The Haves and the Have Nots S4EP15: A Woman Under the Stairs *Recap & Review* #HAHN #haveandthehavenots

Episode Rating Scale: (8) Enjoyable

The build up is stacking. Everyone got something to lose one way or another. The best part of this episode was Charles. I was shocked. I thought Charles was a softy. Boy was I so wrong. Lol. Let's recap and discussed. 


Veronica was the woman under the stairs. She was in the stairwell listening to Justin and Jeffrey conversation. Now she knows Justin is living a double life. The wrong person to know his secret. Veronica asked Justin was he married. Veronica found someone who isn't afraid of her and her threats. Justin had some fire to give right back to Veronica. Funny how Veronica said Justin is sexually harassing Jeffrey. I mean it did start that way, however he has feelings for Jeffrey now. How long will Justin stay in the closet? When is he going to blow his life up about his sexuality? I am pretty sure Jeffrey wasn't the first guy he sexually harassed in the back of a squad car. Veronica tells Justin to stay away from her son. She threaten to tell his boss and everyone else, that he is sexually harassing her son. Justin stood his ground with Veronica. He still acted like what she thought she heard, she didn't hear. Lol. Being that his wife is the judge on her case, his influence on her can be trouble for Veronica. But, could Veronica news to her, get her out of trouble? No woman like another woman knowing something about their man, THAT THEY DON'T KNOW. Hmmmm!! How is Tyler Perry going to play that one? Justin makes it clear threatening him, can be dangerous. But we all know Veronica is crazy. Threats mean absolutely nothing to her. Justin in denial tho, he gay is all out doors. Veronica said she is going to file a motion to get his wife off her case. The grounds will be her husband is having an affair with her son. Justin gets angry and steps to Veronica. But of course, you can't place fear in the devil. What will Veronica do with this new information? She going to find a way to blackmail Jeffrey with Justin secret. Watch what I tell you. Jeffery and Justin better watch out.  

David and Jim runs into Jeffery at the hospital. Jim asked Jeffrey why is Wyatt in the hospital. Jim is shocked to hear that Wyatt is detoxing. He can't believe Wyatt is doing this on his own. Jim asked Jeffrey, "did you make him do this?" Jeffrey tries to protect Wyatt. Jim wants to know where Wyatt is at. Jeffrey doesn't think it's the best time for Jim to see Wyatt. Jim and Katheryn can be the demise of Wyatt. They play a major role in Wyatt's pain and addiction. Despite Jeffrey best judgement, he tells Jim what room Wyatt is in. Before Jim takes off to Wyatt, he apologize to Jeffrey for yelling at him. Once Jim leaves, David ask Jeffrey about Melissa. Jeffrey knows Melissa is messed up. He also knows his mother is the main source of her suicide attempt. Her father's death just made all she has done for nothing. David asked Jeffrey about his role in Quincy's murder. Jeffrey tells him the truth. Now David knows what Veronica been using to blackmail their son. David loves his son no matter what. He will protect him even against Veronica. I just really wish Jeffrey had  the heart to stand up to Veronica all the time. I don't understand why he doesn't go to his father when he gets in sticky situation. David probably could clean it up before Veronica find out. However, David is always the last to find out Jeffrey's troubles. 


Jim shows up at Wyatt's room. He meets Anna. He asked Anna how he is doing. Anna tries to get Jim to understand he is trying to get through this. Jim wants to be alone with Wyatt. Anna tried to plead her case of why that wasn't a good under; but Jim won the battle. She gives him a second alone with his son. Jim and Katheryn hasn't seen Wyatt since his got his inheritance money. Jim leaves his card with Anna for updates. Regardless of Jim actions, he love his son. I just feel so much damage has been done, it will take time and effort to work things out with Wyatt. The same for Katheryn.

Katheryn asked Hanna how she sleep. Hanna is over at Katheryn's new place. Now where the hell Hanna get clothes from or is those Katheryn's clothes? Lol. Hanna calls Mitch looking for Benny. She is ready to start making the funeral arrangements for Baby Q. Mitch is back at the hotel room getting Baby Q favorite toy; when she calls. Mitch and Benny already agreed to not worry Hanna about his his arrest. So, Mitch covers for Benny. Mitch has been such a good friend to Candace and Benny. You can't deny that. Katheryn offers to pay for Baby Q funeral. Even though Hanna wants to say no, she in no position to pay for it. She doesn't even have a job or roof over her head at this point. But I really do love the friendship Katheryn and Hanna has build. Hanna has been there for Katheryn through so much. Katheryn just showing her appreciate for that. You have to respect that. It was so funny seeing Katheryn trying to figure out how to cut the stove on. Lmao. I guess Katheryn never had to worry about cooking when you born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Lol.  


Candace meets Charles kids. I swear the little playing his daughter is so adorable. But, when is Candace going to find out her son is dead? When is she going to find out because of her actions, War killed her son. Will she take responsibility or blame Hanna?  Can't wait to see her reaction. I am trying to figure out is Candace playing Charles or does she really like him. I mean, she keep refusing to help Oscar cause him the election. What is her motives with Charles. Once Charles sends his kids off to school, Candace invites him over. Seems like Charles trust Candace when she say, "she gave him all of the recordings." Is he truly that trusting? He just can't be. Charles tries to ask Candace a question. He said his question affects her too. Funny, Candace said "Don't tell me you have a STD." What? So they didn't use any protection. Get out of here. Is her getting pregnant apart of her plan? Even though Charles suppose to be doing a rally; he allows Candace to seduce him again.  She orders him to take off his clothes. With little resistance, he take his clothes off. Must say, him body wasn't too bad looking. Lol.

We all know that Benny was arrested for questioning about  Candace, Quincy's murder and his part in the murder. So why are they talking about terrorist attacks. What is going on? Why do they want his DNA? The Feds say he isn't under arrest but won't let him walk out of there. Did they change the detective because that wasn't the detective that arrest him. Why is an agent involved? What has Candace got Benny into now? Candace games always come back to hurt the ones she loves. All this is about her and Charles, who want to bet on it? Lol. Candace lay in bed with Charles taking selfies of them two. Charles remind her he doesn't like being blackmailed or thought of being blackmailed. Candace thinks this is all a game. How soon does she find out Charles is nothing to play. Charles said, "Vincent, I need you. " Next thing you, a room full of agents come in the room. Candace like what is going on. Charles lay there so calm, cool and collect. He tells Candace, " Look at me. Look at me. " Never expected to hear him, "Candace you are under arrest. I am not the one to mess." Wait a minute. Hold up. Where did that come from Charles? See, them politicians has there own bag of tricks. Candace just got in too deep where street smarts, her hustler skills and her vajayjay can't get her out of this. What will Candace have to do to get herself and Benny out of this jam? Like I said, that agent in the interrogation room went back to Candace and her schemes. 

Stay tune folks. The Have and the Have Nots is about to explode.  If you missed this episode you can catch it on Comcast On Demand or download the OWN app. 

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Editor: Lattice Johnson