#Shadowhunters--Season 2--Episode 15--Problem Of Memory

"There's nothing ugly about you" 


This week, on Shadowhunters, Simon explores life as a day lighter vampire on his own. While Simon is treated like a celebrity and enticed away from the bar he frequents to drown his sorrows about Clary kissing Jace (hello, Faerie Queen setup) to a barely legal blood den, he seems to have a problem as he wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before. Oh, and there's a dead body. Simon explained to his new vampire "friend" and the girl he was feeding on that the last time he fed straight from a human, he barely stopped in time.

As Sebastian sits at home ironing his clothes, he calmly irons over his own hand. Valentine seems scared of him, he defeats demons with his swordand he seems to have a yen for severe physical pain. Something tells me Sebastian is not what he seems. Could it be the fact that he's keeping the real Sebastian prisoner in his own home? More on that, later.

Back at Magnus' apartment, Alec wakes up to find that not only is Magnus not there with him, but Magnus hasn't even come to bed. However, Magnus simply deflects when Alec asks him what's wrong.


Over at the institute, Alec has decided to leave Luke out of his report to the clave so that neither he nor Luke get in trouble for Luke's illegal attempt at killing Valentine. Jace confides in Izzy that he still has feelings for Clary. Izzy's advice is to stay out of Clary and Simon's relationship. Does Jace seem a little too jazzed at the Seelie Queen's manipulation of his and Clary's kiss?   

  Clary tries over and over again to call Simon. It seems like Simon needs to work out his own feings right now, which is what Clary should be doing.

Didn't see last week's episode? Here's a reminder:

Izzy very kindly, compassionately and matter of factly let's Clary know that Seelie magic may trick you, but its not a lie and that it's possible to have feelings for two people without being a bad person. Clary then stops over to see Simon, who's just waking up from his previous night's blackout. Simon initially hides this from Clary by cleaning up and changing so she won't see the blood all over him. 

Clary tries to tell Simon she doesn't have feelings for Jace, but Simon sees right through her. In the mean time, the rest of the shadow hunters question Valentine, who explains that Jace's Mother, Selene, who had fertility problems desperately wanted a baby and came to Valentine for help. Apparently Valentine "rescued" Jace from his Mother when she was attacked by werewolves. As supremely messed up as Valentine and Jace's relationship is, he actually does give Jace some pretty good fatherly advice (or what passes for fatherly advice in Valentine's warped brain). Jace's feelings for Clary could very well get Jace killed. 

Not being able to leave well enough alone, tells Jace the his feelings for Clary will get them all killed. Clary admits to Simon that she has a case of the feels for Jace.


At Simon's boathouse, memories begin to plague Simon as he pieces together what happened the night before. Luke come to visit. He's concerned for Simon. Luke tells Simon to be careful with plasma. Clary has told Luke what happened between her and Simon and Luke wants to offer his support. Luke isn't just there to check on Simon, though. He's looking for information about vampires feeding on a mundane in Queens the previous night.


While Luke is visiting Simon, his partner calls him to let him know that the victim bled out in a "strange" way and the only hit they got was the fact that evidence pointing to Simon being at the scene came up. Simon can, of course, hear everything that's being said on the phone between Luke and his partner due to his preternaturally strong vampire hearing. imon immediately disappears, making things 9000% worse for him.

The Shadowhunters have removed Valentine's circle rune (great idea on Alec's part) and are about to transfer him out of their custoy (what could possibly go wrong?). Alec suggests using a different warlock to assist in the matter as something is clearly wrong with Magnus. First, let me tell you as a fan of the show how much I love that Isabelle is Alec's most trusted advisor. Alec is finally opening up to his friends and family and being loved and respected for the person he is. Secondly, you've got to love the West Wing-esque walk-and-talk shots being done here. This conveys a sense of business and purpose both with Alec and with the show itself. I'm loving these long shots.


Sebastian is in charge of compiling a list of shadow hunters whom Valentine has harmed or threatened either personally or through others who might want to make sure that Valentine's transfer doesn't go as planned. Does this strike anyone else as a spectacularly bad idea? Let's hope Sebastian (or whoever he really is) wants to maintain his cover bad enough to make sure this goes off without a hitch!

Another plot twist in this pivotal, information-packed, plot establishing mid-season epic come when another kick-ass gay shadow hunter of color, a woman no less, Aline, come to the institute. Apparently Aline and Sebastian are cousins. 


"Sebastian" immediately threatens the real Sebastian, who also appears to be surprised by the news that his cousin Aline is in town, demanding that he tell the imposter Sevaatian everything he knows about cousin Aline upon the threat of her death.  

 While Luke and Clary talk after Luke's encounter with Simon, Luke tells Clary that Simon's fingerprints have been found at the scene of the crime. When Clary tells Luke Simon couldn't have killed the woman in question, Luke tries to explain to Clary that demon blood changes a person, while Clary insists that Simon is still the good person she's always known. Could it be that Luke had a tougher times with his change into a werewolf because he believed he was cursed--doomed to walk this world as a creature that was less than what he once was? Could it be that Luke's beliefs about down wielders colored his personal experience? Simon doesn't seem to hold such beliefs, so could Clary be right, or does Luke's experience trump Clary's intuition?


Clary insists upon coming with Luke to find Simon. Luke doesn't feel that this is a good idea while Simon is in the emotional state he's in, but Clary insists. Simon meets with Raphael, looking for his friend from the previous night and ends up sharing his concerns about the previous night with Raphael. Raphael tells Simon he will let him stay at the Hotel du Mort, but in exchange for Simon telling him how he became a day lighter. Simon leaves.

 While on the lookout for trouble during the process of transport. Sebastian convinces Aline to go back home and comfort his girlfriend (i.e. get out of his hair before she ruins his Sebastian act). In the mean time, the real Sebastian escapes the apartment. Simon revisits the scene of the crime while remembering feeding on the girl from the previous night, but before he remembers the rest of the evening, he is confronted by Luke's new partner. Clary is using a rune to track Simom while Luke drives. Why Luke's partner hasn't informed him that she's apprehended the suspect, I don't know.  Luke's chatty partner happens to tell Simon while he's riding in the car with her that the victim was drained of blood from wounds her feet. Simon didn't bite her feet and is, in point of fact, grossed out by feet, which is why Simon couldn't have done this. Of course the detective doesn't buy an "anti-foot fetish" she refers to it as a plausible cover story. Simon immediately disappears from her car. By the time the detective pulls her gun, Simon is long gone. 

  For some reason, the newly escaped real Sebastian is just wandering the streets of New York City. Simon revisits the semi-legal vampire blood bar that night and finds Quinn, the real culprit. Quinn attacks Simon and Simon stakes Quinn in the middle of the club, when Clary, Luke and Raphael show up. Simon disappears. 

 Back at Magnus' apartment, Magnus broods on the pain and suffering he caused his family as a little boy. Alec comforts Magnus, listening to him and then reassuring him that Alec isn't going anywhere. This is one of the most genuine touching scenes I have witnessed on a TV show in a very long time. 


Magnus' abusive Stepfather blamed him for his Mother's suicide. Little Magnus burned him alive. He laments the fact that Alec has had to see this "ugly" side of him. Alec does think it's ugly at all. He tells Magnus he will always be there for him. 

 When Luke and his partner meet up at the Jade Dragon, he tells his freaked out partner he's sorry she had to see what she saw. Raphael hypnotizes the detective to forget about Simon and to think that Daniel Quinn murdered Heidi MacKenzie, the girl who was drained by a vampire the previous night (which is of course true).

Simon meets Clary in her room after the ordeal to tell her he needs time. Clary says she'll be ready whenever he is. She'll wait for him. Valentine is given over to Idris, but when his guard takes him through the portal to Idris, he ends up in a dingy looking basement with "Sebastian." Sebastian ends up being Valentine' son who looks quite badly burned. This is where the episode ends. Quite a cliffhanger (unless you've read the books, of course).

Til next week...