#ShadesOfBlue S2, Ep. 4 "Daddy's Girl" Recap/Review

For one case it brings one person to face his own demons, while Harlee's daughter is looking for her dad by asking one person.

"Daddy's Girl" was a very intense let a long well performed by Ray Liotta, probably his best performance on the show so far. When Woz and Harlee get a call of two drug overdose girls at a party, Woz takes matters into his own hands, because his own daughter killed herself while taking drugs. 

Woz goes the distance in finding the man selling the supply and when he does he really pushes it to the guy as he tries to get answers. He pushes so far that he stuffs an entire small bag of them in the guy's mouth and gets him to spell, for which he did but needed an ambulance fast. 

But it was after we see Woz walk out and headed towards his office with a look of almost relief and exhausted. He soon talks to his son and explains to him that it wasn't his fault that his sister killed herself that it was his and not only that apologies for not being there as a father but he still thinks that he's done right by his father and grandfather. 

While Harlee tries to protect Woz and her crew from Intern Affairs, her daughter asks Stahl to find her daddy and hopes that he'll return. But instead of looking for him (because he's dead and all and they don't know that) he messages her as her father in one of the creepiest ways possible. 

But also Harlee tries to come to Julia about money laundry at a tavern that is connected with the mafia, and after a couple of times, Julia tries to tell Harlee to stop it. Harlee records the conversation but gets rid of it after listening to Woz about how she helped him back then with something personal. 

This was a fantastic episode that Ray Liotta really shined. The expressions in his eyes were just unbelievably amazing. The writing was so so good and left us with s cliffhanger if you didn't see as Harlee was walking towards her car a guy was standing next to it and even talked to her about having a good night. He broke into her trunk of her car and done something. Hell, I thought it was a bomb or something but in next week's episode looks like something that she'll be framed for which will be another intense episode for Harlee to overcome. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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