#Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1 Wrap Up

Let Season 2 begin, and let it start with a bang!

Let Season 2 begin, and let it start with a bang!

No time has passed since the last episode of season one, Jace has gone off with Valentine, the Institute is still in search of both Valentine and the Mortal Cup, Jocelyn is now awake, everyone is on edge and now awaiting the now pending apocalypse. 

We start off the first season with a shot of dead bodies, who we know were Ascendants who did not survive the process of becoming a Shadowhunter. To our knowledge, we know that Jace is still on the same side as the rest of the Shadowhunters, but Valentine believes that he can use his "father" title against him. 

Not only is Valentine using Jace, but trying to turn Jace into the warrior he has apparently made him to be. He not only warps his brain, but confesses to him that he has experimented on him when he was a fetus. This new revelation makes us question, is Jace evil? Is he meant to be the hell raiser, the destroyer of the Shadow World?


So far, the new head of the Institute, Victor Aldertree, seems to think so. Aldertree ordered a bounty on Jace, and he will not give up until he has found him.

Not only is Clary going to protect Jace, even if she is risking not only herself but her friends’ lives.

Now that Jocelyn is alive, we hope she will shed some light on the subject of Jace being Clary’s brother. For all we know, Jocelyn promised Clary that there will be no more lies to be told, but do we honestly trust her?

Aldertree places a temporary lockdown on the Institute and restricts the trio, and Jocelyn from leaving the Institute. This then becomes a big problem for the trio, since they are trying to find Jace, protect him, from not only Valentine but from Aldertree as well.

Since Downworlders seem to be discriminated by the Shadowhunters, the Clave have put an order of Downworlders not being able to be in the Institute, unless they are given access. Of course, Luke and Simon were not an exception. This banishment led to Simon staying at the wolves’ den, at the Jade Wolf.

Simon tries to Encanto the werewolves into letting him stay at the restaurant, but fails miserably. 

Simon tries to Encanto the werewolves into letting him stay at the restaurant, but fails miserably. 

Since Simon is now a vampire, and he is staying at the wolves’ den, there is sure to be some issues, considering that vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. And of course, the wolves had a problem with Simon staying at the Jade Wolf. Therefore, they kicked him out into the boat shed, there he sleeps in a canoe.

Clary, unconvinced that Aldertree is trying to save Jace, is taken to train with Isabelle. Isabelle and Clary begin training, and Clary questions her because she prefers to train than to find a way to find Jace. Isabelle tells her that training is a very important part of being a Shadowhunter. She explains to her “The Art of War”, where she explained to Clary that, “...in order to know your enemy, you must become your enemy”. That being a silent message between Clizzy, letting Clary know that there is a way out of the Institute.

We finally see that Clary has found a way out of the Institute, being shapeshifted as Aldertree, and going to find Luke, and ask him for help tracking Jace. Luke then lets her know that Simon is staying in the shed, and Clary then goes to talk to her best friend.

We see that Luke then calls Jocelyn, letting her know that Clary is safe.

Clary goes to talk to Simon, trying to track Jace, using a one of his gloves. Jocelyn then goes to the shed, and asks Clary that there are many things that she needs to teach her. She then asks Clary for her phone and stele. Clary, not really reading her mother’s true intentions, gives her what she asked for, and not expecting at the least what happens next. Jocelyn takes Clary’s stele and phone, and runs out of the shed, and locks Clary and Simon in.

This then takes us to the end of the first episode, where Valentine takes Jace to a vampire den, where he asks Jace to kill all of the vampires in the den. Of course, Jace only wants to protect the mundanes who are innocent in all of this, he kills only the threats.

Before he can kill the last vampire standing, that vampire surrenders herself to the Clave, therefore, Jace can no longer kill her. The vampire then mocks Jace for being weak, and being such a slave to the Clave. Jace then begins to start an altercation with the vampire, and she attacks Jace, but he reacts first, and kills her.

Before we know it, Jocelyn is on her way to kill Jace, Clary and Simon finally got out of the shed, and are on their way to stop Jocelyn.

Jocelyn shot an arrow, but Valentine stepped in Jace’s way, and protected him from Jocelyn’s arrow.

Why does Jocelyn want to kill Jace? Is there something she is not telling us?

Find out in the next recap, which will be up later on today.

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