#ShadesOfBlue S3, Ep. 1 "Good Police" Season Premiere Recap/Review

Let the drama begin.....


The season premiere of Shades Of Blue was as intense and chilling as it could be and leaving us with some shocking moments. 

After getting a quick recap on how we got here, we see Harlee speaking in front of a council about how to NYPD is dirty and even talking about how herself has been involved too. But we jump back three weeks proper to that event and see Harlee, Loman, and Woz trying to get the drug dealer that's dealing and had that kid who shot Woz in the season finale. That was until gunshots were heard and the three-headed over there. 

As they come to the scene, Harlee and Woz see mainly everyone dead, while Loman chases someone that was running from the back of the diner. As Harlee checked the back, someone runs out the back, and she chases him. He stops and turns and with a moment look Harlee shot him thinking that it was Stahl, but it wasn't.  Loman came just after the shots and helped Harlee out, the same way she helped him out in the pilot. 


Harlee tries to help figure out who would come in a shot an officer til she thinks that it had to do with the Intelligence unit doing. After the funeral of the police officer from the diner, Harlee and Loman tracked a suspect to take him in and questioned him, but the Intelligence gets in the way and gets to Woz asking for an exchange between Harlee's suspect and Woz's drug dealer that he's trying to get. 

After Woz tries to get Harlee to turn her suspect in, she follows the orders but changed her mind and doesn't exchange like Woz was hoping she would do. Instead, she takes him to protective custody with James talking to him about it. As soon as Harlee meets with Woz in his garage, she talks about how it's the intelligence unit that got their shot. 

But as Harlee heads home, she gets a call from James about how they need to meet and that it was about what their suspect has to say. But when she heads there, she seems to be followed by a taxi and quickly she pulls over and follows a man in a hat that looks like someone, maybe Stahl. She follows him from the subway and out but loses him. She walks out and gets a taxi to meet with James til police cars were rush over and she too rushes over to see that the suspect was killed along with James too. 


This episode was so good with the intense, dramatic moments and the shocking final moments. But mainly I was moved with some of the scenes that mimic from the pilot episode from Loman helping Harlee out after she accidentally shot the suspect to what she did helping Loman out. Also, the Woz-Harlee scene in his garage and the thunderstorm coming too. It does feel the show is coming to an end along with going back to the events that will lead up to Harlee testifying in court. Anyone thinking that some might not survive? I didn't see Woz in court with Harlee and others. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

You can catch Shades of Blue Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.