#ShadesOfBlue S2, Ep. 3 "Ghost Hunt" Recap/Review

What Harlee thinks she knows is not really what Stahl wants at all. 

"Ghost Hunt" started off very good and dramatic with such thrilling music playing between Harlee and Woz as they prepare for their morning. Harlee talks with her daughter, who seems to be quiet at times and yet not much to tell her mother about things, let along hanging out with her grandmother's place. While Woz is at home alone after his wife left him after learning his affair with David and just dwells over with booze til his son gets there. 

Stahl and his FBI team head over to Harlee's place to take her in after the previous episode had Woz choking him almost to death. Harlee tells him that she can talk Woz down to a level that he'll help with his investigation but he'll have to give her some time and that's what he did and also mention that he's still looking into Miguel and tells her that he's been off the grid. 

Woz has a plan and he does it without Harlee but she won't take no for an answer as she'll be along his side til all of this is over to say. He goes after the guy that ordered the bank robbery and tries to get him to show up at the park, but during a stake out, Woz thinks that he might not show and turns out he wasn't but was up on the roof about to take out one of his guys while seating with Harlee. Woz takes the guy and lies to Harlee about it.  

But it wouldn't be too long til she figures that Woz has the guy but also gets a call about Christie stealing from a local grocery store. But after picking her up she heads to a local tavern where Woz left someone there and wanted her to let that guy go after spilling out about his boss to Woz. 

It was later that Harlee figures out what Woz was doing and gets Stahl to meet her with their guy that they caught. Harlee explains to Stahl but that's not going to cut it with him and shoots the guy dead. There Stahl tells them that Julie was the one that killed his partner and we finally know the reason why he's going after her in the first place. 

This was a very good episode and just like This Is Us, this show plays some great music for scenes that just brings the intense feeling to it. The relationship between Harlee, Woz and Stahl have been nothing but great television and this episode was just another level  I do worry about that Internal Affairs dude on where he's sniffing around the team investigating David's disappearance. There were some very good scenes with him and Harlee, mostly at the basement at the Tavern. I can't wait for the next episode to see where these characters goes next. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Shades of Blue Sunday nights at 10/9c on NBC.