#ShadowHunter Season 2 Ep 12 "You Are Not Your Own" Recap & Review

This week on Shadow Hunters, the consequences of Azazel's body swap become disastrous for both Valentine and Magnus. 


Valentine (in Magnus Bane's body) returns home only to find Azazel there waiting for him, drink in hand, ready to bargain for the Mortal Cup. Of course Valentine is too clever for that and tries to barter and maneuver, though there is the added complication of Valentine not knowing how to use Magnus' power to retrieve the cup. Valentine wants back in his body pronto and tells Azazel that only then will he give him the cup. 


Simon and Clary wake up in bed together, happily gazing into each other's eyes as the sun hits their skin. They joke lightheartedly and tall about fond memories. They seem happy. Clary gets a text from Jace about Azazel. Simon tells Clary to "tell [her] brother [she's] busy." Whoops. Someone's been naughty...It looks like Clary hasn't told Simon the truth about Jace. Fearing a retaliatory strike against him for being a daylighter, Simon seems scared every time he hears a noise. He bursts out into the morning sunshine, wielding an oar from one of the kayaks only to find no one out there.


Isabelle wakes up at Sebastian's. She seems to feel better than she did. She invites him to join her at the institute and he takes her up on it. Alec and Jace shake Sebastian Verlach's hand and thank him for looking after Izzy. Sebastian lends a hand with his expertise in greater demons. Sparks seem to fly as he shakes Clary's hand (can her life GET anymore complicated?). Clary tells Sebastian not to hold the fact that she's Valentine's daughter against her. He tells Clary "we don't choose out parents." Sebastian tells the gang that the only way to get rid of Azazel (temporarily) is to puncture his core, which is a pea-sized place just below his sternum. He tells Jace that stabbing Azazel with a sword won't do it because there wouldn't be enough velocity behind it. Good thing we have an archer on our team, right? Speaking of our archer friend, Alec seems less than willing to give Sebastian a chance, telling him "thanks...But we'll take it from here." Harsh much? Or does Alec know something we don't know? Jace suggests that they can use all the help they can get and Alec departs to go work with Magnus. Izzy stops him, trying to alleviate some of Alec's guilt about not being able to help her as much as Sebastian did.

  At Magnus Bane's apartment, Azazel and Valentine in Magnus' body get snippy with each other due to Valentine's lack of warlock ability (Really...What did Azazel expect?). Azazel accuses Valentine of asking for a "real portal" in order to escape rather than to retrieve the cup. Valentine accuses Azazel of not planning on keeping his word and putting him back in his own body once he gets the cup. #Stalemate. Azazel neatly dodges said accusation, telling Valentine he'll put him into a body that he deserves (vague much? Do I smell a trap?). Alec calls Magnus/Valentine and Valentine tries to get rid of him, telling him to call Dorothea, but Alec only shows up on Magnus' doorstep moments later. It seems like Valentine is a little rusty at the whole "human relationships" thing. Of course Azazel takes exception to this, immediately confronting Alec, who whips out his bow and shoots him straight in the sternum, getting rid of Azazel. Of course Valentine posing as Magnus cannot show his upset about this and must allow Alec to hug him.


Imogen tells Clary and Jace that the Clave wants to have them both tested "to get a greater understanding of their unique angel blood" and how it affects their abilities. I think we all know what this means. Waterboarding, anyone? Clary volunteers because she wants to understand why she can't use her special runes anymore. Jace warns her that she will basically be tortured by the Clave. Clary goes ahead with the testing, enthusiastically volunteering for it.

 Magnum/Valentine calls Dot over to help him regain his warlock powers, telling her that he got blasted by Azazel and ever since, is unable to recall certain memories or use his powers (suspicious, much?). Dorothea [Dot] mentions to him that he sounds just like Valentine at one point (yup, pretty much) when he tells Dot to get rid of her anger (that's not hypocritical at ALL coming from Valentine). Dot notices that he seems off and tells him she's never heard of such a thing.

Simon and Isabelle meet up (sparks are still present!) After Simon leaves Isabelle a message, asking for her help with Raphael and the whole daylighter situation. Simon tells Isabelle that he hopes it won't be an imposition due to the fact that she and Raphael dated. Isabelle confidea her yeng fen/vampire blood addiction to Simon and Simon talks a bit about his Mom's alcoholism and how tough addiction has been in his family. Izzy dismisses him a bit. Maybe her addiction really isn't like a human's and maybe she just isn't ready to face life as a recovering addiction just yet.

A lighthearted moment on set  

A lighthearted moment on set  

Alec visits Valentine/Magnus in his cell and doesn't believe Magnus when he tells Alec who he really is. Ouch! That's got to sting a bit! He tries to explain the curse, saying unum ad unum and telling Alec about the charm he gave him after a night in Tokyo at the Palace Hotel. Still, Alec doesn't believe him. Magnus even calls Alec "Alexander," delivering a heartfelt plea that Alec believes him. Alec doesn't.

Back at the Institute, Clary and Jace spar during the test. The playful, flirtatious nature of their relationship is once again apparent. Jace tells Clary what a powerful member of the "shadow hunter royalty" Imogen is, telling Clary how cold and elitist Imogen appears to be. Clary has a bit more compassion suggesting that Imogen's cold facade may have something to do with the loss of her son and her family. Jace's arm rune boxes and he does some truly amazing parkour during their sparring session. Imogen asks Clary to try the sun rune again, and again, it fizzles. Imogen doesn't believe that Clary is telling the truth about her runes not working anymore, stating that "she IS Valentine's daughter." Clary tells Imogen that she knows her son died serving in Valentine's Circle. She assures Imogen that she is nothing like her Father, telling her that Valentine took away the person Clary loved Moe than anything--her Mom. Imogen allows Clary to be done with the day's testing. 

Isabelle takes Simon to meet up with a cute older lady named Rosa Santiago who is sitting on a bench. Although Simon thinks this is Raphael's Grandmother and that they're there to kidnap her as a retaliatory strike (which is so NOT okay with). Isabelle lets Simon know that they're not there to kidnap her and that she is actually Raphael's sister. Raphael visits her weekly, playing bingo with her and making her tamales. Rosa seems to have some memory trouble and doesn't remember who Isabelle is at first. Isabelle reminds her, and Rosa says that Isabelle and Simon are a cute married couple (awwz). Isabelle tells Rosa that she and Simon are just friends. Rosa tells Isabelle that's a big mistake (ay caramba!). Isabelle takes Simon's phone and convinces him to pose for a picture with Rosa Santiago, which they then send to Raphael as a warning that if he tries anything with Simon, Simon can get to Raphael's family at any time. Not to be the logic police, but wouldn't that just make Raphael more likely to A) attack Simon and B) move Rosa somewhere safe? I can't imagine that Raphael has much more family left for Simon to target callously.

 Alec tells Jace back at the institute that Valentine has told Alec that Valentine is Magnus--that Azazel switched them with some curse. He tells Jace that Valentine had intimate details of Alec's and Magnus' time together. Jace, of course, convinces Alec that Valentine always lies and that he doesn't want to fall for it.

In the meantime, the real Valentine visits Magnus in his cell. Valentine tells Magnus he's cloaked himself to break Magnus out of the cell block, but Magnus tells Valentine that his cloaking spell won't work there because of Magnus' wards. The clave can see Valentine in Magnus' body. Imogen and company find Valentine/Magnus and tell him that his security services are at this moment terminated, escorting him out. It looks like Magnus was telling Valentine the truth about those wards. Imogen tortures Magnus is Valentine's body, which caused him unimaginable pain and to relive painful memories. When he tells Imogen once again that Azazel has performed an Unum et unum spell and switched their bodies. Imogen doesn't believe him, stating that he's never going to give them the Mortal Cup and that he may as well be executed (we now know that she has a dog in this hunt due to her son dying in the service of Valentine's Circle). She tells the guards to keep Valentine [Magnus] for execution. Magnus begs but to no avail.


Sebastian stumbles upon Clary trying to make her runes work. She asks Sebastian for help, asking if Azazel could've stolen her angelic power. Sebastian says that's not likely, suggesting that the solution to her problem might be simpler than she thinks, telling her that despite the clave's training to suppress emotions and to view them as weakness, he believes emotions give people strength (this is similar to Buffy's speech in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, season two, "What's My Line: Part 2" when Buffy tells Kendra that contrary to the training and beliefs of the council, she feels her "emotions give [her] power.") and that to suppress them can have disastrous consequences. Clary says she feels the pain of her Mother's death everyday, but Sebastian suggests that she might he feeling alone in this world after the loss/lack of a father and the perceived loss of a brother. Clary admits that her powers stopped working just after Jace tells her that he's not really hr brother. Sebastian tells Clary that she needs to let in the pain of losing the one last person who she considered family. Clary says she has and Sebastian challenges her on that point. Pretty intuitive, huh?


While Simon and Isabelle are out to lunch at TheJade Dragon, Isabelle let's slip that Jace is not Clary's brother. Simon seems upset but doesn't have long to process that fact as a giant portal opens up in the middle of the restaurant, spewing forth Raphael and friends. Raphael is none too happy with Simon's text, telling Isabelle hat she gave her friend [Simon] some really bad advice. One of the vampires in town threatens Isabelle with more vampire blood (not nice! Could this be the beginning of the end for Isabelle's respect for Raphael? Cause it is probably the beginning of the end for Raphael's respect for Isabelle. Seemingly coming after his sister?? Not cool!). Raphael asks Simon if Simon has any last words before he stakes him. Simon says that Raphael is lucky his sister doesn't know who he really is. Yowza! Because if she did, she hates him. Just before Raphael is about to make dust out of Simon, Luke and friends walk into the restaurant, casting a ray of sunlight on Simon and causing Raphael's vampire friends to respect and obey Simon, who proudly proclaims his status as daylighter. Luke warns a gloating Simon that he's not invincible.


The clave decides to deny Imogen's request for Valentine's execution. Magnum approaches Jace and bespells him, holding him hostage. Alec and Imogen go down to the dungeons. Imogen has disabled the security system and plans on executing Magnus in Valentine's body without the okay of the clave. Alec puts Magnus in Valentine's body in the execution chair as Magnus begs and pleads for them to stop. Imogen tells Magnus/Valentine that she's killing him to get justice for her son. Valentine in Magnus' body shows up as a hologram in the dungeon with Jace as his prisoner, trying to force Imogen to spare his life for Jace's, confessing that Imogen's daughter, Seline, was Jace's Mother, making Jace Imogen's grandson and a Harrendale. Valentine provides proof of this assertion in the form of a family ring from Seline's very hand. The scales of power have suddenly shifted. While Imogen might have sacrificed Jace's life had he been any other shadow hunter, she would not sacrifice her own Grandson's life. Valentine takes Magnus to Magnus' penthouse, warding the door so that they can perform the magic they need to perform inside without any disruptions. Clary, Sebastian and Alec stand outside, cheering Clary on as she attempts to use her rune power to get through the wards. Sebastian encourages Clary to feel her pain, which works. Valentine and Magnus work the unum et unum spell, switching themselves back into the appropriate bodies.

After Clary's rune is successful, the shadow hunters enter Magnus' penthouse where Magnus and Valentine are fighting to the death. Clary portals Valentine back into his cell. Well done, Clary! Valentine tells Clary that she's taking the wrong side (yeah, yeah, blah, blah. Tell us something we don't know).

Back at the penthouse, Alec helps clean up, apologizing to Magnus. Magnus seems changed, saying that the torture made him relive memoria he's spent centuries trying to forget. Alec wants to fix things, but Magnus may not be ready to move forward with forgiveness yet.


Isabelle and Simon walk and talk together. Isabelle asks Simon for information on AA meetings and tells Simon he's a catch (aw!), while Sebastian asks Clary out back at the institute, asking her to dinner. Although she seems interested, she tells Sebastian that she has a boyfriend. He accepts this gracefully. Clary thanks him and walks away, returning home to Simon at the boathouse. Simon asks Clary why she didn't tell him about Jace not being he brother, asking if Clary and Jace still have a thing. Clary says she didn't want Simon to worry and spin and this is why she didn't tell him, but apparently Simon has been worrying enough, having found out the truth on his own.

Imogen takes a moment with Jace back at the institute. Imogen presents Jace with the family ring, telling him that he comes from a line of great and powerful shadow hunter and a family who has been revered for generations and feared by those who oppose what is good and just. She tells him the ring signifies that. Jace finally has family who loves him, as does Imogen. This week's episode closes out with Imogen telling Jace that he is about to find out what it means to he a Harrendale. Things are heating up on Shadow Hunters!

This writer's thoughts:

This episode really tied up a lot of loose plot points and developed some great character relationships. It was so sad to see Alec's love for Magnus be rested and Alec stumble a bit. It was equally great to see Jace and Imogen bond. Simon and Isabelle got some long awaited screen time together and it definitely didn't suck (pun intended). I'm looking forward to seeing what Valentine meant when he told Clary she had picked the wrong side. I'm also looking forward to finding out what exactly "being a Harrendal" means. It sounds like Valentine and Imogen have some real history and it'll be interesting to see a bit more of that.