#Shadowhunters-Season 1 Wrap Up

Clary Fray, 18, finds out she is a Shadowhunter-half human, half angel hybrid-who fight and kill demons to protect the humans. She is gets help from a group of Shadowhunters, Jace, Alec and Isabelle, to help search for her mother who was kidnapped by Valentine-who we later find out is her father and the leader of the Circle. 

On this journey for the search of her mother, Clary is faced with many obstacles. Facing off with a Memory Demon-risking the loss of her forgotten memories, in order to save Jace, her best friend, Simon, being kidnapped by vampire and later turning into one, being hunted by Valentine, and demons who work for him as well. On this quest, she is on the search for not only her mother, but also for the Mortal Cup. 

Being hunted down, attacked, and being told the most dangerous man in the Shadow World is your father takes its toll.  

When she was trying to look for answers of her past, she went back to her apartment. Alec not too far behind, just because Jace asked him to keep an eye on her. Can we say, overprotective much?  

Once they get to her apartment, she finds a box she was looking for that had the initials "JC" on it. What can those possibly mean? 

While Alec was patrolling the outside, Clary and Simon, who accompanied them on this non-risky quest, and they were taken by Alaric and some other men. We know that they are werewolves, but Clary and Simon don't. 

Once they are at the hideout, she is told that if she doesn't give them the Mortal Cup, Simon would die. Obviously, Clary would not let her best friend get hurt. She lies to the werewolves and gives them a fake location for the cup, since she herself doesn't know where it is either. 

Luke then finds Clary in a shipping container, where she was locked in by the Alpha of Luke's pack. Clary still doesn't know that Luke is a werewolf, or that he is actually trying to protect her. 

While trying to keep her safe, Jace and Alec show up, and Jace being the overprotective loverboy that he is, knocks Luke out and takes Clary with him to save Simon. 

While trying to flee from the hideout, they are confronted by the Alpha and they notice that one werewolf in particular is trying to protect them. This werewolf challenges the Alpha, and ends up killing him. After killing the Alpha, the werewolves go back to their human form. Clary recognizes most of these people, but mostly one in particular. The werewolf that saved them, was Luke. 

Clary was shocked at this new realization, and Luke told her that he promised her mom that he would protect her. Clary then realizes that Luke has been on her side the whole time.  

Luke, pertaining injuries of his fight against the Alpha, is trying maintain consciousness. With the help of Simon and Jace, Clary takes Luke to Magnus' apartment. Magnus then heals him up, and Luke is finally able to give Clary the background story of her father and her mother. 

Clary then learns that she had a brother who apparently died in a fire that Valentine caused, in order to hide from everyone. Clary then realizes that she has the ability to take and put stuff into a surface. Making something third dimensional into two dimensional. Once she realized this, she connected the dots and knew where to look for the cup. 

Telling both Magnus and Jace where the cup was, a tarot card that belonged to a now deceased Dot, Luke stepped in and told her that he has them in his office at the police station. 

Clary and Jace are now at the precinct, ready to go look for the cup. There were some minor set backs in this mission-Luke being charged with murder, downworlders in the precinct, and demons hunting them.  

At last, with the help of Alec and Isabelle, Clary was finally able to get the cup. Confronted by a shape shifting demon,  who was disguised as Jace, Clary sent it straight back to hell.  

When arriving at the Institute, she tells Jace everything that happened after she got the cup, facing off with shax demons, a shape shifter that looked just like him, and Jace asked her how did she know it wasn't him. She told him she just payed attention to the details. Right then, the first Clace kiss occured. Yay!!!!!

The next couple of episode were pretty much repeated things, Valentine still trying to retrieve the cup, Clary looking for her mother, Simon believes he is turning into a vampire, Alec proposes to Lydia Branwell,......wait, what?!?!?!  

Yes, you heard correctly, Alec proposes to Lydia Branwell, in order to help restore the honor to his family name. 

I sense a disturbance in Malecdise.... 

I am getting a bit ahead of myself though. Before this infamous proposal, Simon became a vampire, Clary and Jace were told by Valentine that they were siblings, and now shipping Clace is starting to get awkward. 

Go incest???? 

Anyways, at the wedding, before Lydia places the rune of marriage on Alec, Magnus storms in, and everything is silent. We know what this means.....Malec!!!!!! 

Yes, we were right! Alec finally makes his own decision, and followed his heart. He grabbed that beautiful, glittery warlock and kissed him right on the lips. 

This being the official way of how Alec came out to not only his parents, but to every other Shadowhunter.  

Let there be Malec!!!!!! 

Jace and Clary are still on weird feelings of whether they are actually related, or not.  

If you read the books, you know the outcome 😉.  

Before Lydia left for Idris after the wedding, she was meant to take the cup with her as well. That is until Hodge betrayed his fellow Shadowhunters because he was selfish, and couldn't handle the punishment he was given for being part of Valentine's crusade in the old days. He later gives Valentine the cup, giving him the ability to make his new army of Shadowhunters.  

So now, Clary has her mother but not the spellbook that contains the antidote for the potion her mother took. Finally narrowing down the location of the spellbook with the help of Magnus, they go and find Camille Belcourt. 

At last they have the spellbook, but then Valentine shows up and had to ruin everything. Jace then arrives apparently ready to save the day, but Valentine threatens to kill all of his friends, unless he joins him.  

Jace, knowing there is no other way, accepts Valentine's offer. While Jace is heading towards the portal, Clary tries to run after him, but Alec stops her telling her that if she goes through a portal without knowing where to go, she could be stuck in limbo forever.  

Now Clary is longing for Jace, brother and sister-wise or boyfriend and girlfriend-wise? Hmm... 

Once everyone is back at the Institute, Magnus is now ready to wake Jocelyn up, and he does. Jocelyn is now awake, and hopefully ready to shed some light on the Clace brother-sister dilemma we have going on. We shall see in season 2.  

The season ends with Jace now aboard on Valentine's ship, alongside Valentine and his new army of Shadowhunters.  

Dun dun dun........ 




 Enjoy this last Clace picture until season 2, which premieres January 2nd at 8/7ct on Freeform. 

Enjoy this last Clace picture until season 2, which premieres January 2nd at 8/7ct on Freeform.