The Haves and the Have Nots S4Ep13: My Grandson's War Recap & Review #HAHN

Katheryn and Veronica come fast to fast. Katheryn asked her what she doing at the hospital. She tells her Melissa in the hospital.  Katheryn shock to hear Jeffrey has a baby and not alone engaged to a female. Katheryn reminds Veronica Jeffrey is gay. Funny, how Veronica feels Katheryn is paying for friends. Hanna and Katheryn friendship is real. Veronica can't say the same about the family she paying to have. I thought she would show see kindness to hear Hanna's grandson died but she didn't. However Jeffrey reach out to Candace. Little do Jeffrey know. Candace doesn't know nothing about her son death. She always duck Benny calls when it's important.


Wyatt is brought to the hospital. Katheryn is going off not realizing Anna is helping Wyatt. Katheryn calms down enough to hear Anna out about who she is and what she is doing. She tells Katheryn how he is going cold turkey to get his life together. Jeffrey says Katheryn he called for help on his own. Katheryn wants to see Wyatt, but Jeffrey and Anna are telling him it's best she doesn't see Wyatt right now. Jeffrey asked Katheryn to trust him, and it looks like Katheryn will. Her and Veronica being doing so much shade at each other. I guess that friendship is over. I can't blame Katheryn because Veronica isn't her friend. Lol. But I agree Jeffrey does his father's heart and character. Veronica doesn't own a heart. 

Benny and Mitch sit with Hanna. Hanna is worried about how they are going to bury Baby Q. Mitch offered to help hide Baby Q. Hanna looks so lost and hurt. Katheryn arrives. Benny admits to calling her because he doesn't know how to do this. Hanna sits with blood still on her clothes, debris still in her hair and heartbroken. Hanna explains how War burst into the room looking for Candace. She will never forgive Candace for this.  Katheryn tries to use her pain of Amanda's death to help Hanna know don't listen to the dumbest things she is about to hear. Katheryn repeats Hanna words back to her about prayer and faith. Hanna so hurts to the point she feels nothing. I really feel Katheryn has truly known the pain Hanna feels right now. Hopefully, she can get her through this just like Hanna did for her. Hanna believes she has had such strong faith, but she feels her life has been for nothing. She doesn't feel doing her best is good enough. Hanna feels God has some explaining to death. Hanna breaks down in tears as Benny, Katheryn, and Mitch tries to comfort her. 

Oscar shows up at Candace's house. He is trying to get Candace to partner up with him.  Oscar client doesn't want Charles to win. Candace is still mad at him. Oscar doesn't understand Candace was falling g for him and letting her guard down with him. Oscar is trying to step Candace's game up, but she too pissed to see his bigger picture. Eight years Candace being the first lady, that's too funny. Oscar does give her something to think. He reminds her Charles will be headed back to DC for three days and leave. Candace sits on the bed in thoughts. Did Oscar sound her alarm?  


Veronica finally gets to see the doctor. The doctor is trying to tell her and Jeffrey about Melissa. All Veronica cares about is the baby. The baby and Melissa is going to fine. That was good news. The doctor was so confused by Veronica's responses. Veronica didn't even want to see Melissa. She told Jeffrey not to either. Veronica asked Jeffrey didn't he want to see Wyatt. Jeffrey and Wyatt are friends. Why Veronica hate that so much? Yes, Jeffrey is in love with Wyatt, but Wyatt is gay. However, they are still friends. Jeffrey goes to see Wyatt regardless of what his mother asked him not to do.

Mama Rose has a meeting with Jim. Apparently, her source told her an ear full about Jim acquaintance with War. Mama Rose is ready to start a war. She wants to prove a point, and revenge War is shooting at Mitch. Jim tries to talk Mama Rose out of going to War. Seem like Jim has his agenda mapped out. Whatever it is, war isn't good for it. Jim asked Mama Rose let him talk to War. Mama Rose makes it clear War will pay. Mama Rose makes Jim call War.  Jim calls and tries to get War to tell him where he was at, War informs Jim of Baby Q is getting shot. Jim uses his photos as the excuse to help War stay alive. We all know Kim has them photos already so what is his plans for War. Jim wants War to get out of Savannah. War tells Jim he not leaving Savannah and he is not scared of the Malons. War hangs up before Kim finished their conversation. Is War a little shaken up now? Mama Rose trace Jim call to War. She didn't agree to not go to War, but she does tell Jim he better finds War before she does. Jim asked Ma Rose what her plans for the Jennifer Sallison's body is. She gave him no response. Isn't funny how no one is looking for Jennifer. What's up with that? 


Jim calls David and tells him he just had a meeting with Mama Rose. Jim tells David to hire Oscar to find War. Whatever plans they have, Mama Rose war can jeopardize all that . Jim tells David they have to find War before Mama Rose does. Yes they better because Mama Rose made it clear War is dead. War may not be scared but this enemy isn't his ordinary enemy. He better get prepared or take Jim's offer and get out of Savannah. It's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out.  David and Jim is meeting up at the hospital because that's where David is headed.

 Hanna is approached by Officer Justin and a detective. He wants to ask her question. Hanna tells them War name. She tells the police War and Candace are evil. Katheryn and Benny gets Hanna to stop talking. Katheryn takes Hanna with her. The detective questions Benny and Mitch about the shoot out. Being that Benny is being a smart mouth and not answering questions; the episode ended with Benny getting arrested.  

What is about to go down? But the biggest question is when is Candace going to find out her son is dead? Secondly, how will that affect her being that he is dead because of her. Stay tune and let's find out. 

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Editor: Lattice Johnson