of Donavon to Angela. Too bad he wrong once again. Tarsha and Terry have sex. I wonder how  Ghost will feel about that. I mean it's been awhile since Tarsha got her back blown out.


As the episode get close to the end, Tommy and Ghost talk about the throne in both of their ass. Teresi needed Ghost to get close to Tommy. The perfect opportunity happened when Ghost killed Officer Marshall. Teresi may have set that, but he didn't Bank on Ghost being that hard.  So Ghost needs Tommy. Tommy killed a Homeland security agent, and  Proctor played clean up.  Since Proctor and Ghost are close, he has to handle Proctor. Again Tommy and Ghost need an other. John shows up at Proctor place. He questions him about Bailey. He asked Joe what happened to Bailey. Little did Proctor know, Ghost was there watching. Tommy called Teresi. Just like I thought, Teresi is Tommy's father. Tommy doesn't believe Teresi, but he said Kate name.  Kate is Tommy's mother. It looks like Kate has some explaining to do. 

We are getting close to the end of the season. Some secrets will be kept, and some secrets will be revealed.  Keep tuning in. It's about to be a war, how will Tommy and Ghost survive the webs that keep them trap with each other. 


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Editor: Lattice Johnson