#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 15 "Enter Flashtime" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry panting and sweating. He speaks to Iris just like he did in the courtroom and told her that he couldn’t save them this time.

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Flashback to almost nine minutes earlier. Barry is training, and Cisco is tired. He’s been making breaches that Barry tries to run into. It doesn’t work, and Cisco says he’s done. The plan is to run into one of Devoe’s breaches, but Iris doesn’t think it’s a good one. Barry points out that it’s the only one they have. She says he needs to take a breather and he says he’ll make a dinner reservation for them. Over the intercom, Harry says he needs them.


He and Cisco have created a way to see all of Devoe’s breaches. This is something he’s been planning for a long time. According to Caitlin, three years. Ralph is downstairs moving in.


Then Jesse shows up and it’s super awkward.


Her and Harry talk, mostly about her mom. He can’t, and it makes her mad. This whole conversation makes him mad, and she leaves.


Team Flash get an alert about a gunfight in an airport hangar. Joe is there helping A.R.G.U.S. transport something. The team all gets over there, but they are too late. By the time Barry gets there, the leader has gotten into the A.R.G.U.S container and detonated a nuclear bomb.


Barry and Jesse talk. The second that they slow down the bomb goes off, and everyone dies. Barry tells Jesse to get Jay Garrick.


He touches Cisco and brings him into what Cisco deems “Flashtime.” Cisco tries to breach it to a dead Earth, but it doesn’t work because time is necessary for a breach to form. Cisco is sweaty and tired, so he has to let Cisco go. Before Cisco freezes back, he tells Barry to ask Harry.


Harry thinks that they should open the speed force portal and let the bomb explode there. He’s glad that Barry sent Jesse away but mad that she’s coming back.


Jay and Jesse come in as Barry has to let Harry go. Barry tells them Harry’s plan, but Jay is having none of it. The force of the explosion might destroy the speed force for good and take away the powers of every speedster on every Earth. Barry asks him if he has a better idea. He has two. One is to counteract the reaction with a nuclear fusion machine, which they don’t have, and the other is to cool it down.


Barry touches Killer Frost. At first, she thinks they’re crazy, but she gives it a shot once she realizes that they’re serious. Unfortunately, it’s just too hot for her. Barry gets her out before she overheats, but before he lets her go, she makes him promise not to let Caitlin die. Say it with me, Awwwwwwww.


Now it’s back to the first idea. Jesse suggests that they could be the machine. If they all throw lightning bolts at the bomb at the same time, it should counteract the reaction. This doesn’t work either. Jay’s just too tired at this point. He has to rest.

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Jesse’s also sweating. She suggests that they run back in time and stop the bomb from going off, but Barry tells her that that is a bad idea. He also says that Jessie should leave. It takes some convincing, but she does.

Barry almost touches Joe, but he stops himself and apologizes instead.

Jesse goes to Harry and tries to bring him into Flash time. She can’t, but she talks to him anyway. Jessie says that she just wants him to be happy and he hasn’t been since her mom died. Then she has to rest too.


Barry is back at S.T.A.R. Labs trying to figure out how to send the bomb into the Speedforce. He doesn’t come up with anything. He is sweating and exhausted, but he makes his way to Iris, and we get the beginning scene again.


Barry calls her his lightning rod and Iris has an idea. She mentions the quark sphere that they used to get him out of the Speedforce. If he can find it, he can use it as a lightning rod to counteract the nuclear reaction. He kisses her and goes to get it.


Sometimes this show is so pretty, and I love it. This scene is gorgeous. Barry goes into the speed force, finds the sphere, gets into the hangar, and, with his last bit of strength, throws the sphere into the bomb container. Wow.


Everyone goes back to normal time. Jesse and Harry hug. Iris calls out for Barry. Joe finds him unconscious. When he wakes up, he asks if they’re all dead. Joe says no.

In the S.T.A.R. Labs infirmary, Joe shows them the terrorist manifesto of one Veronica Dale. She’s the leader of Eden Corp, an environmental terrorist group, and is a Green Arrow villain. The manifesto was supposed to be posted online after the big boom.


Jay walks in to say goodbye. He realized that he’s getting old and he needs to train a new Flash. He also thanks Iris for them all being not dead.


Barry needs to rest too, so everyone leaves him and Iris alone. He says that she was right about needing a breather and apologizes for having to cancel date night. She doesn’t mind, and they just cuddle.

Harry and Jesse talk. She says that she’ll wait for him to be ready to talk about her mom. Harry wants her to stick around. He reverses engineered the cerebral inhibitor so that she can hear his thoughts. She cries, and I cried. It’s really sweet.


Later, Harry and Caitlin talk. Caitlin has repeatedly said that she never remembers anything that Killer Frost says or does and that this freaks her out. This time was different. She remembers Killer Frost trying to stop the bomb and being worried about her.

Before they get a chance to talk further, mystery girl who is most likely Dawn Allen spills her coffee on them. She babbles about being nervous because she’s meeting someone for the first time. Caitlin tells her that she hopes it goes well. When she leaves, mystery girl says that it did. Is it just me, or was she slightly more ominous than she has been?


This episode was awesome! 9/10.