*SPOILER* #OnceUponATime 6x10 "Wish You Were Here" Official Recap!

Okay Oncers, this is my last recap until the show returns in the Spring! Read on!

In the Season 6 Winter Finale of Once Upon a Time, things seems just to get crazier and crazier. With the Evil Queen still on the loose and Emma's "death" still to occur, things are just a whirlwind on the show.

Back in I believe it was the 3rd episode of the show, Emma confessed to Aladdin how she wished she'd never have become the Savior. Unfortunately, now that the Evil Queen is separated from Regina, she can "hear everything." When the Evil Queen discovers Emma's wish and also the fact that Aladdin is now the new Genie, she takes advantage and makes Emma's wish come true by transporting her to some sort of an alternate reality. In this reality Emma grew up a Princess in the Enchanted Forest, the Evil Queen was defeated, and the Curse never happened. 

In an attempt to make things right again, Regina wishes to go to where Emma has been trapped.

While in an alternate reality, Regina makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin, promising to let him free if he finds her and Emma a way out of the fake world. 

Eventually, Regina helps Emma snap back to reality by "crushing" the hearts of her parents. Soon enough, Rumple gives Regina a magic bean to open a portal to send Emma and Regina home to Storybrooke. In the midst of doing so, Emma and Regina encounter a surprising old flame; Robin Hood. 

Regina,  not being able to control her heart's desire, causes the portal to home, to close, leaving her and Emma stuck in an wished version of the Enchanted Forest.

Once Upon a Time "Wish You Were Here" gained a shiny 3.25 million viewers for it's 6th Winter Finale.  

A good step up from last weekends wretched 3.3 million (I've said it before, and I'll say it again, almost half the fandom is sick and tired of Rumbelle. Myself being one of those people. I want snot surprised T the amount of viewers calculated). 

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As of December 4th, 2016, Once Upon a Time has gone on it's four month Winter Hiatus. The show will return in March. Please check back here for updates on the Spring Premiere date, etc.