The Haves and the Have Nots S5 Ep4: The Lion #HAHN Recap and Review

Episode Rating Scale: (9) Excellent

One scene from this episode had me teary-eyed. Hanna's story was heartbreaking. Let's jump in and recap.


It turns out Candace John wasn't her father. Hanna doesn't know who Candace's father is. Proving her point to Candace. Any of the men she is sleeping with could be her father. Of course, the coldness in Candace misses the point. The evil and disrespect Candace gives Hanna (her mother) is just unbelievable. My mother would slap the taste out my mouth. Benny is getting so tired of the hate between Hanna and Candace. He had enough. I guess Candace called their mother a hoe one, too many times. Benny is trying to get Candace to go to the new house. Being that she said no, Benny decides to drag her there. He tries to live Candace, but he doesn't succeed. Benny loves his sister, but at some point, he will have just to let Candace go and be who she is. If her son's death didn't change her, nothing will.


Hanna can't believe how Hanna can just let these men; any man only wants to have sex with her. Again, Candace calls Hanna a hoe still. It seems like Candace has daddy issues. Hanna sees the pain of not knowing her father is affecting her. Hanna finally shares her story. The beginning of her mixed emotions about Candace. Hanna learned the hard way how drinking too and partying can sometimes lead to the unexpected heartache. On her way from a party, no key and nobody home, Hanna was prey upon. In her home, hands around her throat, Hanna was rape; Candace was conceived. The evilness in Candace didn't allow her to shed one tear. How could you hear something like that and not cry? Candace had it all wrong. She wasn't a hoe; she was raped. Finally, Candace tears fell when Hanna admits she didn't want to have Candace. Her rape and aunt lead her to God. Her aunt made her have Candace. Hanna love for Candace started with her first kick. Hanna once saw the light in Candace's eyes, but that light is long gone. I felt so sorry for Candace as she sits there pouring her out to her daughter. Explaining her rape, looking for love in the wrong place, finding herself and God. Sadly, Candace believes nothing Hanna said. Hanna's apology went over Candace's head. Candace puts Benny and Hanna out. Hanna left Candace with scripture to look up. Once Benny and Hanna leave; Candace let he guard down. She cries. I rather not known. How do you handle knowing you were conceived by rape and not from love? Evilness must just be in the DNA. I was in tears. The story was so heartbreaking and relatable.


David arrives at the jail to see Jeffrey. The desk officer doesn't make David's visit comfortable. He tells David to take a sit. Looks like a long wait for David. What I didn't understand was with all his connection, why David didn't go to the jail prepared.


Jim set it up to reach Sarah through Oscar. Sarah calls Jim. Sarah tries to deny a visit with Jim. Jim seems to have power over Sarah. She does her best to resist Jim, but it didn't happen. Jim about to use her to get out of all the cases the DA has on him. Sarah career about to tank messing with Jim. 

 Benny and Hanna arrive home. Benny finds a letter from Derrick. Derrick fixed the sink and washed the dishes. He is trying to impress Hanna. Benny assures Hanna he believes her story. Benny suggests therapy to Hanna. Hanna feels she talked to lard she doesn't need treatment. Benny gets her to agree to treatment. Benny also didn't tell the entire truth about how he about to get back to work. Benny goes upstairs. Hanna calls Derrick. She thanks him for fixing the sink and washing the dishes. Derrick asked Hanna out on a date. She said no. Hanna needs a love interest. Once or twice we saw an attempt to get her man. Hopefully, by the end of the season, Hanna will have a new man. Once Derrick hung up from Hanna. Katheryn doesn't butt come around the corner. She wants to know what Hanna said. Katheryn didn't understand why Hanna denied him. I don't either. How will Katheryn get Hanna on a date?


While talking to Mitch, Veronica calls Benny. She thanks him for helping her out the car. They share some small talk. Veronica asked Benny to see her. At first, Benny tried to refuse but later agreed to the visit. Will Benny and Veronica rekindle their affair?

Candace gets her a new girl to boss around. Her name is Gina. Candace bases assault her and talk so disrespectful to her. Candace tells her she is her pimp.  Candace is off the chain. She is indeed acting like a pimp. She smacks Gia for telling her no. By the end of the conversation. Gia was well informed of her things to do. Poor Gia. She doesn't know or understand; she is dealing with a devil. Now Candace has two females to bully.  


David has been waiting all night to see Jeffrey. Still, no DA gave the clear to allow him to see Jeffrey. David calls Jim who lies about not having a DA connection. Amazing how Jim can use folks only to his advantage. I was happy he did tell David to call Katheryn. Katheryn seems to have the power. David calls Katheryn. She agrees to help Jeffrey and David. She also tells David about Veronica's car accident. David just out of the loop with everything but Erica. Lol.

Justin is crazy. He is upset thinking Jeffrey and Wyatt are more than friends. Justin has been going through Jeffrey phones reading emails. Then Wyatt calls again. Wyatt is fed up with Justin. Trying to talk to Jeffery but Justin keeps interrupting. Wyatt makes a false confession that they are lovers. Justin threatens Wyatt if he calls Jeffrey again. Jeffrey is just fed up with Justin. Justin refuses to take Jeffrey back to his cell. Jeffrey starts screaming and banging on the door. Now we all know Justin can't win in a fight with Jeffrey. But he has the upper hand since Jeffrey is handcuffed. How far is Justin going to take this? Stay tuned in. 


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Editor: Lattice Johnson