#StillStarCrossed S1 Ep 3 "The Course of True Love Never Runs Smooth" Recpa

Unfortunately for fans of Still Star-Crossed, ratings have been pretty dismal.  It's unusual for a Shondaland show to tank, but Still, Star Crossed just hasn't clicked with viewers. The show is on a hiatus until July 8 and moves to Saturday night which is not a good sign after only three episodes.  But, we shall recap and review as long as Still Star-Crossed airs so let's get to it.

Rosaline and Benvolio have one thing in common - they do not want to be married to each other. But, Prince Escalus is convinced that a union between the Capulet's and Montague's is the key to ending the dangerous and deadly feud between these two powerful families so married they will be.

In the first episode, it was revealed that there is history between Rosaline and Prince Escalus and now it seems that Rosaline is also close to Princess Isabella. Rosaline goes to her friend, the Princess and asks for her help to end the betrothal. Isabella does not agree with her brother's decision, and she has a plan.  She invites Rosaline to a dinner which will give Rosaline one chance to speak with Escalus alone and try to change his mind.  

The House of Capulet has been creating a Capulet Cathedral for many years. It's huge and ornate and as Benvolio learns, it has broken the Capulet bank. Things are so dire that the architect will not proceed until Lord Capulet pays his bill. Benvolio informs Lord Montague what he has learned. 

Count Paris isn't doing well. His stab wound is infected and he is not expected to survive. Livia tells the nurse that she knows a treatment that could heal him. Count Paris is in and out of consciousness. Livia applies the treatment to his wounds and he screams in pain.  Later, Count Paris finally wakes and is told that Livia saved his life. 

The Prince is hosting a dinner with the prominent families in Verona  and talk turns to the wedding. Knowing the status of the Capulet Cathedral construction, Lord Montague tells the guests that he would like the wedding to be held there. Lord Capulet is speechless. An argument ensues. Prince Escalus stabs the hand of one man to stop the fighting. Escalus wants the wedding to take place at the Cathedral. 

Lady Capulet is having a hard time coming to terms with Juliet's suicide. She visits her daughter's tomb and finds that Friar Lawrence is there as well. He is the Friar who performed the wedding ceremony and provided Juliet with the sleep potion.  Lady Capulet is sure that someone convinced Juliet to kills herself.  She knew her daughter and does not believe Juliet would kill herself. Later, she ransacks Rosaline's room to find evidence that Rosaline was behind Juliet's death. 

As promised, Princess Isabella takes Rosaline to see Escalus.  Rosaline begs the Prince not to make her marry Benvolio, but he believes that the wedding is for the good of Verona and will not change his mind. Then he tells Rosaline that he loves her and they share a passionate kiss. After the kiss, the Prince tells Rosaline that he loves her and that she will not marry Benvolio. Instead she will wed Escalus. He will make the announcement the next morning. 

Now that the Prince has demanded that Rosaline and Benvolio's wedding be held at the Cathedral, a frantic Lord Capulet talks to the architect about finishing the Cathedral for the wedding. The architect won't finish it until he's been paid. Capulet has no money to pay the man so he throws the man over the ledge to his death. 

In Romeo's tomb, someone has dismembered Romeo's body! Escalus is informed of this and tells his page to put the pieces back together so it looks like nothing every happened. 

In the Prince's chambers, Rosaline wakes. Escalus has changed his mind again. He will tell everyone that Rosaline spent the night with Isabella. He will not marry her. Her wedding to Benvolio is back on. Rosaline is confused at the Prince's change of heart and quite furious. 

Tomorrow I will recap episode 3 - All the World's a Stage.