#Stitchers Season 3 Episode 4 "Mind Palace"

The episode starts with Kirsten coming into her house and having a relationship talk with Camille using movie ratings. Kirsten says everything is fine and then the scene shifts to Cameron, doing 100 pushups. 

Him and Linus also have a relationship talk. Linus wants to talk about Cameron’s shakes and Cameron wants to talk about the oxytocin filter. Cameron wins.

The scene shifts back to Camille and Kirsten. Kirsten has found a brain map of the places she’s stitched and places she hasn’t. She wants Camille to help her find and map the rest. Camille happily agrees, but they decide not to tell Cameron.

A man and a woman find a dead man on the roof of a hotel, but this time nothing from the safe.

In the lab, Fisher says that the man was shot in the chest and his index finger was shot off. Camille is still piloting the stiches and Maggie still isn’t back. If she was, she would have been able to stop the cahooting Camille and Kirsten are doing.

The man’s memories are encrypted in a Sherlockian mind palace. Cameron and Camille argue about whether to move her because Kirsten’s in a section of the brain that they haven’t mapped yet: the part responsible for symbols and imagery.

Speaking of symbols and imagery, Fisher finds out that the man was in the Royal Marines from a processed tattoo.

After Kirsten bounces, Cameron confronts her and Camille. Kirsten tells him about their plan. He’s super ticked and decides to go off on his own. Kirsten goes with him.

They talk in the elevator and she threatens to break up with him. He backs offs and promises not to be as much of a “helicopter boyfriend.” My sigh of relief might as well have been the north wind for how big it was. There is also a Rogue One reference.

They go to see a guy from MI6 and are surprised when he’s uncooperative. He’s a spy. For a living. They like to control the flow of information. Especially with someone as nosy as the NSA. By making a Jerry Maguire reference, Cameron makes a little headway. In order to get info from unhelpful MI6 guy, they need to get a drunk MI6 agent by the name of Chloe Marx out of jail. Fisher pulls some strings with his ex-wife and gets its done.

When Cameron and Kirsten pick her up from jail, she’s much younger and much prettier than either of them expected and Cameron proceeds to make an idiot of himself by saying she can change in his apartment. They also find out that unhelpful MI6 guy’s name is Dexter Abbott.

Camille and Linus check out the crime scene and have a super awkward relationship talk. They eventually decide to have a double date at Camille’s house, because that isn’t a setup for disaster.

Back at Cameron’s apartment, Chloe is causing trouble by coming out of the shower, presumably naked, and asking for clothes. Cameron leaves to go talk to Abbott and Kirsten stays with Chloe.

According to Abbott, the dead guy’s name is John Harrington. He was in the States because his wife was kidnapped on his last mission and is presumed dead because her index finger was shot off and sent to him. Chloe was brought to the States to bring him in.

Chloe tells Kirsten that Abbott and Harrington used to be partners.

At the lab, Linus has begun to crack the code of the mind palace.  In an old version of German, Belinda means bright serpent. So, ding ding ding! The wife had something to do with his death.

Him and Cameron talk about breaking into Maggie’s safe. Kirsten interrupts and the conversation stops.

Chloe is back at Cameron’s apartment sporting a black eye. Abbott hurt her, and she quit. Cameron says she can stay the night before going back to England.

The scene shifts to Camille’s dinner party. Linus and Ivy have just gotten there, and Linus is severely outwomanned.

Cameron gets a text from Maggie that all of Harrington’s files were scrubbed except the one he had been working on in the States because it never happened.

Back at Camille’s, Camille shoos Linus and the M.E. away so she can give the “if you hurt him I will bury you” talk and Linus does the same the same thing. It’s honestly adorable. They still care about each other so much, which leads back to the why are they not together anymore question, which there is still no answer to.

FullSizeRender (35).jpg

Fisher and his ex -wife talk. There are remarkably no consequences for getting Chloe out of jail and she might be up for a position at the DOJ, across the country. Either this relationship won’t last or Fisher won’t be on as much.

Kirsten has found something to connect Abbott to the murder and needs to bring everyone back to the lab. Her and Cameron decide to move Chloe to Kirsten’s place. While dropping Chloe off, Kirsten meets the M.E.

The cow is called the Dexter and the bullet that killed Harrington came from Abbot’s gun. Before they all split up, Cameron gives the one Sherlock Holmes reference in this episode in the form of “Elementary my dear Fisher.”

When they get to Abbot’s apartment, he’s been attacked and tries to shoot Cameron and Kirsten. Cameron is super heroic and makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Linus has developed a Codex to read Harrington’s memories. Cameron takes back control of the stitch and Kirsten sees Harrington’s wedding. This is where it gets a little hinky. Belinda and Abbott were having an affair and Belinda is Chloe. Camille runs out and Kirsten informs everyone else.

Camille uses the moves she learned from Fisher while fighting Chloe. The M.E. helps and they have Chloe secured by the time the rest of the team gets there.

Cameron and Kirsten talk about the case and Maggie’s safe and Cameron shows her that Linus cracked it. 

They start making out in Maggie’s office, which probably isn’t good for Kirsten’s oxytocin levels, but oh well.

This was much better than the last two episodes but I did not sign on for the Maggie/M.E. trade. 7.5/10