#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 2 "For Love Or Money" Recap And Review

The episode starts with a weird dream-like sequence. Kirsten walks into the room above and touches her mother’s pod.

The scene then switches to Cameron coming to Kirsten and Camille’s apartment, where he and Camille have a proper chat about Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship and Camille starts a running joke about people making her breakfast. Camille goes full protective friend and reminds Cameron that Kirsten has never been in a real relationship before and that he should go slow if possible.

The scene shifts to a guy in a nice house that finds his girlfriend dead in his pool. She’s obviously the murder to solve this week.

When they get to the lab, Cameron is still adorably worried about Kirsten and talks to Linus. Linus hasn’t seen her and went to speak to Maggie. He thinks they should trust Ivy. Maggie doesn’t. He also looks different. I can’t put my finger on why though.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Kirsten talk about what Kirsten heard in the stitch. They haven’t considered that it could be her mom, which is odd considering how smart they both are. They go to a meeting where they learn that the girl’s name is Sabine and her boyfriend’s name is Nick. They don’t know much else and leave it to Sabine to tell them.

The stitch is a little foggy to Kirsten and mostly involves them having sex. The interesting part is that she had a super-secret phone that she was using to rat out her boyfriend’s daddy. The daddy in question is a paranoid Russian steel tycoon. Kirsten doesn’t think Nick did it, but Camille and Fisher bring him in while Cameron and Kirsten check his house to find Sabine’s super-secret phone.

Linus goes to see Ivy. He starts by grilling her about her father and ends by asking her out. I wasn’t aware that Camille and Linus had broken up. And apparently, I’m not the only one. On a Facebook live chat after the episode, one of the writers answered this question with an equivalent of “wait and see.” This means that either they haven’t or we haven’t seen it yet, so my confusion persists.

The only useful thing that Camille and Fisher get out of Nick is that he’s going back to Russia. After the interrogation, Maggie tells Camille that there is a new medical examiner with the program and instructs her to ask about the D.N.A. on the victim

Back at Nick’s house, Kirsten and Cameron begin the relationship talk that Camille suggested that they have and promise to continue it at dinner. They then find Sabine’s phone, but can’t get it open. They decide to leave that to Linus.

Meanwhile, enter the Asian girl named trouble aka Amanda, the new M.E. She aggressively flirts with Camille, which brings up the Linus-Camille question, plus a slew of others. She is only staying five episodes according to IMDB, so I will refrain from going into full rant mode.  She says she’ll call when the D.N.A. results are ready.

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Image courtesy of IMDB.

Anyway, Camille tells the team that Sabine’s family was flat broke and they surmise this is the reason she was selling out Nick. Maggie assigns Linus to crack the code that night and Kirsten and Cameron are sent to the field Kirsten saw in the stitch to find Sabine’s bag. Since it’s near a carousel, there’s a cute reference to the one that Kirsten and Cameron were at in Season 1.

Camille gets a call from the M.E. She has the D.N.A results, but refuses to tell Camille over the phone, which is sketchy. Since she’s only staying 5 episodes she’s most likely going to be evil or dead by that time. I’m thinking evil.

Linus gets Ivy to help with the code and they crack it. Sabine’s phone rings the guy she was talking to in the stich, only he’s in an alley in New York.

Cameron and Kirsten continue their conversation while in the field, and then they find the bag.

The clandestine meeting place the M.E. suggested is a club where she is a DJ. She tells Camille that only Sabine and Nick’s D.N.A were on the body. As Camille points out, there was no real reason not to say this over the phone, but I digress.

They all reconvene at the lab. Fisher was eating oysters with his ex-wife and tells Maggie about Ivy. She’s appropriately ticked. We also find out that the dead guy’s name is Jack Daliford.

Linus shows up to Camille and Kirsten’s apartment. Camille again mentions people making her breakfast. The M.E. calls her while Linus is in the kitchen and invites her to come to the club again. Camille says no and awkwardly hangs up the phone as Linus reenters the room. They have what sounds like a breakup conversation, though it isn’t clear when or how they broke up. Linus says, “everyone deserves to be trusted until they prove otherwise.” It’s repeated later, so that’s why I include it specifically.

In the lab, Kirsten stitches into Daliford and finds out that he was a part of insider trading. He was killed because someone wanted to find out how he did it and that person killed him once he got what he wanted. Sabine was killed because she didn’t plant drugs on Nick. This would have detained him and given the killer a line to the father. Camille finds tickets for an alias. Maggie sends Fisher. It turns out to be a distraction.

Kirsten brings in Ivy to help crack into Russian banking records and find out who Kaminko, the father, has hired as his local security. Maggie asks Cameron and Camille’s opinions. Cameron doesn’t trust her, but Camille uses Linus’s words from earlier. Ivy stays, helps, and then is made to leave.

They find the Russians, right in time for the bad guy to shoot at them. He hits the father, who survives and then is shot by Fisher.

Maggie puts Cameron in charge when she isn’t there. Camille is upset and has Linus’s words thrown back at her. She is very upset and proceeds to go to the club and make exceedingly bad decisions.

Kirsten shows Cameron, her mom’s pod. So, not a dream sequence after all.

I’m confused and annoyed. 6/10