#Scorpion Season 3 Episode One Recap & Review


Two f-130 fight jets are cyber hacked. Realizing that he is in love with Paige Walter races off to Tahoe to stop her and Tim's date but is interrupted by a call from Cabela's telling him that he needs to get on a plane with Them in order to get back to the garage ASAP.

Still hung up on the fact that happy is married Toby decides to binge drink. Cabe tells the team about the jets being hacked. Sly and Walter try to hack into the f-130s one of the jets locks on and shoot down the other one. An admiral tells the team that four U.S. destroyers have no cyber hacked and are positioned outside of Miami, Portland, Boston and long beach with BGM missiles pointing at each city. Toby analyzes that the hackers are of Eastern European descent of cold war parents

Cabe, Tim and sly head to Bulgaria while Paige and Walter go to long beach. The team wants the f-130 to nose dive in order for happy and Toby to reinstall the unhacked firmware back on. Walter and Paige talk about Tahoe while on their way to the Pentagon office. Happy uploaded the firmware allowing the pilot to safely land. 

Walter and Paige arrive at the Pentagon office. Walter is about to tell Paige how he feels when a middle comes right at them. in Bulgaria Sly uses his mathematical skills to win at baccarat to draw out the skunk. Paige found out that Walter sabotaged her and Tim's getaway. 

After winning 15 hands at baccarat sly, Cabe and Tim go to meet the skunk who will give them the hackers information in exchange for sly helping him win his money back against a Chinese businessman. Using a trebuchet and a giant aluminum ball Walter, Paige, happy and Toby disrupt the hackers signal long enough for Walter to get onto the battleship and take control of it. Using the ships sonar Walter finds the sub. In Bulgaria sly busts a straight and is threatened by the Skunk and his men. Gallo and Tim find the hackers in a movie theater shutting down their operation allowing Walter to restore power to the sub after allowing them to launch a middle in order to save Sly's life

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Katherine McPherson, elyes Gable, Jason Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Ari Stidham, Robert Patrick, Riley b. Smith