The Haves and the Have Nots S5 Ep3: Undercover Vice #HAHN #Recapandreview

Episode Rating Scale: (8) Enjoyable

Again, I am not at the edge of my seat yet. Episode (3) was enjoyable to watch but still not OMG. However, I did scream at the TV at Candace. She just refuses to take ownership. Her decision to cross War got her son killed, point, blank, period. The deadly games Candace play. Let's recap. 


The episode opens with Benny explaining to Hanna while he was with Veronica and hold her hand. Benny explained that she was in a car accident. Hanna is upset with Benny. She doesn't understand why Benny isn't listening to her. She asked him if he was sleeping with Veronica again. Benny told her no. Benny wants to know why she is at the hospital. Hanna shows Benny the letter from Baby Q. Hanna intends to see Candace. For some reason, she thinks Baby Q letter will have some effect on Hanna. We all know Candace is too selfish to care about her son last words. Hanna asked Benny for Candace room number. Benny doesn't feel it's a good idea for her and Candace to be face to face with each other. Hanna persists in arguing with Benny about Veronica. She doesn't believe him when he says he isn't sleeping with Veronica. I mean, he is grown Hanna can't control who he date, sleep or get his self into. However, Veronica can be deadly.


Candace gets approached by a John. As always she is so rude. Candace gets straight to the point. She tells the John to meet her at her room. I guess his watch was expensive enough for Candace.  It looks like the John enjoys her demeanor. He agrees to meet her later. Candace then excuses the John.  

Charles and Landon have drinks. Charles opens up to Landon about a past girlfriend. Landon assures Charles he is going to win the election. Their boys night seem to be enjoyable. Landon asks Charles about the military. Charles joined to change his life. After a few more drinks, Charles ends their boys night. As Charles is undressing Landon is looking at him very seductively. Charles doesn't even notice. Does Landon have a crush on Charles? It looks like way.


George questions Jeffrey. Jeffrey refused to talk and asked for his lawyer.  Jeffrey informed George that his father is his lawyer. George was under the impression that Veronica was Jeffrey lawyer. George is more confused about everything. George know something isn't right, he just can't pinpoint everything.  Jeffrey continues to state he wanted a lawyer. George informs Jeffrey that Veronica was in a car accident.  George notices Jeffrey wasn't surprised by Veronica's accident. Before Jennifer was killed, she was building a case against the Cryers and Harringtons. Jeffrey was a crucial witness in the case. No matter how much George tried to get answers of Jeffrey; Jeffrey continues to ask for a lawyer.


Erica and David discuss living together. David is really into Erica. They talk about decorating his house. Repeatedly David has made it clear; he wants Erica to stay in addition to that. Erica is just making me mad. She has a good thang with David. Why is she going to allow Candace to jeopardize that? Erica continues to play this game of having an abusive ex. David reassurance her, she is safe with him. Just as they were about to share a kiss, Erica sees Justin at the door. David finally gets the news Jeffrey is in jail.   Justin tells David that Veronica had him locked up for Quincy's murder. David tells Erica he has to go. Again, Erica plays per game. She was shaking, so she tells David her ex-was a cop. Lies on top of lies. David calls Veronica but gets no answer. He doesn't know Veronica is in the hospital.  Justin jealousy of Wyatt has displayed again. Wyatt calls Jeffrey but Justin answers. Justin asked Wyatt not to call Jeffrey again. He even threatens to bash his head; if he calls Jeffrey again. Wyatt shows no fear of Justin. Justin hangs up, and Wyatt calls still. Justin heads to Wyatt. How will this play out? Wyatt and Jeffrey are just friends. Justin needs to understand that.  


Derrick arrives at Katheryn's news. I like this house better than the old. She questions Derrick about Hanna. Katheryn's is playing matchmaker. Unfortunately, Hanna mind is somewhere. She isn't thinking about a man. Katherine convinces Derrick to pursue Hanna. He points out Veronica play matchmaker for him as well. I am surprised she hasn't tried to sue him. 

 At the hospital, Melissa refused to know what's going on with the baby. All she is worried about is if  Veronica is dead. Melissa and the baby are fine. The only person she cared about is dead, and now,  she has gone.

Candace arrives at the hotel bar. Candace is so good; she knows vice when she sees them. She also has a side hustle with the bartender, Rocky. Pimping always was Candace game, look at Erica. It seems like Candace has her eye on a new girl to bully and pimp. A gentleman approaches Candace. She doesn't give him any time. She quickly points out he is vice and dismisses him.

Melissa visits Veronica. Veronica tells her she tried to kill her. Melissa said no I tried to kill us. Since Melissa acting crazy, Veronica makes it clear she isn't taking care of her mother anymore. That was funny. Melissa is careless about her mother. Veronica doesn't understand Melissa is crazy. She has the wrong person carrying her grandchild. Melissa took money out of Veronica's purse. She left the room screaming and saying I hate you. Soon as she left, Veronica makes a call. She is trying to get one of her judge friends to committing Melissa. No accident stops the devil. Veronica still plotting and Melissa doesn't know she is set up.  


George and Sarah discuss the evidence and the witness. George isn't happy with his case. He wants more solid proof. He knows Veronica is a snake. He doesn't want the Cryers or Harringtons to get off. He wants something solid to solve this case and make it stick. Oscar approaches Sarah as she leaves George office. He hands her the phone. Jim orders her to meet him. Sarah refuses, but she will be there.

 Been and Hanna shows up at Candace's hotel room. Hanna shows Candace Baby Q letter. That letter only seemed to fuel more fire. Candace blames Hanna for her son died. She only needs to blame herself tho. She tells Hanna she is turning tricks. Hanna is trying to reach Candace. But her present just add anger. Benny tries to intervene, but he fed up with Candace. He fed up with Candace pointing fingers except one at her self. Candace turns the blame on Benny now. She blames Benny for making her give Hanna custody. Benny made the best point ever. He told Candace, " War wasn't after me!!!" Boom, boom, boom!!!! Now that's a fact. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. The John from the bar arrived. Benny tells him to leave. Candace says no. Then Hanna drops a bomb. The John is supposed to be Candace's father. Now is that the truth? 

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Editor: Lattice Johnson