#Shannara Chronicles Season One recap

 In chosen Amberle Elessedil (Poppy Drayton) runs in a gauntlet to be the first female among the seven selected members to protect the Ellcrys an ancient tree holding back an ancient army of demons led by Dagda Mor. She finishes seventh in the race much to the displeasure of her grandfather the king and her uncle Arion (Daniel Macpherson). When she touches the Ellcrys, she has a vision of elves being slaughtered this visions magic is powerful enough to wake up the last druid Allanon (Manu Bennett). Elsewhere we find that Wil's (Austin Butler) mother gives him the elf stones which belonged to his father before she passes away he decides to go to Storlock to become a healer. On the way, he saved from a troll by a rover girl named Eretria (Ivana Baquero) who drugs him and steals the stones. Allanon meets with Eventine the elven king and Amberle's grandfather to discuss the threat of the Dagda Mor and the fact that the ellcrys is dying but he realizes that it won't help, so he sent out to find wil who he comes upon at Eretria's tree home. Able to send his changeling out to the real world he sends it to kill the chosen which it does except for Amberle who has fled Arborlon because of her vision she comes across Eretria. wil and allanon go to the druid's keep using magic allanon finds that the chosen are the key to restoring the ellcrys they track down Amberle to wing Hove where a fury is unleashed by the Dagda Mor killing her aunt and going after her and wil

Amberle getting ready to run the gauntlet.

Amberle getting ready to run the gauntlet.

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In episode fury, Allanon kills the fury, but he is severely wounded, so he is taken by Wil and Amberle to the druid cove to heal. Wil and Amberle go to the silver river to grab some of the mud there because of its healing property.  But are ambushed by Eretria and the head rover Cephelo (James Remar) and are taken the prisoner to the Rover camp where Cephelo threatens to kill Eretria unless wil teaches him how to use the elf stones a second fury attacks the camp but is killed by wil when he uses the stones. Allanon is cured and rescues wil and amberle from the rover along with another elf named Brandon (Marcus Vanco). Back at Arborlon the elven council agrees to let amberle go into the ellcrys to get its seed which needs to be taken to safe hold


In Changeling, Amberle goes into the Ellcrys and is tested she passes the test getting the seed exiting the tree. The group realizes that the changeling is still alive in the palace. Eretria sneaks into the palace to get back the stones from Wil. When she tries to escape the demon disguises itself as her and tries to kill amberle. They realize that the demon is a shape-shifter being in the shape of a guard. The demon is aware that they have set a trap wil goes to warn amberle but the changeling is already there but it is killed by allanon who orders them to burn the body, but it is still alive.


In Reaper ten years ago a group of gnomes led by slanter sneaks into arborlon in an attempt to assassinate the king but instead they kill amberle's father, Prince Aine. On their way to safe hold amberle, wil, and the rest of the group are ambushed by Cephelo, and his rovers amberle is taken prisoner while wil and the garrison are left to die in the wilderness. Eretria gets her freedom as her reward but later comes back to rescue wil and amberle they are attacked by a reaper which is a demon hungry for death which has already killed the garrison cephelo can lure it into a chemical waste area and it on fire. Back in arborlon Allanon asks Brandon to use his seer powers to contact amberle through the Ellcrys he sees her dead at the Dagda Mor's feet. The news is coming in about the demon attacks on near by Elven villages Ander suggests that they use slanter as a guide to finding the demon source. The changeling disguised as Arion kills the king and takes his place on the throne.


In Pykon. Amberle has a romantic dream about wil. As a snow storm heads their way, the group decides to take a short cut to Wilderun going through Pykon. When they get to Pykon, they are greeted by mag a child and Remo the caretaker of Pykon. The Reaper rises from the ashes of the chemical waste following the group's path. Remo reveals himself as a torturer seeking revenge when he starts torturing amberle wil can save her with the help of mag. The group tries to escape, but the reaper closes in on them. Wil, Eretria, and amberle fall down the hill with the Reaper. Meanwhile, the changeling still disguised as the king tells Arion to find a sword said to possess the power to defeat the Dagda Mor but Allanon tells him that the sword is a talisman of pure evil Arion uses the sword to get rid of Allanon. Ander and Slanter find the source of the demons.


In break line after wil, amberle, and Eretria fall of over the cliff they are separated wil wakes up next to the reaper's corpse prying the stones from his palm he is attacked by an elf named Perk whose left ear was cut off by a group of elf hunters who sells the ears to gnomes. wil and Perk go to the camp where the elf hunters are located and rescue Genewen. Eretria and amberle are chased by Zora, the leader of the elf hunters. In arborlon the changeling sends Ander and Arion a futile mission to kill the Dagda Mor. Allanon is healed by his former master and sent back to earth. While trapped underground amberle sees a map like the one in her vision telling Eretria that it is safe to hold they fight off some of the elf hunters but end up being captured by Zora. Wil arrives on Genewen which is a flying Roc before they can escape Zora shoots Eretria causing her to fall back into the hall preventing them from going back to rescue her. Ander and Arion go to face the Dagda Mor with an imprisoned Brandon. Arion attacks the former druid with the sword, but the Dagda Mor kills him Allanon comes in the nick of time to save Ander and Brandon. Eretria is hauled off along with a golf bag. Ander is finally able to kill the changeling with Allanon's collapsible sword becoming the king of the elves.


In Utopia, Allanon tells Brandon that he will train him to become the next druid. A human buys Eretria along with the map of Safehold he shows her how to shoot a revolver as they watch a scene from star trek. After kissing wil and amberle rescue cephelo but he ditches them before they go into the village. Cephelo is captured while skulking around the border of the village after seeing Zora dead outside. Eretria reveals that the map is inside the village. When wil and amberle are discovered as elves during the party, Eretria goes and flirts with her new owner getting the revolver. Cephelo, wil, and amberle are tied to post to be sacrificed to trolls. cephelo offers a bag which he says contains the elf stones but is blue dice that amberle found while underground. Eretria frees them. Cephelo is mortally wounded taking the pistol he goes to buy them time to escape. The group comes upon the ruins of San Francisco.


In the safe hold, wil, amberle, and Eretria reach safe hold which his the ruins of San Francisco and Oakland. Eretria discovers that the tattoo on her back is a map of the blood fire leading the group there. When they reach the blood fire, they are confronted by the guardians of the blood fire who tries to turn the team against one another. Ander sends commander Tilton to ally with the gnomes to defeat the demons. Under the influence of the Dagda, Mor Brandon attacks Ander, Catania, and Allanon who subdues him. Commander Pindanon seeing that Ander is too weak to lead them decides to take the throne for himself having Ander imprisoned. Tilton along with slanter return and free Ander the elven council finally accept him as their king after he announces the alliance with the gnomes. Over coming the guardian's mental assaults, Eretria figures out that her blood is the key to unlocking the blood fire impaling her hand on a magical spike the blood fire ignites wil can defeat the guardians using the stones. As amberle goes into the blood fire when it's gone amberle is gone with it leaving Eretria unconscious. The last of the leaves fall as the demon army marches on arborlon.


In ellcrys in the blood fire amberle is told by the ellcrys that she will have to sacrifice herself to become the new tree to stop the demons. She tells her no because of the feelings that she has for Wil on the outside Wil heals Eretria. With the stones he was able to open the blood fire again to get amberle out as they leave underground they are pursued by trolls Eretria can give them time to escape by closing the door and attacking the trolls Back in arborlon Catania helps Brandon escape from his cell. Returning to arborlon wil and amberle confess their love to each other. on the battle field Tilton and Ander encounter Aion resurrected as a demon Arion kills Tilton, but Ander can kill Aion. Allanon and slanter rescue wil and amberle and escort them to the ellcrys but the Dagda Mor blocks their path Allanon fights off the demon amberle tells wil that she is the seed and that she needs to sacrifice herself to become the new ellcrys. wil can hold off the Dagda Mor with the stones while allanon beheads the demon. Amberle is successful in becoming the new ellcrys Allanon tells her that he knew all along that this was how it had to happen to wil. Eretria is captured by trolls and recognizes her capture wil lets out to rescue her. Brandon is carrying the evil blade while his eyes turn black.