#Stitchers Season 2 Recap "All You Need To Remember From Season 2"

2.0: CAMERON IS ALIVE!!! I REPEAT, CAMERON IS ALIVE! Also, Kirsten is fixed, which is kind of sad because I liked the whole temporal dysplasia thing, but you can’t do character development well if your main character doesn’t understand emotion. Sherlock had a similar problem. Fisher is ok too, and Leslie Turner, the shadowy government agent guy, has been shot.

Hack Me If You Can: Linus moves out of his parent’s house. Cameron continues his after-life crisis by taking Kirsten to see motorcycles. Fisher teaches Camille self-defense. Maggie is now the director of the Stitchers program, and Super Sketchy government guy #2 is introduced. His name is Mitchell Blair, he’s Maggie’s new boss, and he’s a million times sketchier than the one who just died. And the bad guy of the episode ships Camsten and inspires Kirsten to find her father using math.

The One That Got Away: Camille’s brother comes and is a tool. Kirsten and Cameron have a heart to heart about what she saw inside his head. Kirsten says she needs time. This is also the first appearance of the boy in the red hat and Kirsten’s crazy math wall.

Two Deaths of Jamie B: Kirsten gets Ed’s ashes, which she now keeps in the house. Linus moves in with Cameron while he tries to replace all of the stuff Theo trashed. Camille teaches Theo his place and gets Linus’s stuff back. Kirsten finds a paper in her jacket with her mother’s name on it. Cameron meets Nina. She’s nice and all, but she gets in the way of my OTP, so she has to go.

Midnight Stitcher: Kirsten finds out that her dad was married to another woman before her mother and the woman’s name is Elizabeth Brown. Camille bumps into Liam at her gym, and we later learn that Maggie has given her the assignment to spy on him. The team stitches into an actress against Maggie’s orders, which is a bad idea because both the actress and her ex-boyfriend were brainwashed. Being in her brain brainwashes Kirsten, but Cameron is able to snap her out of it.

The Dying Shame: Kirsten cooks dinner for Cameron and Nina, and it’s super awkward. Kirsten finds out Elizabeth Brown died six years ago and that the boy is young Cameron. Fisher gets close to a Chinese bodyguard.

Pretty Little Lawyers: Kirsten decides to take over Camille’s spying on Liam. The young Cameron analog tells Kirsten that she has a sister, Ivy Brown. Lawyers are douchebags and Maggie’s ex is the head of a law firm.

Red Eye: Kirsten calls Ivy, but is ignored. Maggie tells Kirsten that she has to stitch into six bodies. She eventually collapses but makes the suggestion to stitch into five bodies at once. Liam takes a picture of Kirsten’s crazy math wall. Linus’s dad is in the hospital.

The Guest: Ivy shows up at Kirsten’s house, but doesn’t want to be cooperative. Kirsten is able to talk to her, but Blair insists that Kirsten stops any investigation into her father and to cut contact with Liam. Nina confronts Cameron and asks him to choose between her and Kirsten. Liam promises to tell Kirsten the truth, but then he gets shot.

All In: Kirsten stitches into Liam, which is all kinds of awkward. It turns out her dad paid him to date her and to be British. KIRSTEN’S MOTHER IS STILL ALIVE! Kirsten finds the facility where she had been, but there’s a dead scientist in her place. Cameron tells Nina that he works for the NSA. Linus’s dad has complications after his surgery. Fisher’s ex-wife shows up.  Stinger, Kirsten’s father, disappears and Ivy blames her for it. Ivy is brought in for questioning. CAMERON AND KIRSTEN KISS, BUT THEN SHE RUNS AWAY! Seriously, these two kill me. The young Cameron analog is used by Stinger to hijack her consciousness and trap her in a memory of her mother. CAMERON PROMISES NEVER TO LEAVE HER, AND THIS SHOW NEEDS TO STOP WITH CLIFFHANGERS LIKE THIS!!!