#SilentWitness Season 1 Recap

Silent Witness, Season One


You know sometimes accidentally finding series to watch might be the best thing to do during the summer. One day as I was looking for a mini-series at Barnes and Noble, for which they didn't have, I stumble upon the BBC drama and mysteries series lineups. As a few caught my eye, there's one that quickly got me to purchase, Silent Witness Season One.

The first season on DVD contains four 90 minute episodes of which I was very much thrilled. Even though I didn't watch them all at once but separate to give each episode breathing room. It almost feels like that I'm watching a Sunday Night Movie of the Week meets Murder, She Wrote.

Amanda Burton (for the first eight seasons) played forensic pathologist Dr. Sam Ryan, who helps solve cases with evidence that speaks out louder than just words. She can find the truth from calcified bones, decomposed and charred bodies to even the tales fingerprints. Burton plays the role so good, think of her the early versions of Jordan Cavanaugh from Crossing Jordan and Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones.

The writing is so good and the character development was as good too. The only thing that I might have an issue is that the series is still on the air and just finished it's 22 seasons this year with season 23 to air sometime next year. If you like a good crime thrilling mystery this series might be the one for you. During the summer with no football and all the Sunday programs are all reruns, I highly recommend putting this on.

Well, that's pretty much what I've been watching this summer that would be considered new. It still doesn't help that the fact is that I'm still behind on other shows from 2018-2019, for which I'll get done before the fall season starts. Hope you have an awesome final week of summer.