#ShadesOfBlue S1 and S2 Recap

Here is all you need to know about season 1 & 2.


We're just less than eight hours till the season premiere of the final season of Shades of Blue. If you haven't seen the last two seasons of the show, here's a quick recap. 

In season one where it all started, we meet Detective Harlee Santos, who's a corrupt cop with the Street Crimes squad in the NYPD's 64th Precinct in Brooklyn, Just as things were going well with her, she gets caught by the FBI agent Robert Stahl. He makes a deal with her in exchange for shortening sentencing she turns in her Lieutenant, Matt Wozniak. 

But Wozniak sense someone has been snitching in the group and tells Harlee about it in private because he trusts her. It not only drives Woz and Harlee crazy but it puts their team in a stressful time when a member of the team gets killed because Woz thinks he was the one who's been talking with the FBI. 

If that wasn't enough for Harlee, her ex-boyfriend and the father to her daughter comes back and gets a release from jail due to bad evidence. He wants to meet with his daughter and Harlee as well. But Harlee pays him in cash to stay away, but that wasn't going to happen at all. 

It finally goes down with Stahl taking Woz, but the ending left a huge cliffhanger when Harlee confronts her ex's, and he tries to rape her, but she snaps his neck. 


Season 2 was even more character driven than the first season with a whole lot of twist, turns and personal.

Just after Harlee snaps her ex's neck, she takes him out and digs his grave. But she gets a phone call and joins with Woz and explains to him that what she had to do was all for her kid. She asked him how he got away from Stahl and he tells her that he works for him now trying to get someone for him, who that would be deemed to be the Boss of New York, but that wasn't til Stahl tells them that he wants Councilwoman Julia Ayres, who killed his partner long ago. 

It's been nothing but back and forth between Woz and Stahl til Stahl got the best of Woz and mailed his wife photos of his secret life as a bisexual. 

As Harlee and Woz worked together to get Ayres the best they can, Stahl digs into Harlee's life, connecting with her daughter and searching for her father. He figures out that Harlee had killed her ex and tried to blackmail her more and more, but she turned the tables on him when she informed the FBI of what he has been doing, for which he gets fired. 

Things take a turn when Woz and the team get taken out with guns shots firing at them, hitting Woz's son. After things got personal and Woz gets Ayres but not after she was elected Mayor. But it turns tragic twist when Woz gets shot point blank at the office, and Stahl kidnaps Harlee, who happens to have a fetish for her, but she kicks his butt and tries to escape leaving with an intense cliffhanger. 

Shades of Blue has been delivering week in and week out some of the best drama in the last two seasons on television. Not only does Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta give great performances, but the show's cast delivers too. With strong stories, it delivers with moments of character development and the twist and turns leaves the audience stunned. 

You can catch the season premiere of Shades of Blue tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Here's a trailer and the opening scene of the season premiere of Shade of Blue: