#ShadesOfBlue S2, Ep. 2 "Eye of a Hurricane" Recap/Review

Beware as the storm has come full force.

After last week's season premiere, this past Sunday's episode was still on fast speed on intense drama. And most of it was calling off the buffs of each other.

When Harlee meets up with Wozniak at the local diner, not talking to her or when Stahl shows up as well but gives both of them a message from his orders: a blueberry pie (Harlee hates) and a child's pancake for Stahl (either because he's got child like features, I guess). But let's just say wit Harlee there to translate for Wozniak, it made for some funny moments. 

Stahl wants a name of the politician that is connected to the mod boss that they arrested last week. We all know it's Julie but Wozniak or Harlee wants to take her down because she was one of them in the past and Harlee has to testify in court on the charges against that mod boss, for which didn't stick because the Judge dismissed it. 

But Harlee gets threaten by the mod boss when they're in the elevator together and so she reopens the case of the judge (who dismissed the case) look at the accident that was also dismissed before Hurricane Sandy came which she tries to find the officer at the time, for which she found at Julie's party. 

Meanwhile, the moment of the episode happens to be between Wozniak and Stahl, when they each try to call each other buffs. Stahl frozen all of Wozniak's credit cards, Wozniak turning in the video of Stahl from his hotel room with a stripper when he was at the court hearing for custody of his son. Then the gloves really came off when Stahl leak the tape of him with his relationship with Donnie Pomp and that got Woz beating the crap out of him but thanks to Harlee he stopped choking him and walked away. 

"Eye of a Hurricane" was one hell of a roller coaster ride of an episode that had really good writing and the characters was unbelievable (mostly Harlee, Woz and Stahl). Liotta and Warren Kole really put the meaning of hated rivalry back on television. As Jennifer Lopez would say on American Idol, "I got all gooses (goosebumps) all over." Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch Shades of Blue Sunday nights at 10/9c on NBC.