#TheHave&theHaveNots S4 Ep12: The Fallout From War *Recap and Review* #HAHN #SeasonPremiere

The season is back on. We all wanted to know the fate of Baby Q. We got our answer.  Before I jump into the episode, let me rate this episode.  I felt this episode wasn't full of excitement but still good. With that said, I rate this episode a (8). Now, let's recap and discuss The Fallout  From War.


The season picked up where it left off. Hanna comes out the bathroom, and she is holding a bloody Baby Q. Benny yelling at Mitch to call an ambulance.  Hanna tells Benny it's too late. The scene was so hard to watch. Hanna and Benny both in tears. Benny is holding Baby Q in his arms. Then there is Mitch arguing about getting an ambulance. Baby Q has been through so much. Now he is dead, thanks to his mother. Will this change Candace or make her worst. I say worst because Candace doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Jeffrey calls the ambulance for Melissa. Jeffrey puts pressure on the wounds. He tries to keep Melissa talking, but she passes out. Jeffrey yells for his mother. Veronica doesn't hear him, so Jeffrey gets her. Veronica has no heart. She is one cold hearted woman. She calls Melissa a bitch. She smacks her repeatedly. She shows no compassion for Melissa's father dying. Veronica continues taunt Melissa even though she is on conscious. Jeffrey calls the ambulance again. Veronica tells that girl to die so she can make the rest of her family suffer. Veronica truly has issues. This girl slit her wrist. She is committing suicide, and Veronica doesn't care at all. Veronica has no heart; Lord have mercy. I was so happy when the ambulance got there. 

Candace how to see Erica at her hotel room.  Erica asked Candace did she make any money. Candace tells her no. Erica was confused is that it is some high rollers at the hotel. Erica doesn't really Candace is lying. She just spent the night with Charles, the future President. Erica drops the news to Candace that David and Charles know each. Shocker to see Candace. Candace takes the conversation off of her and asks Erica about David. Erica tells Candace everything is good with David. I wonder what Candace is going to do to Erica when she finds out Erica has been working with War. Candace has truly hit rock bottom. She has to borrow clothes from Erica. While Candace finds something to wear out of Erica clothes, Erica text War. She learns that Candace's son is dead. Candace doesn't know because she is avoiding Benny's call. Candace walked out and asked Erica who she is texting. Erica lies and tells David when it's War.  Candace thinks Erica might be falling for David do to the complaints she keeps giving him. Erica denies it, but she just might be. 


Oscar and David meet at the bar. Oscar thank David for the job with Jim.  They discussed David relationship with Erica. Oscar warns David to take it slow and watch out. Good advice because Erica is another Candace. Always out for their next mark. Oscar tries to inform David how dating has changed. Jim meets up with David. He noticed Candace in the bar and call her over. Oscar and Jim makes a joke about having Candace. David brings up Candace latest issue with the police. Little did David know, his son is a part of that murder as we. Too bad, Candace drops a bomb on David.he know now Jeffrey help kill Quincy. Jim asked for a moment with Candace. Once alone, Jim tries to get Candace to drink her Martini and have another night of sex with him. Candace doesn't believe him and feels Jim is trying to entrap her. Candace didn't. Fall for Jim games.  Back at the bar, David calls Jeffrey but gets his voicemail.

Hanna and Benny are at the hospital still in should over Baby  Q murder. Benny uses Hanna phone and calls Katheryn for help. It's the middle of the night, so Katheryn thinks something is wrong. Benny tells Katheryn his nephew is dead. Katheryn says Benny she is on her way to the hospital. Katheryn and Hanna have to build a beautiful friendship despite all the obstacles.  Watts condition is getting worst, so the counselors take him to the doctor. Hanna is taking the death of her grandson hard. She fought so hard for him to have a life, now it's gone. Benny tries to comfort his mom through her pain. Hanna so hurts she doesn't want to pray. That's serious for Hanna.


Benny tries to get her to go back to hotel but she said "no". Mitch shows up at the hospital for his fring. He told Benny they going to make this right. Mama Rose shows up at the hospital wanting a name of who shot at her son. Mitch doesn't give her a name  but Benny does. Benny want War dead.She makes a calls and her last statement was, "we can never let them think it's ok to shoot at a Malone. 

 Veronica at the hospital. She is demanding to see a doctor. I love the shots Jeffrey and Veronica throw at each other. Jeffrey tells Veronica just can not be a bitch.  Jeff tells Veronica it's her fault Melissa did this.  Veronica denies everything.  At 4am, she calls the maid to come clean up the room where Melissa and Jeffrey was sleeping. She doesn't care the maid has no way to get there. Jeffrey gets a call from David. He tells Jeffrey to stay there at the hospital and he is on his way. David needs to find out if what Candace said is true. Veronica seemed happy to hear that David is coming to the hospital. David is so over Veronica. She too wicked for his soul. Katheryn and Veronica come face to face at the hospital since Jennifer Sallison's murder.

The Have and the Have Nots just got started. Baby Q death about to rock some people lives. It's about to be a few explosive attacks. So stay tuned in.

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Editor: Lattice Johnson