*SPOILER* #OnceUponATime: 6x12 "Murder Most Foul" Official Recap!

Being the HUGE CaptainSwan fan I am, this episode was fantastic; I would give it a 9.

The episode opens with the Enchanted Forest flashback, of David and James birth and the reason why they were separated after with and as alway Rumple plays his part by using their weakness against their parent, which at the time was in a bad situation and unable to take care of one baby and they had two. Rumple offer to provide medicine and food to the family if they gave up one of the twins, both sadden parent could not decide which one of their precious newborn to abandon, Rumple suggested flipping a coin and they lost James.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Hook turns to Archie for help. Hook wants to take the next step in his relationship with Emma, but he believes that David still sees him as just a Pirate of post-vengeance.

The mystery surrounding David Father's (Robert) death is starting to have a strange effect on him, and he began to have visions of his father with cryptic messages to find out the truth. David enlists Hook to help him in finding out what happen to his Father, Hook reluctantly agrees but hopes that he will get the chance to ask for David's blessing to propose to Emma. David and Hook go over to Emma's place to look for items to help him with a location spell. David demanded the shred key from Hook and told him to look out.0 While David was inside Emma came back to get some things for her and Henry's day out leaving Hook to distract her to allow David to get out without been seen to eliminate any questions.  

David then uses the spell book with Hook's help, and it leads them to a clue which reveals that Robert may be on Pleasure Island. David and Hook visit August to ask about Pleasure Island, but August had previously removed the pages that could include more information about Robert. We then see another flashback of James going missing, and his Father discovers he has been kidnapped and taken to Pleasure Island, a nightmarish Carnival just off the coast of Neverland. His Father goes there and discovers Kung George is behind. Hook becomes worried about David seeking revenge, which he expressed to David who then handcuffed him to a bike rack and drives away.

David returned to the asylum to confront the Albert in jail and challenging him to a fight to the death, only to have Hook intervene and put Albert back in jail. David is heartbroken to learn that Robert died because he tried to do the right thing and that he wasn't a drunk, but a man trying to do good by his Family.  Hook convinced David that this was not him and it was not the way to go and David decides not to kill Albert and afterward apologized to Hook for making a terrible mistake. 

The episode also showed us Wish Realm Robin starting to adjust to life in Storybrooke. A heated Zelena confronts Regina about the Wish Realm Robin not being able to have any rights to his daughter. Robin sneak out the window after finding a picture of Keith, who Robin thinks is the Sheriff of Nottingham from his realm, Regina stops Robin from killing Keith using magic. Regina tells Robin about his real world counterpart having a son and daughter in this realm, and agreed to start fresh with a kiss, which opens Regina's eyes to the fact that he wasn't the man she had come to love.

Later that night, Regina visits Snow, and tells her she was right and that bringing Robin back was not only a mistake, but is now starting to question how he managed to survive coming to the portal. She even wondered why her kiss with Robin felt like she was kissing paper. 

Finally, we see in the Enchanted Forest a flashback, who really killed David's Father; Hook. Once August shows up and gives Hook some missing pages from the Storybook revealing the truth about David's Father, Hook's hope in proposing to Emma die's as he believes Emma will not want to marry him if she discovers what he did.

Once Upon a Time 6x12 "Murder Most Foul" brought in over 3 million viewers.

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