#ShadesOfBlue S2, Ep. 1 "Unforgiven" Season Premiere Recap/Review

After the events of what happen in the season finale, trust is probably out the door for a while.

"Unforgiven" marks the first episode of season two of Shades of Blue. After Det. Harlee Santos told er boss Lt. Matt Wozniak that she was the mole for Special Agent Robert Stahl of the FBI, the tables have really turned now that pushes these characters to another level of holy shit.

The episode picks up right where we left off with only a few minutes before when Harlee snaps her abusive ex's neck. Stunned for a minute or two, she moves to get rid of the body by dumping it to a fellow Detective's grave, for which she framed him as the mole to Wozniak. Placing the body in the grave, she cuts the body apart with tool helped provided by a fellow Intel.

Meanwhile, Wozniak meets with Stahl and talk up of a deal of how Stahl needs a dirty cop to find the person that orders for the dirty calls, for which is a former NYPD Detective and runner for Julia Ayres (played by Anna Gunn), who has ties with the head mafia of Brooklyn.

Wozniak would have a talk with Julia after arresting the head mafia of Brooklyn and talk of how this should not be anything but a misunderstanding. He's pissed at the situation that he's in, but for Julia, she figures out that someone is pushing him to do what he did and that they should go after the person that is involved for which is includes Harlee for one thing.

This was one hell of an episode that at the moment that Harlee moved the body we were off to the races of intense drama. The scenes with Lopez and Liotta was outstanding and also gave me some of the chills watching scenes from when they were on the car ride to talking in Wozniak's garage during the storm. Also Lopez's performance with Sarah Jeffery couldn't be more heartwarming but also just chilling as she was explaining to her of the act that she did to get her dad away while seeing her sneak in and taking the money back to burn.

This episode really sets up for one hell of a ride of I have no clue where it will go but I'm definitely going to buckle up every Sunday night and watch to see where this will go. The writing was very good and the performance from Lopez, Liotta and Anna Gunn was great. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

You can catch Shades of Blue Sunday nights at 10/9c on NBC.