#Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 2- "The Descent Into Hell Is Easy" Recap

This episode begins with no time passing after the ending of the previous episode, with Simon saying Clary’s name and telling her they need to go. Clary tells him that Jace can help them, and to come on and pulls him inside of the Institute. An exasperated Jace, calls him a mundane-which we know is an insult in the Shadow World and says they have no time.

Once they are inside of the Institute, Simon, a mundane without the sight, sees a wreck. A deeply annoyed Jace, puts a rune on his arm, leaving a very confused Simon asking why he is burning himself. Once he is done drawing the rune, he holds Simon's hand and then everything comes to be seen like it really is. A very awestruck Simon asks what the hell this is, and if whether there is a war that he is not aware of. Jace then replies to him, "There is now." Clary not so far behind, tells Simon that she believes her mother might be in the center of it. Simon tries to convince Clary that they do not need a killer, aka Jace, to protect them. Clary tells Simon that Jace is not a killer, but he is there to protect them. Jace advises them that he is more specifically protecting her since it is their "thing." Simon then questions their relationship, asking if they have a "thing." Clary clears the air, telling him that it is a "Shadowhunter thing," protecting the humans from the demons. Simon, trying to make sense of everything, mocks them. Jace then tells him that that is the first correct thing he has said all day.  

From a monitor in the Institute, they see the New York Police Department investigating outside, but Jace reminds them that the police will find nothing because their wards will protect them. Alec then asks, or more like complaints to Jace why there is a mundane in the Institute. Jace then explains to him that a Circle member followed him there, just to get to Clary. 

Simon and Clary are still confused about why the Circle wants Clary and her mother, so Jace says the Circle was a group of rogue Shadowhunters who led a revolt against the Clave, in which his father died. 

Alec says they’re not allowed to talk about that history, in which Clary questions why they cannot be told about something that is part of their history. Right then, Jace confronts her and tells her that that is coming from a girl who didn't even know she is a Shadowhunter. Clary then explains that her mother is missing and she wants to know who can tell them anything that might help them find her mother. Jace tells Clary that there is someone who might know a few things. He then leads Clary and tells Simon that he has to stay, Clary replies that they are a package deal, either they both go, or no one does, Jace then tries to explain that there are runes on the training room floor that can kill her mundane boyfriend. Clary and Simon both awkwardly cut him off, trying to make it clear that they are not together, but just friends. 


Simon then tells Jace that he can handle runes, and then asks what runes are. Isabelle is there and explains that runes give them the power to hunt and kill demons. She then insists that she’ll keep an eye on Simon. She offers to make him breakfast; that is when Jace advises him that the runes might be less lethal. Isabelle the introduces herself and Alec. A mesmerized Simon tells Clary that he will be fine and tells her to go ahead. 

In a parking garage, a woman walks up behind a guy, who we know must be a warlock because of his horns, demands to know where Magnus Bane is. Luke grabs her and asks if she’s part of Valentine’s plan, she calls Luke a disgrace to the Circle, Luke telling her that the only disgrace is that there was a Circle to begin with. She then tells him that she knows he was the one who killed her boyfriend Konrad. Luke then tells her that he did not have the honor to kill him. He tells her to either talk, or she will end up dead. She tries to fight him off, and they set off a car alarm, she then tries to stab him with her seraph blade then we hear a growl and the car is kicked back. Jace says Hodge was part of the Circle but repented and can never leave the Institute.

Clary and Jace watch him spar, obviously, he won since he is the weapons trainer. Once he has pulled his shirt on, he sees Clary and confuses her and thinks Clary is Jocelyn. Clary then explains that Jocelyn Fray is her mother. Hodge tells her that he knew her mother, but under a different last name, Fairchild, and she was one of his best friends. Clary tells him that a man named Valentine, and the Circle took her, but Hodge tells her that that cannot be possible, because Valentine died and the Circle died with him. He groans as a rune, in the shape of a circle at the base of his neck, burns him for speaking about anything related to the rebellion. Hodge explains to them, that if the Circle took them, it is bad, not only for Shadowhunters, but for all of humanity. He says Valentine sacrificed so many Shadowhunters, and says he would have killed most of humanity if he accomplished what he had planned. Clary, still not fully comprehending why any of this has to do with her mother, Hodge tells her that Jocelyn was part of the Circle too. Clary does not believe that her mother could have been part of something so dark and twisted. Hodge tells her, that Jocelyn left and not long after, Valentine died in a fire. Hodge is in pain, due to the burning of the rune, for mentioning the incidents of the rebellion, and Clary doesn’t want to ask him anymore questions, to not cause him any more pain. Hodge says Valentine will destroy the Shadow World, if he is still alive. Clary, remembering some of the things her mother told her, says her mom mentioned a cup. Hodge says that the Mortal Cup can create Shadowhunters, and if in the wrong hands, control demons. He says Clary must protect her mother and stop

Valentine before he destroys them all.

Clary, overwhelmed by the new realizations about her mother, storms out and tells Jace that she’s not an emotionless GI Joe like him, meaning she can't avoid being unfazed emotionally. He doesn’t know what that means, so Clary tells him she is not an emotionless soldier, who does not know how it feels to lose someone. Jace then tells her that he never met his mother, Clary, looking as if she was just slapped in the face, just apologizes. Jace, then proving his point that Clary doesn't know anything about him or this dangerous world she has just been introduced to. He cannot stress the fact that in this hidden world, no training and no plan gets people like him killed. Clary know gaining some understanding, says that Valentine believes her mother might have the cup. Jace questions if it can be possible that her mother could have that cup in her possessions somehow. Clary tells him that she does not know where the cup might be, because every time she tries to remember her mind is just an empty black hole. Jace then explains to her that her memory has been wiped by a warlock. Not really comprehending what a warlock is, Jace explains to Clary that warlocks sometimes have fingers that spark. Clary now remembering Dot's purple glow that came from her hands when she created the portal that sent her to the police station. Jace then questions whether Dot may be working for Valentine, and Clary just tells him that if she is it would be even better, because she would lead them right to him.

Luke cleans up Jocelyn and Clary’s apartment, packing anything that belonged to Clary, in order to not risk anyone or anything tracking her. He hears a noise and pulls his gun not knowing that it was Dot. She then asks him where Clary is, and Luke having no idea where she is, asks her what she meant. Dot says she sent Clary through a portal to him. She says she glamoured the house to keep the cops away, but that she still does not know where Clary might be. She tells Luke, that all she knows is that she sent Clary to him and that now she doesn't know anything about her. Dot asks him what he is doing, and he tells her can’t risk anyone tracking Clary, and says the stuff is going to the police station with him. She says she’s going to find Clary and will go to Magnus Bane. Luke says they can’t trust anyone and she agrees by telling him the same thing, "You're right, you can't trust anyone".

Simon sits in a room when Isabelle comes in with a tray of food. He asks her about runes, and what would happen if humans were to get them, and she says they kill or drive humans crazy. She says that when they do go crazy, they call them Forsaken and kill them. He asks why Jace put a rune on Clary. She tells him Jace thought she might be a Shadowhunter. Simon then gets up to leave, Isabelle obviously being faster because of her runes, tells him to relax since Jace can protect Clary. She starts to eat the unappealing food and he looks uncertain about eating the meal. He asks about the Circle and how bad they are, then Isabelle in all seriousness tells him it is bad for all of them. 


Jace tries to look up Jocelyn’s file but it’s restricted, and just talks to himself, "Where are you Jocelyn Fray?".

Valentine looks at Jocelyn’s body in stasis, and tells her that he is sorry that it had to be that way, and then tells her he is going to find their daughter, and bring them all together at last.

Luke is at the police station putting everything he took from the apartment into his desk drawer, when Vargas walks up to him. She asks about Clary, and says she spoke to her when he was talking to those two witnesses. Now realizing that Clary probably overheard what he said, he lies and says Clary is okay and it was just boy drama.

Isabelle gives Clary an outfit, but Clary is used to wearing jeans and loose shirts, so it really isn't her style. Clary asks Isabelle of Simon's whereabouts, Isabelle jokingly asks her, "Who?". This response alarms Clary, and then Isabelle tells her that she was just joking, and that Simon is in good hands with the boys. Clary, trying to retain information because of her attraction to Jace, asks Isabelle if Alec, Jace and her are siblings. Isabelle tells her that in every way Jace is like her brother, ever since he was taken in by her parents when he was ten years old. Ever since then, they trained and fought side by side. 

Clary not really being able to take everything in, tells her that all of it is too much to take in. Isabelle tries to give her a pep-talk, and tells her to remember that she was born to do this-not only being born a Shadowhunter, but to realize that is who she really is. Before exiting, Isabelle lets her know that she believes Simon is kind of "nerd-hot". 

The scene changes back to Luke at the police station, he tells Alaric that Clary must have been there when he was interviewing the “witnesses”. He then tells Alaric to search for Simon, because wherever Clary is, Simon is bound to follow.

Back at the Institute, Simon is trying to convince Clary that they don’t need them to search for her mother. Clary lets him know that they need them, because they both know they don’t know how to kill a demon. Simon tells her that he is just a “Google search away”. Isabelle then opens a rack of weapons, and Jace tells her no. Isabelle tells Jace, “Fifty bucks says he does not approve of this mission.” As if on cue, Alec comes in and says exactly what Izzy (Isabelle) believed he would say. Alec then lets them know that the Clave is sending Seelie scouts in search of Valentine. He tells them that Clary is to stay in the Institute. Jace then lets him know that they need to search for Dot, and right then Clary touches the necklace her mother gave to her before she entered the portal, and saw Dot heading inside of the Pandemonium Club.


Dot is running to the inside of the club, and calls out for Magnus, who is leading his people to salvation. He advises to Dot that Valentine is now hunting down every warlock in sight, since he found out a warlock orchestrated the potion that put her to sleep. He tries to convince Dot to join him and the rest of their people to salvation, but Dot tells him that she is going to search for Jocelyn.

Dot then heads out of the club, knowing fully well that she is no longer safe, not only because she knew Jocelyn personally but because she is a warlock as well. Dot is then grabbed by two men who seem to be part of the Circle as well. She puts up a fight, but with her magic running dangerously low, there is no chance of her escaping.

Clary leads the group to where she saw Dot heading, touching her necklace again, she calls out Dot’s name, and runs to her rescue, Jace not too far behind.  

Clary says two Circle members were the ones who took Dot. The group knowing full well that if the Circle has them, there is no way for them to retrieve Dot. They run inside of the club, in search of anyone else.

Alec alerts everyone, and tells them that they are exposed outside of the Institute, so they need to head back. Clary then tells them that there should be a different alternative, instead of going back to the Institute. She reminds Jace that she needs to find a way to regain her memories, because her memories can’t just be gone.  Jace tells her there is a way, Alec and Isabelle knowing full well that it is an outrageous plan tell him no. Jace tells them that he is not afraid of the Silent Brothers.

Clary, still not completely knowledgeable to the Shadow World, asks who the Silent Brothers are. Jace answers her question, by telling her that the Silent Brothers are Shadowhunters with immense power. Alec, popping the hope bubble, lets her know that the process of regaining memories with the Silent Brothers is a process that can kill a Shadowhunter if they are not strong enough.

Alec tells Jace that there is no way they are going to the City of Bones, considering that they have broken too many Clave rules. Isabelle on the other hand, tells Jace that Clary is not ready to face the Silent Brothers; but Clary asks that if there is another way to help retrieve her memories and get the answers they need, to go ahead and suggest the solution. She then tells them that since there is no other solution, she will go face the Silent Brothers. Jace, smiling, tells his siblings, “See, told you she is one of us.”  

Alec says it could kill her. He says they already broke too many Clave rules. Isabelle says Clary is not prepared for this. Clary says if they have no other way, she’ll do it. Jace says see, she’s one of us.

The scene then changes to what looks to be the bottom of a bridge. Once exiting the van, Simon is pretty freaked out, and Jace tells Clary to wait until they scout the area to make sure it is safe.

While they were checking the perimeter, Alec reminds Jace that if something is to happen to Clary, it will be on them. Jace defends Clary, by telling Alec that they cannot let Valentine get the Mortal Cup, that this is the only way for them to avoid that.  Jace says they’re in this together, but now there’s one more of them.

Simon, still completely freaked out, asks her how come she is not as freaked out as him, but she just tells him that she always felt like something was missing from her life, and somehow all of this makes sense to her. All she knows, is that she can’t believe her mom kept this from her.

She says that she needs her mother back, because she needs her to explain everything. Jace then comes back and says that the perimeter is clear. They go under the abandoned bridge, and head to what looks like the entrance to a crypt.

Dot is in a cage in Valentine’s lair, in Chernobyl, and she tries to find an escape, when suddenly Valentine appears and tells her that she is old, but obviously is not as wise.  He orders Dot to reverse the spell that was made on Jocelyn, but she tells him that it wasn’t her and she can’t break the spell. Valentine tells her that if she does tell him who performed the spell, he will free her. She confronts him, and tells him he is lying, ending up with Valentine injecting her with blood of one of his experiments, to “help trigger her memory”. He injects her in her neck, and she loses consciousness.

Heading to the entrance to the City of Bones, Jace tells Clary the Silent Brothers aren’t like them. He explains to her that they communicate with their thoughts instead of their words. He explains to her the process in which she must go through, she will carve the truth from her mind and it could kill her if she’s not strong enough. He tells her that not only can she die in this process, but the pain will be excruciating.

Clary says she’ll do whatever it takes to get her mom back. He says they can do this together. Clary is now uncertain of her ability to survive the process, Simon reassures her and tells her that she can do this. Simon tries to go ahead of them, but Jace says if he goes in, he’ll die. Alec says the rune energy kills any mundane.

Simon, now completely reassured that it is dangerous to enter, tells Clary to go ahead and he’ll wait there guarding the entrance to hell.

They’re now in a tomb, where it is now the City of Bones. Isabelle remarks that Jace and Clary make quite the team, when they see both Clary and Jace enter the tomb holding hands. Simon, obviously crushing on his childhood friend, does not like it.

Back in the police station, Captain Vargas shows Luke a picture of one of his “witnesses” turned up dead outside of an abandoned church and another in a parking garage. We see in the picture, that the woman’s body is all bloody and there’s a claw mark on the hood of the car. Luke tells her that he had nothing to do with their death, which we all know he has to do with at least one of those deaths. Alaric tells Luke he is supposed to fly under the radar, especially now with Valentine on the loose. Luke clarifies that it was self-defense.

Jace and Clary follow the path to the Silent Brothers, the lighting slowly dimming and getting darker. Jace then holds out a witchlight and it glows in his hand, illuminated the path. Clary, still new to this world, asks what that was. Jace tells her that Shadowhunters keep one, reminding them that “light can be found even in the darkest of places”, and that it is cooler than a flashlight. They see a statue with a sword and the Shadowhunter creed, “The Descent into Hell Is Easy”, and the statue is holding a cup that’s supposed to be the Mortal Cup.

She tells Jace she’s sorry for what she said and didn’t know his mother was dead, and Jace, being the emotionless G.I. Joe, he tells her that has no feelings, and not to bother apologizing.

He tells her how his father was part of the Circle too, and tried to leave and it cost him his life. Clary, once again apologizing, holds his hand to show him comfort. He tells her that he will make Valentine and his people pay. Clary then apologizes again, and Jace tells her to stop apologizing because she is a Shadowhunter now. He takes her hand and guides her through the eerie corridors.

Heading to the end of the corridor, she sees a symbol she knows she has drawn before. He tells her that it means clairvoyance. The Silent Brothers then appear all forming a circle. One pulls back his hood and she sees his eyes and mouth are sewn shut-not a pretty picture, huh.  They speak to her in her mind and tell her to come into the circle. Once entering the circle, the Silent Brother demands Jace to step back.

The brother says searching her mind is perilous but she says she needs her memories. They tell her the Soul Sword could kill her, if she is not strong enough. Clary thinks about her mother telling her she’s more powerful than she knows. Regaining confidence, she says she’s ready.

Simon asks Alec how long should it take to access someone’s memories, and that one of them should go and check if everything is okay. Isabelle says the Silent Brothers are unpleasant. He frets about the whole situation, and Alec complains about Simon talking too much.

As a distraction, Isabelle asks Simon if she could hear some of his music, and Simon tells her that his phone is in the van, and she goes to get it with him. Alec is annoyed not only with Simon but with Isabelle too.

While searching for a song to show Isabelle, Simon sees a text from Maureen and ignores it. Isabelle hears a rustling nearby, and tells him not to leave the van. She then signals him to lock the car door.

Still deciding which song, he listens to some music on his headphones. Suddenly, a pair of hands grab him from the back of the van and drag him back as well.

Clary sees the Soul Sword above her head. It comes down and touches her forehead. She is then taken back in her past talking to Simon on the phone to what seems to be 2 years’ prior, because of a Sweet 16 birthday card. She hears a rustle, and she hangs up on Simon, she pretends to be asleep and she hears Luke tells her mother to stop blocking her memory. He says Clary is a Shadowhunter and she can’t change that. Jocelyn says it’s not safe for them if she gives Clary her memories. She says if she ever finds out that her father is Valentine. Once she hears her mother say that Valentine is her father, the memory fades. Clary gasps and the sword pulls away. Clary says she’s not done, she says that can’t be all of it. The Silent Brother says only fragments of her memory are there, and says she must accept what she saw. Jace asks what it is that she saw. Clary says her mother lied about her father. Jace, not fully comprehending asks what about her father, and Clary tells him that Valentine is her father. She runs out
upset and unable to accept the new news.


Back in Chernobyl, Dot sits in her cell using the little bit of magic to pop off the chains on her wrists. She gets the lock off the cage too. She pushes the gate open and tells Jocelyn she knows she can hear her, and tells her Clary is fine. She reassures her that Clary is brave and strong and will not let Valentine win.

One of the Circle members’ attacks Dot, and she grabs a needle and stabs him in the neck. Valentine comes in and tells him he was a good soldier and he won’t forget his sacrifice. He pushes the plunger on the syringe Dot stabbed him with. Valentine then pulls out his seraph dagger, and he goes after a crawling Dot. The dagger glows as he tells Dot he was never going to let her go, and murders her.

Jace tells Alec that they found out Clary is Valentine’s daughter. Alec assumes she’s a spy for the Circle, but Clary defends herself and proves her point that she is not a spy, or had any knowledge that Valentine is her father, and then asks where Simon is. Isabelle says Simon is gone and she can’t find him. Clary runs looking for him, yelling his name, someone gains their attention. They see Simon being held upside down off the bridge abutment, and the guy tells the group that the Night Children will give back the mundane in exchange for the Mortal Cup.

He warns them that the clock is ticking, then they’re gone and take Simon with them. Clary screams his name but he is gone.

After this, I will just do a season wrap up and will then do Season 2 Expectations and thoughts. Can't wait to see Season 2 on Monday!