#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 3 "Perfect"

The episode starts with Cameron staring at Maggie’s chair. Kirsten comes in and tells him it won’t bite and then they proceed to make out in it.

As they leave, the camera pans to the safe in Maggie’s office. Now it says Mark Broden, who is the murder victim this week.

After this, they gather in the meeting room. Linus is texting Ivy and Camille is massively hungover, not to mention a little salty. She’s mad at Linus for costing her the job just so he can date Ivy, which she is justified in.

She’s mad at Cameron for taking the job from her, which isn’t entirely fair, considering he never wanted it in the first place. Poor Cameron doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and she does not fail to point that out on several occasions before she takes over. Mark Broden is a divorce lawyer that was shot in his apartment. He was also going through his own divorce.

Cameron confronts Camille outside the meeting room and tries to make peace. It doesn’t work out so well.


In the stitch, Kirsten ids three separate women who could have wanted Broden dead. She also finds out that he died from asphyxiation when she almost suffocates. There’s also something seriously wrong with Cameron. It’s explained later as Cameron being worried, but Cameron’s always worried about Kirsten. This is more than that.

Camille is still shadow managing, but Cameron tells them to bring the ex-wife in. Camille and Cameron talk and make up. Cameron asks her to pilot the next stitch.

The ex-wife tells Fisher and Camille that she was never good enough for Broden. She ruined her life for him by getting a boob job that ruined her modeling career. He ended up sleeping with the plastic surgeon. The ex-wife did shoot him, but did not kill him. Fisher goes to check out Broden’s apartment. Camille goes to the M.E. to see if he was poisoned, and Kirsten and Cameron set up a meeting with the plastic surgeon.

Cameron and Kirsten talk about the fact that he’s the boss now and he needs her help. She reassures him and then they make out again in Maggie’s chair until Linus comes in. He tells them that Kirsten’s oxytocin levels are what is making the stitches wonky and that they need to slow down. They’ve only been dating for two episodes, so taking it slow isn’t entirely out of the question, but it bums them both out.

The scene shifts to Fisher looking around Broden’s apartment, where he is attacked by exploding coconut water.

The rest of the team convenes at Kirsten and Camille’s apartment. Kirsten tells Camille about the Oxytocin thing and it turns out that there was Botox in the coconut water. Fisher is fine, because he didn’t ingest it.

Kirsten and Cameron visit the plastic surgeon’s office, which is empty. Like the ex-wife, she says she ruined her life for Broden. She got so much plastic surgery that her face was bandaged like a mummy, making her one of the other women Kirsten saw in the stich. Kirsten gets a phone call. Broden never opened the coconut water, so it didn’t kill him. When she gets back, the plastic surgeon has a needle to Cameron’s neck.

Her assistant walks in and Kirsten grabs the needle.

They stitch again with Camille at the helm. Kirsten stays in long enough to see Miss Perfect shoved into a hidden closet before she bounces. They run to get Fisher and get to Broden’s apartment. Camille and Fisher open the closet and find a doll.

It has audio and visual recording capabilities and might have seen what happened. They can’t view the recordings there and have to go to where the doll was made, Valley of the Love Dolls.

The founder’s last name is Underhill. I’m kinda upset that Cameron didn’t make an LOTR reference, but Kirsten was pretty irritated, so I’ll let it slide.

The husband has a history of violence, so the little alarm bell in my head goes off. Violent husband who runs a sex doll business? Hmm.

Cameron and Kirsten have their first fight and Kirsten leaves.

M.E. trouble plays guitar because of course she does. She’s an M.E. and a biker chick and a dj and she plays the guitar and she can sing. This is the very definition of a Mary Sue character. She just happens to be a lesbian. On a happier note, Camille plays the guitar and can sing too. I never knew Allison Scagliotti could sing.

Kirsten shows up at Ivy’s apartment because she has nowhere else to go.

The scene shifts to Linus in the lab, talking to the doll. I’m not sure if that’s cute or creepy. Let me know. He finds something and leaves the lab.

Back at Ivy’s apartment, she’s working out and Kirsten is eating ice cream. They have some nice sister bonding and then Kirsten gets a call and has to leave.

At the lab, Fisher and Camille are both super ticked, probably for the same reason. Linus tells them that the doll killed Broden. It was coated in a specific kind of latex that Broden was allergic to. He also says that this is the second doll Broden ordered. He sent back the first doll because it wasn’t beautiful enough. The first doll also looks exactly like the wife founder at Valley of the Love Dolls.

Kirsten, Cameron, and Fisher go to confront the husband, where he proceeds to hold a needle to Cameron’s neck. Fisher shoots the husband in the shoulder and then Cameron beats him up.

Fisher gives this nice speech about how there are no perfect relationships, which is intercut with everyone having sex. Maybe it’s just me, but that undermined the speech a little.

Cameron and Kirsten makeup and end up watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in Cameron’s apartment.

THIS. This is what I want. It is possible to be in a relationship and not have sex.

This episode was pretty mediocre. Maggie’s gone, Camsten was fighting most of the time, the M.E. is still there, etc. 6/10