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The season is (1) episode away from it's fall finale. Diana Dubois has broken the Lyon cubs down. Between Hakeem, Jamaal and Andre; she broke Andre the worst. It's time for Cookie to end this battle but she can't do it alone. Lucious is needed. Never thought we would be craving for the monster and evil that lives inside of Lucious. However, Lucious always protected his family by any means necessary. They can even use Mama Leah right about now; she has no problem ending lives. Cupid Painted Blind, what does that mean? Let's recap and figure it out. 


After beating Warren badly, Thirsty discovers it's a warrant out for Jamaal's arrest. The entire family is at Jamaal's condo. Cookie makes it's clear Diana is taking her sons down one by one. Andre is next. At the same time, Cookie is looking for alcohol and pills in Jamaal's cabinets. She fears this heartache will cause him to relapse. He has worked too hard to fight that demon. I pray he doesn't relapse. Love hurts when it ends but doesn't mean you can't get over it.


The injuries Jamaal gave Warren was unbelievable. Angelo rubbed it in Warren's face. Angelo admits he knew Jamaal had it in him but didn't think Warren wouldn't fight back. It's funny to me how Angelo feel falling for a Lyon is a bad thang. Angelo fell for Cookie knowing her past and her family lifestyle. He could have walked away from Cookie. Warren could have been honest with Jamaal once he fell in love with him. Them Dubois need to accept some responsibility in their broken hearts. And Angelo, you aired your dirty dealings for the world to hear. So get off the blame game. But I am confused, how is Warren a Dubois? The fact that Angelo stated, "Mother, will still take care of your father. " So is Warren's father her brother or her husband's brother? I am kind of confused about that.  I felt sorry for Warren tho. He lost everything helping Diana. She blames him for falling in love not her need for revenge. Diana is heartless indeed. At this point, I don't feel it's about Angelo's career being ruin. I genuinely think it's deeper than that. 


Cookie drill Andre about any new things happening in his life. Andre insists he hasn't met anyone new, but that's a lie. He met Detective Pamela Rose. Lucious stops Andre as he was very sarcastic. He nails Diana's tactics perfectly. As Lucious stated, "she moves pass your brain and goes for your heart." Indeed she does. She snatched Hakeem's heart with his daughter and snatched Jamaal's heart with a good relationship. How is she going to snatch Andre's heart? That's what Cookie and Lucious are trying to figure out, but Andre is not honest. Hakeem is tired of the repeated denial from Andre. Jamaal is tired of them being in his house, and Andre is just tired of being questioned. Cookie is looking at all three of her sons like they lost their minds.  She calls them three stupid blind ass mice. Lmao. Cookie is genuinely trying to protect her family, but they instead drown in the sorrows of Diana's damage to their hearts. Andre and Hakeem head to Empire. Jamaal puts Lucious and Cookie out his condo. Cookie sees the hurt from Warren's betrayal in Jamaal's face. As she stares at him, she has a flashback of when she was in jail. Her most significant enemy in prison became her friend. Her friend in need.  She got pregnant by a CO. She went into labor and had a baby. Cookie helped her through it all. The memory was about that feeling of protection the first time you see your child. Protecting her kids is all Cookie is focused on. Cookie can't let Diana get away with the pain she has caused her children. 

Cookie needs Lucious back to his old ways. She makes it clear if he can't help her, paint a symphony somewhere. She can avenge this war for her family. Lucious is doing the best he can under the circumstances. Divide and conquer is his plan. He tells Cookie to let him deal with Andre because he is hiding something. Cookie takes off to find Warren. Warren is the only person that can keep Jamaal out of jail. 

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Cookie pays Diana a visit. She brings Diana the engagement ring Angelo gave her. The ring is a family heirloom for the Dubois family.  However, the ring was just a distraction for Diana and her bodyguards. Cookie throws the ring in the street. Diana's bodyguards all run to secure the piece of jewelry. This was a distraction for Thirsty to take pictures of all of Diana's bodyguards. The plan worked perfectly. 

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Back at Empire, Tiana is in the studio recording her song for 20/20 with Shine. Hakeem enters the studio. This the first time we see Tiana since Bella's trial. Shine calls Hakeem to the studio because he wants to put Hakeem on one of his tracks for the five albums he has to release on 20/20. I guess Shine wasn't informed that Tiana and Hakeem are no longer together. He tells Hakeem, " I thought your girl could talk you into it." Hakeem makes it's clear Tiana isn't his girl and he not interested in doing a track. See, this is the bratty side of Hakeem. Tiana didn't cause him to lose Bella. He lost his daughter all by himself. Instead of apologizing, he acts like a spoiled, entitled kid. I thought this part of Hakeem was gone and he grew beyond that. I guess some habits are hard to break. Tiana comes out the booth, and Hakeem tells her to put some auto-tune on her track. Enough was enough for Tiana. She smacks Hakeem with ones of those grandma cock hand smacks to your face. You go girl. Tiana doesn't deserve Hakeem's disrespect. She gives him a piece of her mind as well. Good job Tiana. Shine takes Tiana's side. Hakeem vows not to date anyone because it ruins everything. I like this scene because we see another side to Shine. Shine steps up to help Hakeem learn it's more about manhood and fatherhood. He tells Hakeem to come with him. What does Shine have to show Hakeem? I hope it's nothing shady. You never know with Shine. One minute he seems over the past with Lucious and Cookie, but then it's revealed he still in his feelings. 


Thirsty has all the pictures of Diana's bodyguards. He explains to Lucious that one bodyguard is on her payroll but doesn't be with Diana. That's the guard who is watching Warren. Diana knows Warren is in love with Jamaal. She also doesn't want her plans for the Lyons revealed. So, she has Warren in hiding. According to Angelo,  it's for his protection from the Lyons. But it's really for Diana's protection in my eyes. Love will make you turn on family sometimes. It looks like that's the dilemma Warren is in. Anyway, Lucious puts Thirsty on another project. I swear Thirsty gets the information and job done. What does Thirsty have to do now?

Andre approaches Pamela about her role with the Dubois. He makes it clear someone is after his family. He tells her about how Diana is destroying his family through their hearts. Pamela denies any involvement with the Dubois. She is hurt that Andre would even think she would play him. She walks off but not before letting Andre know; she felt they had something special. I guess Lucious asked Thirsty to watch Andre. After Pamela leaves, you see Thirsty calling Lucious telling him to meet him at the restaurant. He tells Lucious something is up with Andre. Andre sits at the table, apologizing to the customers at the restaurant for his outburst with Pamela. It just seems to be no love in the air for Andre since Rhonda's death.

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Lucious and Thirsty walk up on Andre at the restaurant. Andre is shocked to see them. Lucious asked Andre is everything okay. Andre tries to hide the fact he was just there with Pamela; however Thirsty told Lucious Andre was yelling at someone. Andre finally tells Lucious about Pamela. He admits he is seeing her and explains she is a cop. That's why this has been his secret.  He describes how she is kind and beautiful. He tells Lucious it's over because he accused her of working with the Dubois. He tells his father, he didn't think he can feel this way about another woman after Rhonda. So he didn't have feelings for Nessa? Andre leaves, and it looks like his heart is broken. Does Pamela work for Diana? Is she there to take Andre down for the bombing that almost killed his father? Does she truly have feelings for Andre? So many questions about Detective Pamela Rose. Lucious tells Thirsty to find out all he can about Pamela. Will her secret now become exposed to Lucious?  


Back at Jamaal's condo, he is listening to  his song Love is Drug. Unfortunately, Warren is on that track. He hears Warren's voice and slams his laptop. Jamaal ends up with a bottle of wine and some pills he has hidden in his kitchen. I can't believe he is about to relapse over this. No, no, no Jamaal. Don't give Diana what she want.

Hakeem and Shine end up in a suburban neighborhood. Looks like Shine had a family of his own. It appears Shine has some sister wives set up for his kids and kid's mothers.   He also has alot of kids. Three sets of kids with three different women. Wow Shine. However, he gives Hakeem some good advice. Never eat where you lay, never let anyone come between you and your kid, keep your business out the streets and the only real connection you will ever have is family. As Shine said, tattoo that on your eyelids. It makes a lot of sense to me. Hopefully that wisdom helps Hakeem 

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Back to Jamaal. He is in his condo hurt and facing his biggest demon; his addiction. What he is listening to Love is a Drug and reminiscing about that moment with Warren. He really shouldn't be alone, but he kicked his parents out.  He loved Warren. He felt he was the one. Making that song was the moment Warren first said I love you.  Jamaal is truly hurt, but pills and alcohol won't erase the pain. Thank God, Jamaal tossed the pills. He took a drink instead even though drinking was apart of his rehab as well. A drink is better than popping pills, so I am not too mad at him for that.  However, I feel Warren and Jamaal can work this out. Yes, Warren's intentions started wrong. Yes, Warren lied to Jamaal. Once he realized his feelings for Jamaal was real; he should have confessed. The Lyons isn't angels so Jamaal can understand family loyalty, secrets, dysfunction and lies. I hope this isn't the end of Warren and Jamaal's relationship. 


He caused damage but not to the point it's unforgivable with time. Love is more powerful than revenge. Warren broke trust. Now if that's Jamaal's deal breaker; then yeah this couple is done. But, if Cookie can forgive Lucious for everything he has done, why can't that be the case for Jamaal and Warren? A Dubois in the Lyon's family would be kind of interesting.  


Cookie has face to face with Warren. She enters Warren's room with a loaded gun. She is loaded, cocked and aimed.  She tells Warren they are going to have a little talk while pointing a gun at his face. Cookie wants answers. Hopefully, Warren gives her answers. She told Warren he would tell the police he threw the first punch. Basically, self-defense to clear Jamaal of assault charges. Because Warren truly loves Jamaal, he agreed to do it. However, his quick response to agreement shocks Cookie. Cookie not new to this game but Warren assures her, she has his word. Cookie said, 'Like my son had your word when you said you loved him." Warren admits Jamaal was the love of his life and he lost him. He feels clearing his name is the least he can do for the hurt he caused. For the first time, Cookie sees Warren does love Jamaal. However, she not there to feel sorry for Warren. She is there for answers. Warren asked Cookie to do him a favor, but Cookie makes it clear; he not in a position to ask for favors. But I believe she will do a favor for Warren. You could see Cookie believe his sincerity. She puts the gun away, that says a lot. She also finds out what Diana has brewing for Andre; thanks to Warren. 


Hakeem visits Anika. Unfortunately, he gets told Anika isn't home; she is at her boyfriend's house. Anika and Angelo is a couple now? When did that happen? Was that the deal she made with Diana for her help with the custody hearing? Anika just loves having whatever Cookie loved. Lucious, Hakeem and now Angelo. Anika, Anika, Anika!! Do you want to go down with the Dubois? Please set Ma Leah free to handle Anika aka Boo Boo Kitty. Hakeem misses his daughter. What will he do to get his daughter back?

Warren gave Cookie the information she wanted. Cookie tells Andre and Lucious that Diana was messing with his mind. The doctor Andre sees works for Diana. Andre was shocked to hear that. He gives Cookie the higher dose pills that were prescribed for him to take. Apparently, Diana had something heavy on the doctor for him to risk his career for her. Cookie drills Andre to remember what he told the doctor. The doctor has had Andre so high off them pills; he doesn't know what he told the doctor. All he remembers is telling the doctor he couldn't get an erection. Andre is happy to find out Pamela isn't playing with his heart. Cookie tells Andre to get a new doctor as soon as possible. Yes, he needs a new doctor. Andre is off the chain when off his meds. However, he just focused on fixing things with Pamela. He takes off to find Pamela. Cookie has another flashback to jail. She is looking for Pound Cake, and she questions the CO that got her pregnant. Pound Cake was forced to give up her daughter. Cookie promise to make the CO-pays. This flashback is because Diana is destroying everything she loves; her kids.  The same thing the CO need to Pound Cake.


Hakeem shows up to check on Jamaal. He can't believe his brother is drinking. Jamaal doesn't want a lecture and Hakeem agrees he is not trying to give him one. Hakeem tells Jamaal about Anika moving in with Angelo. He doesn't want to watch another man raise his daughter. Hakeem doesn't want to watch Jamal drink his self to death over Warren aka Trick. Jamaal has Love is a Drug playing. Hakeem like hell no when he hears Warren's voice. He erases Warren's verses off the track. Birthed is another hit from Jamaal and Hakeem. I swear when them two do a song together it's always fire. I love "Trapped." Yassss! It feels good seeing Jamaal and Hakeem together, doing music and being brothers regardless of the Dubois war. 

The last 15 mins of this episode revealed the best OMG moment this season could ever have. Then again, this was the best OMG moment of the entire series of Empire.

Andre is at his place calling Pamela. He is apologizing for everything he said. He wants to explain everything to her. He tells her how much he needs her. Then, there is a knock at the door. It's Pamela. She comes in and puts a gun on the table. Apparently, the gun is the weapon she used to kill the unarmed suspect. Pamela tells him to turn her in. Andre asked, "why would I do that?" Andre tries to explain, but she plays on the fact she did something awful and got away with it. She tells Andre he doesn't understand how it feels to carry a huge secret of guilt. At this moment I was yelling at the TV, "don't you tell her nothing, Andre." In my eyes, Pamela can't be trusted. She is only in Andre's life to find out who is responsible for the car bombing. Apart from me feels, she already knows Andre is behind it; however, she has no proof. She needs a confession from Andre. Andre is about to give her what she wants.... a confession. 


Thirsty arrives at Lucious mansion with some awkward news. Apparently, Pamela Rose isn't a cop. She has never been heard of in the NYPD. So who is Pamela? Is she a Dubois after all? Cookie calls Andre but he doesn't answer. Her and Lucious heads to Andre's apartment. 

Back at Andre's apartment, he let his feelings for Pamela cloud his judgement. He confess to the car bombing. Nooooo!!!! The look on Pamela's face said it all. As Andre tells her, " we understand each other". She responds with ....


Pamela makes her own confession. WTH? I knew it! She confesses to being an undercover cop, working for Las Vegas police. She has been after Andre all this time. She calls Andre the dumbest criminal. She admits to knowing about the car bombing and all the details behind it. She points a gun at Andre and tells him he is under arrest. Andre loses his mind. He attacks Pamela. Pamela ends up dead. Andre is freaking out. He is trying to revive her, but she is dead. Then comes a knock at the door. It's Cookie and Lucious.

Cookie and Lucious let themselves in Andre's apartment. They find Andre very hysterical and tripping out. He is rambling about killing her, trusting her and saying she was no good for me. He tells Cookie, she was right. She was a cop, and she was lying to me. Lucious tells him to calm down. He tries to help Andre. Andre yells, "how you going to help me Pop." For the first time Dwight, not Lucious, see Andre in a bipolar episode. The look on Lucious face was like amazement and unbelievable. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He never saw Andre like this before. Andre tells Lucious, "Look at what I did. Look at what I did". He tells Cookie, "I am sorry ma. I didn't mean to hurt her". Cookie tells Andre, "It's going to be okay." Andre just keeps saying, I killed her. I am a murderer." Cookie moves the curtains. Now, I am thinking she is going to use the curtain to cover and dispose of the body. But then, Lucious tells Andre...

Empire 409 2.jpg

OMG!!!! My mouth hit the floor.  What just happened? What is going on? Then Cookie starts yelling, "There is nothing there Andre." I was so confused for a second. What about you?  Cookie gets through to Andre. She finally gets him to see there is no dead body on his floor. Andre looks around. He is confused as ever. OMG!!! Diana Dubois didn't mess with Andre's heart. She messed with his mind. Pamela isn't real. All this time, the guilt of trying to kill his father and his meds being tampered with caused Andre to go insane. All this time we saw a figment of his imagination. Cookie and Lucious stared at their son, who is lost and trapped in his mind. They see him on the floor, in tears and confuse. They see him as a victim of Diana Dubois revenge against Cookie. This entire scene explains why this episode was called "Cupid Painted Blind." Diana Dubois just elevated her gangsta.  At the same time, Diana Dubois just went too far.

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Diana Dubois has to go down. Hakeem can get his daughter back. Jamaal can get over a broken heart and love again. Andre may never get his sanity back. Was Angelo losing his career and getting his heart broke worth that kind of destruction? I don't think so. What is Cookie and Lucious next move? Was seeing Andre out his mind enough courage to bring Lucious entirely back to himself? Stay tuned in because the fall finale is this Wednesday, December 13. Does Diana finally get exposed to her two faces? I can't wait until Wednesday. Hail to the Empire.

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